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MMF Young couple and older guy

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Ray and Ann are a very sexy and good looking couple in their mid 30’s. Ray stands 5’ 7” tall and weighs in at about 155 lbs and lists himself as straight on his profile while Ann is a bi petite girl who is 5’3” tall and about 100 lbs. She has very lovely little breasts and he has a very nice 7” cut cock.

I was completely surprised when they invited me, a 60 year old bi curious guy to join them for some play time at their home.

I arrived at their beautiful lake side home at the appointed time of 9:00 PM on a cold winter night. Ray ushered me into their living room where Ann was seated on the love seat watching tv. Ray sat down next to her and I sat on the couch which put Ann between us with the arms of the couch and love seat between Ann and me. We sat there getting to know each other with the tv playing in the background but generally being ignored by all of us. Even with the 20 plus year age difference we found that we had quite a bit in common and were getting very comfortable with each other. Ray admitted to being orally bi and quizzed me a bit about what I enjoy doing with couples and what experiences I have had.

At around 11:30 Ann excused herself and went somewhere in the back of the house. Ray and I were sitting on the floor at this time. At some point one of them, probably Ray, had put a porn DVD on the tv. Before long Ray was rubbing my cock through my pants so I decided to do the same. In short time I had Ray’s cock out and was sucking a cock for only the second time in my life. In just a few minutes Ann came back wearing a very sexy outfit with her hard nipples clearly visible through the thin fabric. She then decided to help Ray out of his pants so we would have easier access to his cock. When she started to give him a blowjob I was amazed at how much more of his cock that little girl could fit into her mouth than I had been able to do myself. Ann and I shared his cock for about 10 or 15 minutes sometimes taking turns sucking him at other times one would be sucking while the other licked his shaft and balls and still other times when we both would lick his shaft together.

At some point during all of this Ann’s top had come off and Ray and I were enjoying ourselves playing with her breasts and nipples. Around this time Ann mentioned that we would be more comfortable in bed so Ray got up and grabbed his clothes, shut of the tv and we all headed to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom we all got undressed, with Ann leaving her sexy white lace panties on, and climbed into the bed. We laid there talking for a while more while the nervousness wore off. Ray had put another porn DVD on the bedroom tv and it seemed that the main theme of this one was MFM three way sex. Ann was between Ray and I and we started playing with and sucking her breasts and rubbing and massaging her sexy little body. Before long Ray had her panties off and was fingering her wet little pussy while I was rubbing the spot just above her clit.

I was anxious to taste Ann’s sweet pussy so I asked permission and when there weren’t any objections I positioned myself between her legs so that I could see her face while I ate her. I have always enjoyed eating pussy and after many years of experience I think I have developed a pretty good technique. The one thing I have never been able to do is to come up with a good exit strategy so I stayed there eating that sweet little box of goodies and watching her give Ray what looked and sounded like a fantastic blowjob, until my body started to cramp up and I had to take a break. I know that she had had several orgasms so I didn’t feel guilty about stopping.

We all had a smoke and a drink and were sitting up in the bed chatting about just about everything like old friends. After a few minutes Ray started to rub Ann’s pretty little titties again and I joined him. Before long Ray was down between her legs taking his turn eating her delicious pussy. I was laying next to Ann just watching the action for a little while as she stroked my cock. Watching them while being stroked by Ann was really turning me on so I knelt up by her head and she immediately took my hard cock into her hot mouth. She is an expert cock sucker and took me right to the edge several times, then she would take me out of her mouth and smile. A little while later she would start all over again.

I felt movement on the bed and looked down to see that Ray was working his way up Ann’s body with little licks and sucks. He finally got into the position where he could plunge his hard 7 inch cock into her wet pussy. While they were screwing Ray started licking the parts of my cock that weren’t in Ann’s mouth. They took turns sucking me off while they were screwing until Ann had another orgasm then we took another break. More smoking, drinking and conversation followed.

Ann excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she came back she got on the bed on her hands and knees and bent over to take my softening cock into her mouth. I didn’t take long for me to regain my hardness with her expert mouth taking care of me. At this time Ray was behind her rubbing her ass and pussy. Soon Ann took my cock out of her mouth and looked over her shoulder at Ray and said, in one of the sexiest voices that I have ever heard, “Fuck me”. She then turned her head back around and went right back to giving me some of the best head that you could imagine.

Ray was eager to comply with he lovely wife’s request (Or was it a demand?) and immediately began fucking her doggy style while she slurped and sucked on my now throbbing cock. For my part I just laid there for a while enjoying the intense feelings of an expert blowjob and watching this super hot young couple fuck each other silly.

I wanted a better view and taste of the action so I got up from the bed. Ann seemed genuinely disappointed when I pulled my cock from her mouth but as soon as she realized what I wanted to do she smiled from ear to ear. I got on my back and slid under Ann’s body until we were in the 69 position. She immediately took my cock back into her mouth and continued sucking me in an incredible fashion.

If you have never seen a rock hard cock sliding in and out of a tight wet pussy from just inches away then let me tell you it is the sexiest sight that you will ever see. I didn’t want to just look so I lifted my head up and started licking them both. I have to admit that I paid much more attention to Ann’s clit than I did to Ray’s cock, but I did manage to get some licks in on him.

It soon became obvious that they were both building towards the big climax. My focus narrowed until there was nothing in my world but Ray’s cock, Ann’s pussy and my tongue. I even momentarily forgot about my own throbbing cock. They both came together with a thunder that would have made the ancient Gods proud. Suddenly Ray’s cum started leaking out of Ann’s pussy onto my cheeks and chin. I stayed with them for a bit then crawled out, wiping my face and grinning what was probably a very stupid grin.

We had another cigarette and chatted some more until I realized that it was 3:30 in the morning and I still had a 45 minute ride home through dark and icy mountain roads. I got dressed and they walked me to the door. All of us were very happy and vowed that we would do it all again. I can’t wait.

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