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Were kinda a young cple been together for a few yrs and married for a little over a yr. I'm a college student and my hubby is in Pharmeceuticals he travels alot usually a few days a week sometimes a cple weeks in a row just depending on whats going on and what they need him to do. I'm VERY bi and hes str8. I have several gfs i have met at the college who we play with from time to time so we have done a few things....ff....fmf..stuff like that but we have never full swapped and i have never played with another guy although the hubby encouraged me to do so.

Weve only been on this site a little while and its been kinda hard to weed thru all the emails we have been getting my gf and her hubby told us about this site they have been on here for a few yrs now and they just LOVE it....she even has a steady bf she met here.

I'm VERY picky and will not even consider anyone old enough to be my dad thats just too freaky, the hubby has no age restrictions as long as the pple are in shape and seem fun hes ok with it. Recently my gf told me about her bf and said (Hey maybe u should give him a try?....Hes AWESOME u would love him!) So i looked up his profile and WOW is he a HUNK! I struck up a conversation with him and he seemed as nice as he was good looking after chatting all week i decided i would REALLY like to meet him so the hubby set up a meeting for Valentines Day....we were just gonna hit a bar for a few drinks and meet him make sure he was all that we were told.

On friday I went out and bought a cute little skin tight dress that barely covered my ass and some knee high black boots i wanted to look my best for him. Then the hubby got home and said he had some bad news he was gonna have to work outta town sat, he said i could still meet the guy if i wanted to BUT i wasnt too sure about that i was actually afraid to meet anyone the first time without the hubby so i said no thats alright i would wait maybe we could set something up for another time. The hubby called the guy and told him and he seemed completly ok with it he said he understood things come up and he thanked us for atleast calling him and not standing him up. I thought WOW this guy is REALLY a nice guy!

I got on-line later that evening and chatted with him virtually all night we talked about all kinds of stuff and of course sex too. I REALLY wanted to meet him he was SO HOT and from everything i had heard about him i WANTED HIM pretty bad.

The next day the hubby got ready for work and left i slept in a little and later on got on-line to chat with my guy friend some more....we really seem to click we have a chemistry that just seems like ive know him forever i ask him to PLEASE meet me in the future and he said of course for me not to worry about this weekend and that he hoped i would still have a NICE Valentines Day.

Later on the hubby called and said he left me a presant under the bed and for me to do what it says and enjoy myself he would call me again the next day.

I went in the bedroom and there was a little red box under our bed...i opened it and there was a VERY sexy Victorias Secret Bra and sheer thong in it with a card. It said Happy Valentines Baby hope u have FUN.....get dressed in your new outfit and meet Ashley at the club at 7pm.

So i took a nice shower shaved my pussy put on my make-up and got dressed in my new outfit i looked HOT! Hope i dont have to bend over though my ass would stick out and the thong barely cover my clit ring it was so small.

I went to the club and waited on Ash she finally come in and she had this BIG guy with her.....he wasnt tall but he was definatly well put togther they walked over to my table and she said A**** this is B**** from sls OMG it was him!!!! My pussy got instantly wet! I was SO nervous. He sat next to me and Ash said u guys dont do anything i wouldnt laughed and left us there. I didnt know what to say. He said that the hubby had called him and set this all up and that if i didnt feel comfortable we could just sit and talk or he would leave and he gave me another card. I opened it up and it said ( Happy Valentines Day baby heres your presant hope u have a GREAT time...the card is a keycard for room 110 at the marriot!)

OMG we even had a room ask him waht he wanted to do and he said he was ok with whatever i decide we could sat and talk or go to the room.

I got my things together and took his hand and we went to my car. I drove us to the marriot and we went to room 110 when we walked in i put my stuff on the table next to the bed and he was right next to me. I looked him in the eyes and started to kiss him, he ran his hands over my tight little ass and pulled my dress up some to reveal my ass as he was rubbing my ass i started to put my hands up his shirt rubbing his chest(he has a GREAT chest) and we kissed more then he started to kiss my neck and i started to get wet my stomach was churniing i had butterflys heres this STUD of a man and hes ALL mine if i want him if was incredible!.

I took my hands and undid his pants and opened his jeans some running my hands over his BIG cock in his boxers...OMG its he undid my bra with one hand and pulled my dress down to expose my tits with the other my bra fell to the ground and he started licking and nibbling my rock hard nipples i was SO freaking wet now! I pulled his cock out of his boxers and started stroking it as it grew and grew i thought OMG i cant beleive i'm doing I dropped to a knee and started to suck his BIG cock....MMM it tasted SO good and i could get ALL of it in my mouth so i started licking and stroking the shaft up and down looking at him as i sucked and stroked he was playing with my nipples as i tongued his balls.

He reached down and stood me up and backed me to the bed as i fell on the bed he kissed my lips and took the head of his cock and smacked my pussy with it thru my panties he hit my clit ring several times and i almost orgasmed right then and there. He started kissing me and working his way down licking and sucking my nipples and then further down stopping to nibble my belly button ring my clit was throbbing we got down to my pussy and instead of pulling my panites down and devouring me he ran his tongue over my pussy right thru my panties outlineing my pantie line with his tongue it was SO erotic. Then he started to run his tongue up my pussy lips thru my panties hitting my clit ring with his hard tongue it felt amazing i was getting close to an orgasm and i started moaning louder and louder i think he could sense it and her peeled my thong aside and gave me 1 LONG lick from my asshole to the tip of my clit.......OMG i started to have the most intense orgasm i have ever had i arched my back and shove my pussy in his face and let out a LOUD moan and he started to suck my clit HARD i started to shake and quiver and it felt as if i would orgasm forever.

I ask him to FUCK ME i wanted his cock inside me NOW and he just kept licking and nibbling my pussy it was amazing. (now i have several bi gfs and 1 lesbian gf and i have ALWAYS said NO MAN can eat pussy better than a woman....I WAS WRONG!!)He seems like it was his main priority to make me get off i have never had a guy be more into ME. After i finally stopped shaking i told him i wanted his COCK and he climbed up and put it in my mouth i sucked him like i have never wanted a cock more i wanted him to cum too i was REALLY working him over when he pulled away from me and got back between my legs....he was sitting up and had my legs spread pretty wide.....he took the head of hi cock and ran it up thru my pussy lips.....not enough to penetrate me but just enough to spread my lips then she he got to the top he would smack the head off my clit...OMG IT FELT AMAZING.....he didn this several times and then all of a sudden he penetrated me he only got it a little ways in me then he pulled out and smacked my clit some sent me over the egde i was close to another orgasm...he ran his fat cock up thru my lips again and then all of a sudden he BURIED IT DEEP INSIDE MY PUSSY! I pulled back and gasp letting out a load scream it hurt but felt GOOD too if felt like it was clear up in my stomach.

He started fucking me and i felt every stroke he would almost pull all the way out the shove it DEEP inside me again he only pumped me a few times and i started having another orgasm i wrapped my legs around his waist and squeezed as hard as i could as i cum all over his cock it was amazing as my pussy got used to his bigger cock i started fucking him too i was aching my back into each thrust taking all of him i could he was pumping me ahrder and harder we did this forever when he said he was close to coming....he was just about to pull out when i wrapped my legs around him pulled him tight and told him cum inside me OMG OMG he started to cum and that made me orgasm too i could feel his cock contracting deep inside my pussy and are juices started squirting out the side of my pussy onto the bed he cum ALOT and it felt amazing i had never had anyone cum inside me before it was AMAZING!

He climbed off me and got a drink of water and brought me a towel form the bathroom....he was still hard and i ask him if he were done?....he said no if u wanna keep going we i tru him on the bed and i climbed on top of him i rode him for a hr or so until my legs started to hurt and then i fell off his BIG cock onto the bed next to him. I reached up and turned the light out and we fell asleep naked next to each other. The next morning i woke up with his arms wrapped around me holding me.

We got up and he decide to take a shower before we left so i waited for him to get in there then i joined him.....we started kissing in the shower and i started stroking his cock some more he smiled and turned me around and bent me over doggy style.....he slide his cock in my sore pussy and started fucking me right there in the shower it was VERY nice the combination of the water hitting my body and the feel of his BIG cock inside me i could fuck like this forever it felt SO good.....he fucked me good for a half hour or so then i started to cum i reached back and clawed his leg and he knew what was happening i was moaning VERY loud and said OMG i put my hands up on the shower wall and he slammed me hard several times and then he started to cum too......this time he held his cock deep inside me and i could feel it squirting his hot was awesome.....we both cleaned up got outta the shower and got dressed.

We got in my car and i took him back to his truck as he got out of my car he came around and gave me a VERY nice kiss and said he had a wonderful time....i ask him if we could do it again sometime and all he said was HAPPY VALENTINES!

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