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Miami Heat

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Miami Heat (Voyeur, Exhibitionism, Bisexual, MFMF)

My wife Amy is 29 and I am 30. We are both professional hard-working people who rarely get a chance to take vacations. But once we got a chance and went to Miami for a week. We both are generally shy and like to mind our own business so did not enjoy the crowds of weekend on the beaches. But once weekend was over, we enjoyed the sunshine, the warm sand and cool water of some of the best beaches of Miami. As I mentioned, we enjoyed our loneliness more and took an occasional clothes-less few minutes when nobody was near us. Our escapades included a few sex sessions in the ocean, Amy's blowjobs in the sun and my sucking on her 34-B, perfectly-shaped, cute, pink tits. I had bought a black stretchable bikini for Amy and a speedo for me for easy access, whenever the circumstances allowed.

However, on Thursday we were really disappointed when another couple decided to make camp a few hundred yards away from us. Now the only thing we could do was have sex in water, nothing in the sunshine. Although if someone watches us closely they can tell what we do in water but nothing can be proven so no potential of problems with the law. Amy and I, though shy in nature, are exhibitionists at heart especially when there is no chance of anyone knowing our identity in a strange city. Sure we don't do anything when there are kids on the beach or when single male gawkers are around, but with a male-female couple around, we could definitely have sex inside the ocean (not underwater).

It was a hot but windy day and I was already a bit tired because of more than half a dozen orgasms the last 2 days including one blow job on the beach half an hour ago, so I decided to take it easy and lay down on my towel, under my umbrella, while Amy decided to take a dip. The voyeur in me urged me to watch what the couple, who was unknowingly invading our privacy. Through the corner of my eye, I saw that the couple was about 35 years of age. The woman was wearing a white spandex bikini and seemed in good shape. She was thin with 34-35 boobs and kinda flat ass...not really my type. I like some meat on the backside...not too much but enough to make it look juicy. One of the reasons I love Amy's body is that she fills her bikini in all the right places with her 5 ft 6 inches body. Anyway, this woman looked nice and got me interested in her because of the nice proportions of her body and her height about 5 ft 5 inches. Short women do not appeal much to me. Her man was about 5 feet 7 inches, neither fat nor thin...kinda like someone who runs to exercise but doesn't work on building muscles.

Anyway, they seemed to be normal people just doing normal beach stuff so I dozed off under the shade of my beach umbrella while Amy took a walk along the shoreline collecting shells and stones. Suddenly I felt sun shine brightly on my closed eyes. On opening my eyes, I noticed my umbrella was no more covering me. A gust of wind had uprooted it and it was running away from me. I got up and started running towards it. On seeing what had happened, my neighbor on the beach rushed towards the umbrella and caught it before I could get to it. I went up to him, took it from him and thanked him for helping me out. He gave me his hand and introduced himself as Sam. I shook his hand and introduced myself - Josh. He asked me if I was on vacation or a local, I told him Amy and I are from Connecticut, he told me he was a local and had the afternoon off so came to the beach along with his wife, Mal (Mallory). While talking with each other we had walked towards his umbrella so he introduced me to his wife. Mal turned out to be a very soft spoken girl. She seemed much more attractive from up-close. While talking to her, I noticed that she looked at me a few times checking out my is not usual for guys to wear speedos in US so she probably was amused by my choice of swimwear. After a little sweet-talk, I thanked Sam again took my umbrella back to my towels. By this time Amy had come back and had noticed that I was talking to the stranger couple. I told her about them while she applied sunscreen to get back into the water. I lied down again. After a few minutes, Mal came up to me and asked if I had a beer. At this point, both Sam and Amy were at some distance in the water. I invited Mal to sit and she happily accepted. Earlier I had noticed that something was bothering her on her butt-cheek and she was showing it to Sam. I offered her the beer and asked her about her back. She said some insect had bitten her and it was irritating her on the outside of her butt-cheek. I told her how peeing on such insect bites helps but said that perhaps she was better-off rubbing a stone on her back. She did that for a minute and on feeling better thanked me. Now, no matter how much you love your wife, if a young good looking woman is going to rub her ass in front of you, you are going to feel something. Mal's rubbing of a stone on her ass had me wishing I could grab her ass and stroke it for her, and effects of such thoughts started to show in my speedos. Mal must have guessed or maybe noticed the developing bulge and it made both of us a little uncomfortable. As I said earlier, I have an average body but because of my height (5 ft 10 inch), I project on a little skinnier side. It works really well for me because I have an average penis (uncut and 7 inch when erect) and if you see an erect 7 inch penis on a very muscular guy it will not seem like much but on me it gives a well-hung look and that usually impresses whoever sees me naked.

On seeing Mal sitting with me Amy came back and I introduced them with each other. Amy joined us and instantly hit it off with Mal. Although I covered my crotch with a towel, Amy noticed something was up. Sam also joined us and I introduced him to Amy. After a few minutes, both Amy and Mal decided to take a dip leaving Sam and me alone. While talking to Sam I noticed that Amy and Mal were having fun in water. I guessed the girls were feeling the buzz from beers that they had. By now Sam and I were also on our 3rd beers so we also started to feel it a little. Without thinking anything, I said "the girls are getting naughty." Sam said "they are only throwing water at each other, where is the naughty in that?" I said "you don't want Amy to get naughty, when she does, she doesn't care about anything." "What do you mean?" asked Sam. Beer and my still erect penis encouraged me and I told him about our sex sessions inside the water and our escapades when no one is around. I also said "I wish there was an isolated beach where Amy and I could go full monty without fear of getting caught or offending anyone." Sam told me that it was my lucky day because he and Mal also liked nude sunbathing and that was the reason they came to this part of the beach. He also assured me that it was safe to take our clothes off because being a regular, he knew the beach patrol rangers. This came as a good bit of news if I ever heard one. I told Sam that I may conjure enough bravura to go nude if he and Mal wouldn't be offended. Sam told me it was no problem at all. He said Mal and he were experienced naturists and neither one of them would get offended. Instead he offered to join me and surprise the girls. Seemed like a good idea so I took my speedo off, springing my dick to freedom. Sam smiled a bit on looking at my erection but did not say anything. He also took his trunks off. He was hanging 5 inches of circumcised dick which had me impressed. He was shorter in height as compared to me but still was a good couple of inches longer in the area where it matters the most. I thought, lucky bastard Sam and even luckier bitch Mal. I couldn't stop myself from saying "that's impressive, Mal is a lucky girl." He said "thanks and yeah she is." I asked him how big he grows into, he said 9 inches. I joked "before my ego takes any more beating, lets go take a dip in the water and surprise the girls." We both got up and started walking towards the girls. When Amy and Mal saw us walking towards them buck naked, they started to laugh. I went up to Amy and took her in my arms. She hugged me and asked me what was going on? I told her that it was safe so I decided to do it. Sam and Mal came near us and Mal asked Amy if she was willing to do it. Amy was a little hesitant so Mal said she would take it all off. Mal took her top off and freed her round, natural, well-tanned breasts. My dick which had gone semi-erect by now again got hard. Amy did not stop at her top, she also stepped out of her white bikini bottoms. At this point my dick started to pulsate. Amy noticed that and instinctively put her hand around my shaft but immediately withdrew on remembering that Sam and Mal were right there. She felt a little embarrassed but I said it was ok. Amy was the only one wearing anything amongst all of us so Mal asked her to take it off. She looked at me, I said take it off because it is not polite to our new friends. Amy was still hesitant so I pulled the string of her bikini top and snatched it away. Amy shrieked and covered her breasts with her hands. Now Mal also joined me and went after Amy's bottoms. Sam did not join us and kept laughing while standing on a side. I admired his gentlemanly behavior but did not say anything because I was busy wrestling Amy along with Mal. After a 30 second struggle, Mal and I were able to pull Amy's bottoms off and in the process my erect dick touched Mal's thigh a couple of times. I noticed that she did not mind it at all. I was sure that Sam saw it nut did not say anything while Amy probably did not notice anything because she was now totally nude and as a reflex action had started running towards the towels because two hands were not enough to hide her boobs, pussy as well as ass. Sam, Mal and I stood in the ocean laughing at Amy and enjoying the view of Amy's beautiful ass juggling as she ran. Not wanting to lose her bikini in the water, Mal asked Sam to take her bikini back to the towels. I handed Amy's bikini too. Sam walked back towards the towels where Amy was sitting, leaving Mal and I in the water. I told Mal that I was sorry if she got offended during the struggle with Amy. Mal said there was nothing to be sorry about, she enjoyed it too. She said she was happy to see that I was happy (meaning erect). As she came closer to me, she tripped over a wave and trying to hold her balance her hand landed on my thigh. Being a gentleman, I immediately held her and stopped her from falling down. Back of her hand brushed against my dick and it felt like an electric shock. I felt a little guilty because I had never cheated on my wife and here this stranger goddess of a woman was touching my dick.

While Mal and I were enjoying each other's company I noticed that Sam was now sitting next to Amy and surprisingly Amy was not covering herself in front of Sam. I imagined that she was nursing her guilt while enjoying view of Sam's bigger-than-mine dick. I told Mal that we should go back and join them. As we walked back to them, I noticed that Sam was semi-erect himself and was getting close to 8 inches. Mal had decided she had enough of waiting and immediately went to Sam, sat in his lap and started kissing him. I went to Amy and we both started watching Mal and Sam intently. Sam was now fully erect as Mal held his dick in her fist. She started to stroke Sam. Sam lied down on his back as Mal moved down and immediately took his dick in her mouth. It was a very erotic site to see Mal's tiny mouth trying to gulp head of Sam's huge dick. Seeing Sam and Mal engrossed in their play, Amy reached and took my dick in her hand and started stroking it. I also reached under her and started rubbing her pussy. As soon as I touched her, I noticed that she was so wet that I was able to slip in 3 fingers immediately. I noticed that Amy had not taken her eyes off Sam's dick. I sensed that she wanted to get involved with Sam and Mal. We had neither been in such a situation ever and nor had any swinging experience. However, at the moment it seemed like the right thing to do. I took Amy's hand and placed it on Sam's huge shaft while Mal's was still sucking on his head. Immediately there were silent stares towards each other but all understood what was happening and everyone wanted to do it.

Mal understood that Amy wanted to suck Sam so she immediately pointed Sam's dick towards Amy. Amy hesitantly lowered her head towards Sam's dick and slowly put her lips around his huge penis. Mal started licking his shaft up and down and in between would meet Amy's mouth. For a few seconds they stopped sucking his dick and kissed each other. Mal then moved her body over Sam's mouth and put her pussy in front of his face. So now, Sam was lying on his back with his wife Mal sitting on his face while my wife Amy was giving him a blow job. Mal gestured for me to come closer to her and put my dick in front of her face. I did as asked and immediately Mal started sucking me. Given that she had been practicing with Sam's huge dick, she was able to completely take my dick in her mouth. Her deep-throating was pushing me over the moon but I controlled myself. Essentially Mal was taking the lead in our sex-play and next she said that she wanted Amy to experience the wonders of clit-licking as given by her very experienced husband. So she got up and asked Amy to sit on Sam's face. Amy did what was asked and sat on his face and started to 69 with him. Mal asked her to stop and positioned herself on top of Sam's dick and took it in her pussy. Mal was now rocking up and down Sam's shaft. She asked Amy to lick her clit while she was fucking Sam. Amy immediately obliged. So now Sam was on his back, Mal was riding him while Amy was sitting reverse on Sam's face and licking Mal's clit. Mal told me to go behind Amy and start fucking her as Sam licked Amy's clit. At first it felt strange for me to take my dick close to Sam's face while he was licking Amy but since I was the only one left out, I did not care. I went behind Amy, placed my knees next to Sam's ears and entered Amy doggy style. Sam stopped licking Amy for a second but since the action was so close to his mouth, he dove right in and started licking Amy as my dick went in and out of her cunt. My balls were rubbing over his face but I did not care as I was in seventh heaven. Amy's pussy was so slippery that my dick popped out of it. Sam immediately took advantage of it and gulped my dick down his throat. This was the first time that a guy was sucking me but as I mentioned, I did not care. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed it. Sam seemed to know what to do with a dick in his mouth. Amy noticed my dick missing from her pussy so she got up and looked surprisingly at me enjoying getting a blow job from Sam. I now bent over and took Amy's place in licking Mal's clit while she rode Sam really hard. Sam was enjoying sucking my dick as his wife Mal rode his dick. Amy had now got up and went behind me. She saw me bent over on Sam's face with my ass hanging in air. She immediately came down and started licking my ass. Getting my dick sucked by expert mouth of Sam while my wife licking my ass took me to the verge of cumming. I tapped on Sam's thigh indicating that I was about to come but he held my hips with both his hands not letting me come away from his mouth. Finally I could not stop anymore and I started shooting cum in his throat. He happily gulped every last drop of it off my dick. He even cleaned it for me. To Be Continued...

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