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Mature Woman Gives a Lesson in Pleasure

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Mature woman gives a lesson in pleasure. I'm a woman in my late forties, tall blonde who still has a figure that turns men?s heads. I'm also very much in love with my fiancé, we have a wonderful sex life and are fairly open minded. My story began last week innocently enough while meeting a neighbor. We recently moved to a new area and I was walking along the side of the house checking the plants and such when I peered over our small picket fence I noticed this man digging out a bush in our neighbors yard. I guess young man is more appropriate, anyway he was wearing only shorts and work boots and had worked up quite a sweat. He was in his mid twenties, had dark floppy hair, kinda like Hugh Grant. Not too muscular but tanned and trim. Not someone you would easily miss. So, he looks up and kindly introduces himself as Eric who is a nephew of our neighbor and he is staying for a few weeks before beginning his graduate program on the East coast. We chit chat for a few minutes and say our goodbyes. I found him to be much more mature than his physical years and very nice to talk with, not to mention the guy was a hunk! The next day is a beautiful Southern Californian day and I thought it time to work on my tan. Since our backyard is fairly secluded I?m able to do some nude sunbathing. So, I set up my blanket on the grass and bring out some pillows, my book, the dogs, assorted oils and since its early afternoon a cocktail. Besides my fiancé who?s at work this day the other thing that makes me hot and horny is the sun! I decide to lie down on my stomach first because I know that within minutes of that hot sun warming my bush I?ll be wet and playing with myself in no time. Well, before long the combination of my drink and reading has me dosing off face down into my pillow. All of a sudden I feel a tap on my shoulder, now I think I?m dreaming and of course I don?t remember I?m naked. I finally figure out what?s happening and slowly lift my head up and turn back over my shoulder to see my new friend Eric wearing just his shorts again, standing over me. He?s apologizing about bothering me but he wasn?t sure what to do since one of my dogs had jumped the fence into his yard and was on his way to who knows where. He was kind enough to grab him and bring him back. I thanked him and realized I?m butt naked but at this point I didn?t care. Next he tells me I?m burning and that I have a very nice ass and offers to put sunscreen on me, for a moment I hesitate but then remember a little voice in the back of my head from my fiancé. The fantasy of seeing me with a younger guy drives him crazy. Now, the deal was he was supposed to be able to watch but sometimes you can?t always plan. So, Eric starts applying the lotion and begins to give me a damn good massage. Right down to running his fingers between my toes and his strong hands up the back of my legs, the skin behind my knees is very sensitive and as close to a ?g? spot as I can determine. This goes on for about ten minutes and my sighing and breaths of thankful pleasure are increasing. Not to mention my pussy is dripping wet. I forgot to mention that besides my fiancé and the sun, the other thing that makes me totally lose all sexual inhibition is a good massage! At this point I feel Eric?s shorts rub against one of my cheeks and I notice I?m not the only one excited. I decide to roll over and the first thing I notice is that Eric isn?t wearing any underwear under his shorts. He?s got a massive hard on sticking straight out and we both share a giggle. He tells me it?s always been a fantasy of his to be with a sexy older woman and he?s blabbing about something as I?m busy ripping his shorts down to his knees so I can get a look at that huge hard on. Simply a beautiful sight, about 7 inches long, thick but not too veiny with a large drop of precum on the tip. I quickly propped my head up on my pillows and told him to straddle me and bring that cock up to my mouth. I swallowed him deep into my mouth and knew by his incredibly swollen head that he wasn?t going to last very long. I used my saliva as a lubricant and slowly began to stroke his shaft with my hands as he went in and out of my mouth. Sometimes I?d gently twist my hands around his cock head or lightly cup his tight balls and even abruptly stop and flick his almost purple helmet very rapidly with the tip of my tongue. I?m sure he?d never been serviced like this before, his moaning was reaching a fever pitch as I stroked him over my breasts, he was dripping furiously which only made my stroking smoother. I told him I was going to slowly but his cock back in my mouth and that I wanted him to explode all over me. He could barely answer me but I think he understood. With that, I slowly began stroking his delicious shaft in a twisting manner as his huge head slid in out of my lips, I reached under him with my other hand and softly cupped his balls which is what sent him over the edge. I had forgotten how powerful and full young guys can be???.his body began to quiver and I pulled his head out of my mouth so that streams and streams of warm manliness shot everywhere, and I mean everywhere. He covered my neck, my face, my breasts and somehow managed to get some in my ear! I love having a man explode all over me which by now has caused a flood between my legs that sorely needed attention. I told Eric to please lick me as it wouldn?t take long but I really needed an orgasm. He gainfully obliged and tenderly began licking my very swollen clit. I laid my head back and thought of my wonderful fiancé and wished he were here and how excited he would be watching. I imagined myself sucking on him while my young man dutifully brought me to a wonderful climax. Now, when I got around to telling him about my day that?s a whole another story!

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