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Mardi Gras

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Mardi Gras

"Oh what a beautiful night," she thought to herself as she pushed through the crowd on St. Charles Street heading to her room, located on Bourbon Street. As she passed by the many storefront windows, she saw herself in the reflection. Stopping at Rue Madeline's House of Masks, she thought she made a decent Marie Antoinette. The gold lamay of her dress was tight against her, from her heaving breast to her waist, where it then flared out. She smiled, though the mask she held covering her face.

Then, she realized she was not the only one staring. Behind her, stood the dark figure of what appeared to be the Phantom of the Opera. Knowing she was at Mardi Gras in New Orleans should have made her more at ease, but she was uncomfortable, which made her push faster thorough the crowd. Looking back, she could see the figure walking behind her. When she was only a block from her hotel, she glanced back one last time, and he was gone.

Suddenly, someone grabbed her and pulled her into an alley. Her heart began to pound, making her breast pulsate against the tightness of her costume. There was a faint neon, red light flashing just outside the alley, and she could barely see who was groping at her. She could smell the beer on his breath, and now, the wine that she had earlier was taking its toll. Her head began to swim, spinning in the darkness. She started to scream, but with all the yelling in the streets, it was useless. She realized what was about to take place was out of her hands, but she couldn't just give in to it, no matter the cost. She pushed hard, turned, and ran, right into the arms of the Phantom.

Even in the dimly lit alley, she could see his beautiful smile through his mask. He looked down at her and asked, "Are you all right?" Then, he placed her aside and continued towards her assailant.

As the man started to speak, the Phantom punched him, and he fell to the ground in a pile of garbage. The Phantom grabbed Marie by her arm and led her out into the streets.

As they walked out into the crowd and the lights once again, she could hear the sounds of Dixieland playing down the street. People were everywhere, pushing and shoving them along. No words were exchanged as they headed towards her hotel, but because she didn't want him to disappear out of her life as quickly as he came in, she never informed him they past her hotel and continued walking with him off into the night.

The silence between them was broken when he turned to her and said, "Someone as beautiful as you should be a lot more careful in these streets." Then he smiled that smile she saw him give her in the alley, and her heart rejoiced. His arm that was around her dropped to his side, and she looked at him and whispered, "I still need that there." Just saying thank you didn’t quite seem right to her, so she lifted herself onto her toes, kissed him tenderly, and whispered "Thank you sweet man." Then, just like in a movie, there was a saxophone playing, As Time Goes By. Her head began to spin once more, but not from the wine, from romance. They walked out of the crowd, down narrow, dark streets, but she never felt safer in her life.

They came to the riverfront, where they stopped, and he turned to introduce himself.

She placed her finger to his lips and said, "No, you're just the Phantom tonight, and I'm Marie. That's all we need to know." She didn’t want to know if he was married, his age, or where he lived, not tonight anyway. She wanted him to herself and enjoy his company with the music playing in the background on this magical night.

He looked at her with his piercing blues eyes, lowered his head, and passionately kissed her smooth, red lips.

She had never known lips that soft on a man, and now she was completely out of control. As he kissed her, his strong arms circled her body, pulling her closer against his body. A strange feeling filled her, one she hadn't felt in quite some time. Her hands caressed his face, and she marveled at his soft skin.

The music in the background, coming from several areas, blended. The piano and the sax meshed with the Dixieland band, and the crowd could still be heard above it all.

His hands explored the rest of her body, stroking her hair and face as he stared into her eyes. "I looked into the reflection as you walk down the street, and I knew you would be special," he said.

She knew in her heart that he was also someone special; after all, he was her knight in shining armor, who saved her. He looked around as if searching for something, grabbed her by her arm, and led her down the street. There by the river was an old mill, which appeared to be closed. He left her by the door, and told her he would be right back.

As she stood there, she heard the door being opened from the inside, and out stepped her Phantom.

He smiled, and took her hand, leading her further in to the darkness. The streetlights shimmered through the slats of wood, throwing rays of light in all directions like a light show. He took her by her shoulders and lowered her down to the ground onto a bed of sawdust. She lay there, looking up at him, and suddenly that hideous looking mask was erotic to her. His black cape hung over her like a dark unknown cloud, but she knew he could be trusted.

His hands gently stroked her shoulders and face as he stared at her and told how beautiful she was. He stroked her temples, cheek, and down her chin to her neck, feeling the warmth of her skin on his fingertips. He lowered his lips to her warm flesh, caressed her inner thigh, and as he slowly began his accent, he surprisingly found out that she wore no panties.

The heat of her womanhood was warm to his touch, and he stroked her short, soft hair and spread her wet, swollen lips.

She moaned a soft low moan that became more intense the deeper he went into her. She reached for his manhood, wanting to feel his hardness. She removed it from its restraints and felt its raging hardness.

The tip of it was already wet. She wanted to taste that and devour it in her mouth. Pulling him up towards her, she took him into her sweet moist mouth and slowly slid all the way down the shaft. It throbbed and pulsed in her mouth.

He attempted to pull away and said, "I'm too close."

"This is your reward; let me serve you. Please let me have you now."

With that, he no longer could control it, and he erupted in her waiting mouth. It sent shivers throughout his body, and he could not control the spasms.

One right after another, they came, and she could feel his body trembling so much that she was concerned something was wrong.

He assured her that he was okay; everything was just perfect. He fell back onto the sawdust, held her in his arms, and kissed her gently on the lips, tasting himself.

After he walked her back to her hotel, he pulled her to him and whispered in her ear, “This was more special than you will ever know." He smiled, walked into the crowd, and in a heartbeat, was eaten up by the throngs of humanity roaming the streets.

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