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Marti Gras Party

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I had never done anything very sexually adventurous beyond sex on a secluded beach and a visit to a nude strip bar with my fiancé. What a difference one party made! The Marti Gras party was quite well attended ? over sixty couples. We had just arrived and had barely introduced ourselves to another couple and started up a conversation when things got rolling. Candy is about my height and age, blond (whereas I?m light brunette). She was wearing a low-cut blouse and miniskirt, as I was. Carl, her husband is taller and stockier than my fiancé, Keith. Both are good looking.

One of the party organizers came by loaded down with cheap plastic bead necklaces. ?Beads for deeds!? he said.

I didn?t know what he meant, never having been to a Marti Gras party before, but Candy certainly did. She started rubbing her breasts thru her blouse. The guy was not impressed. But I got it! Get a necklace of beads for doing some deed! I don?t know what come over me next. The thought quickly ran thru my mind that it might be fun to get a bit wild. I pulled my blouse down to reveal my ?D? cup tits; the nipples were getting hard just from the excitement of doing something this wild. As the guy was awarding me with a string of beads around my neck, copping a quick feel in the process, Candy must have felt left out. She quickly pulled her blouse down to reveal two beautiful ?C? cup breasts on a shelf bra. Carl and Keith seemed to take this all in stride, but others around clapped. As the guy awarded her with a necklace, I asked if we could get more beads. Before he had a chance to answer, Candy moved in, cupped my breasts and quickly sucked on one. To my great surprise, I loved it. Her touch, and all the people watching, excited me. I was getting turned on. I fondled her tits; her nipples were already hard as rocks. When Candy came up to breathe, I took her breast in my mouth and sucked on my first tit. When we finished, the guy gave us more strands of beads and a quick kiss before moving off through the crowd. At this point, I was going to put my tits back, but Carl moved up behind Candy, cupping hers. I felt Keith doing the same. Well, the ice was certainly broken!

We stood like this for a few minutes, talking and the guys playing with our breasts. Eventually Candy and I pulled our blouses up and we moved off to get something to eat. It was then that Keith and I noticed that most of the ladies were dressed more provocatively than Candy and I. And many already had beads. A few of the guys had beads also, making me speculate on what their ?deeds? might have been. Somewhere in the process of getting food and finding a table, we lost Carl and Candy. We finally found two empty seats at a table in a corner.

As we finished eating, Candy and Carl re-emerged from the crowd and sat in chairs that had just become vacant. We continued where our conversation had left off, and of course the conversation was about sex. Candy said that she enjoyed sucking on my breasts. She volunteered that she was bi and wondered if I was. I told them that we enjoyed watching porn and I had recently enjoyed going to a strip bar and getting a lap dance. Until tonight I had never done anything with a woman, and had not given it much thought beyond sex talk with Keith during and after watching porn. Carl then said, ?So you?ve never touched another woman?s pussy?? I admitted I hadn?t and asked Candy what it was like. She described in glowing detail what it felt like to have a woman?s soft, silky tongue lap at her inner lips and clit; it was so much softer than a man?s touch. I got wet just listening to this.

Carl reached over and pulled Candy?s short skirt up to expose her shaved pussy. ?Go ahead and touch it,? he said. My head was swimming. I couldn?t believe what was happening. With only a bit of hesitation, I reached out and ran my fingers down thru her pussy lips. Her inner lips were glistening and quite moist. I ran my fingers up and down among her lips, searching for her clit as she inched her butt out to the edge of the chair, inviting my fingers to explore more fully. I was getting quite wet at this point; my twat felt like it had its own heartbeat. I was totally into playing with her cute pussy. My fingers found what I thought to be her pussy hole and plunged my index finger into it as far as I could. I felt a gush of wetness. She slid forward and moaned. Her hole felt so silky and smooth ? I knew right away that I had to lick it; had to feel it with my mouth and tongue. Candy began describing to Keith how being with a man and a woman at the same time was such a turn on, and pulled his hand over to her tit.

I blurted out the obvious ?This is my first time; I can?t believe I?m doing this,? as I ran my index finger in and out of her hole. Each time, she met my finger with a slight forward motion and a light sigh. She was getting wetter as I ran my finger in and out. Keith began to rub her outer lips and clit as I fingered her hole. I just did what I knew I would like. Except for the couple at the other end of the table, most of the crowd around us took little notice of Candy?s firm tits being fondled by two guys and a girl finger fucking her cunt.

After a few minutes of this, Candy pulled her butt back up into the chair, pulled her skirt down and her blouse up. She said that I certainly didn?t finger her like someone new to bi experiences; she was getting too turned on. I didn?t know what to say or where to go with this. Candy had to go to the bathroom and I found that I did also.

When I returned, Keith said that Candy and Carl had gone back to the bar. We decided to move over to the dance floor. The floor was too crowded for us to join the dancing, so we sat on one of the couches against the walls to watch. About half of the girls were dancing in lingerie, some were topless, and guys were in boxers or pajama bottoms ? most had beads round their necks at this point.

Keith and I talked about what had just happened. I told him how wet I had gotten. He reached under my skirt and pulled the crotch of my panties aside to feel my dripping wet snatch. As he got bolder and stuck a finger into my hole, I began to rub his cock thru his Dockers. He then pulled my panties off, inched the skirt up and leaned down to lick on my clit. I marveled at what we were doing in front of the dance floor, but was too horny to stop. After a few minutes Keith came up to kiss me and replaced his tongue with his fingers. Suddenly Candy and Carl were in front of us again. Candy bent over at the waist (giving anyone that was watching a view of her tight round butt and dark pink pussy), and replaced Keith?s fingers with her own as Carl sat down on the opposite side from Keith. Keith and Carl freed my tits and Candy and Carl began sucking on them as Candy continued to finger my cunt. I freed Keith?s raging hard-on and began to stroke it, then reached over to the other side and freed Carl?s dick. Each hand was occupied while female fingers electrified my twat. Keith?s hands needed something to do, however, so he reached around behind Candy and ran his fingers thru her wet pussy lips.

I was so wet! Candy?s touch was indeed softer that a man?s. Her lips, which alternated between kissing mine and sucking on my breasts, were succulent and sweet. She knew exactly where I needed to be touched for maximum effect. After what I thought was too short of time, Candy got tired of bending over to get to me. She knelt down between my legs and put her talented tongue to work on my pussy. Wow! Truly amazing! My butt almost came off of the couch, so stimulatingly different was her tongue. But in this position, we could only do so much. She whispered that we could continue upstairs in a bedroom. I was on the verge of cuming and had to finish, so readily agreed. As we got up, a dozen or so on-lookers cheered or clapped. We had not realized that we had drawn such a crowd.

We quickly found a bedroom. Before Keith had completely closed the door, Candy and I were out of our blouses and had our skirts hiked up. We immediately fell onto the bed together. I couldn?t wait to taste my first pussy. Candy was equally eager to get her mouth on mine. We were soon locked in a side-by-side 69. I had of course tasted my own juices from fingers, toys and from Keith? mouth, but Candy?s taste was different. I?m a bit tangy whereas Candy was a bit on the sweeter side. It was so horny to lick her clit, inner lips and stick my tongue into her hole. I barely felt her mouth on my cooze, I was so into this new experience. Her velvet was the softest thing my tongue had ever touched. The hard bud of her clit was wonderful on my tongue because I knew exactly what it was doing to her. When spasms hit my pussy, I became aware of her ability to suck on my clit in just the right way to bring me to the brink of orgasm and how expertly she reached my G-spot with fingers, to get me bucking like a bronco.

I learned later that Carl was used to watching Candy fuck other women, so he just sat on the edge of the bed. However, this was Keith?s first experience and his hard-on was straining. He had gotten naked. After I made Candy cum, she pulled me up to suck her juices from my mouth. We moved together and started humping our pussies together. This was too much for Keith. Although I was so into what Candy and I were doing, I began to feel a hand on my mound. Keith had moved in and soon began finger fucking both of us, followed by rubbing his cock up against us. Candy suggested that we ought to pay some attention to the guys, but I wanted to continue feasting on my newfound ambrosia. I moved around to again go down on Candy as Keith did the same. Soon we were sharing her twat and kissing each other at the same time. In this position, Keith?s rod was close to Candy?s mouth and she eagerly started sucking it, while she reached over with a free hand to unzip her husband and stroke his hard-on.

Not that I was getting tired of Candy?s cunt, but Keith was getting more and more insistent on eating it himself, so I moved to help Candy. We were soon working on Carl?s tool together. As I sucked on Carl?s cock or balls, Candy would play with the shaft and suck on whatever part was not in my mouth. Keith?s fingers meanwhile had found my twat while his electric tongue had Candy bucking. After a while, I came up and discovered that I could have Keith?s cock all to myself. Candy joined me after a few minutes, and Keith got his first dual blowjob. Carl got my cunt on his mouth and began eating with fervor. Carl was in such a frenzy that he just had to fuck. He pulled Candy on top of him; she began to ride his cock cowgirl style.

Keith and I got down between Carl?s legs for a great view of his cock pumping in and out of Candy?s pussy. Her thick, creamy cum coated his shaft and her pussy lips, and ran down his butt crack. Keith soon replaced the fingers in my pussy with his cock as we continued to watch the rapid pounding that was going on inches from our faces. I started cuming in waves of ecstasy. I couldn?t resist and reached out to stroke Carl?s balls and exposed shaft when Candy would lift up. I took some of Candy?s cum to smear on her butt and offered some to Keith from my fingers. Soon Carl increased the speed of his fucking; we knew he was getting ready to cum. I stuck my finger in Candy?s cunt alongside of Carl?s hard-on and heard a loud moan of ecstasy as this pushed Carl over the edge. He thrust hard into Candy and emptied his balls. Keith fucked my hole with more vigor and came moments later. I had cum more times than I could count and was exhausted and more satiated than I had ever been. Being with another woman as well as another couple, and being watched, constituted the best sex I?d ever had.

Since the Marti Gras party, Carl and Candy have become friends and we have gotten together on a number of occasions.

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