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Lust At first Sight!

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Have you ever looked at something (or someone) and just knew you had to have it or die trying? Well, I did recently and I got it too, that was the great part of it. I stopped at a store and went in and there was a couple there, man and woman that is and they were both really good looking. A little on the overweight side but still very good looking. She was built really buxom and he obviously was gifted below the waist as well as handsome. He was teasing her and massaging her ass in the store and she kept telling him to cool it in a playful way. AS she kept doging him his cock grew until it was straining at the zipper of his jeans. Well, I made sure to keep and eye on them and they got a couple things and went to their car and began to leave. I pulled out also and they had stopped on the side of the entrance ramp and he was all over her again. She really did look like she was resisting and he finally drove on. They went a few miles to a rest area and pulled in. I figured that she had finally gave in and was going to get with him in the car but they parked near a nice Nisson and kissed then she got out and left. He parked and got out and headed to the rest rooms. I thought, What the Hell and parked and followed him in. WEll, he was at one of three urinals and I thought to just go ahead and go for it as much as I could without doing something really stupid. He pulled his out and it sounded like a horse pissing and I stepped into the urinal next to his and took mine out and pissed. So you followed us here? I was wondering which of us you were following he said matter of factly. I was red faced I know but I went ahead and answered him. Well, I was following you two but I really don't know what I had intended once I got your attention. Well she is gone home and I have a few hours to kill, what did you have in mind he asked me. I was looking to kill some time myself I told him. It was then he backed from the urinal and stood facing me massaging a massive cock and pulling his low hanging balls. Interested He asked me? Yes, very I told him. WEll, I had a room with my friend but she never came across with her promise, wanna go back there and see what happens? I told him yes in a hurry. He zipped up and went to his car and I followed in mine. Back at the exit I first saw them was a nice hotel and he drove around to the back and got out and went into the room he had gotten for them. I waited a few seconds and went to the door, he opened it and stepped back totally naked his cock standing up hard and pre cum leaking from the head. It was 9 inches long and really thick. To my shock he pulled me to himself and kissed my neck saying, So are you going to take her place and do it good for me? His hands werer on my belt and soon my pants dropped to the floor then he took off my shirt. His hard cock was against my stomach and pre cum leaked onto me. He sat on the bed and told me to take care of it before it exploded. I got to my knees and took the head into my mouth and began licking the rim and he moaned loud. Oh yeh, that is good he said, take it nice and slow for me and I began to go up and down on his cock deeper into my throat each time. His bals were huge and full of cum as I massaged them he moaned again, Oh, please tell me you will swallow please. With that I reached up and pinched his nipples and he began moving his hips into my face..his speed picking up. I massaged his balls more and he began going faster in and out and then he pushed it all the way in and exploded into my throat. I swallowed all his load and he laid back on the bed. That was great he said as I pushed him back and climbed over his hips my naked ass coming in contact with his half hard cock, massaing it with me ass. Oh that is good he moaned again and I could feel it getting hard again. What else did you want yur friend to do I asked him. I wanted to fuck her, but no deal she said again. I laid back on the bed next to him and spread my legs and lubed my manpussy with salavia and he got between my legs and rubbed his cock against my hole. I want you to fuck me I told him, as hard and deep as you can. He smiled and pushed the head into my manpussy slowly. He stayed at the entrance for a while then slowly began working into to me. MY cock shot a load on our chests and he kept moving slowly into me. Then he was all the way in and I wrapped my legs around his hips, his face was close to mine and I whispered to him, "Fuck me lover, do me really good." His mouth found my nipples and began sucking and biting them and then my neck and then he looked me in the eyes and said, I have never done this before, not like this. GOod, do it then I told him and his tongue found mine and his cock drove into me all the way, his balls slapping my ass. I moaned louder, fuck me man, fuck my ass, fill it up. He did just that, he rammed me for about a half hour then tensed up and rammed deep and his cum filled my ass. Instead of stopping he managed to tunr me around and mounted from behind and rammed deeper and took a long time but finally his cock filled my ass again with his juices. Then he collapsed on my back, cock still in my ass and kissed my shoul;ders and back and massaged my titties. After he managed one more erection and one more ass fucking he slid out and got up, that was great he said, you wanna do it again sometime? Sure stud I told him, next time she will not satisify you I will. Fuck her, why waste the time he said. I will just start with you and get what I need from the start. Sounds good to me I told him as we dressed..His cock was disappearing into his pants again and I dropped to my knees and took it one last time and sucked his cum out. He left and then I did too. He has my number and is going to call next week I hope.

see ya.

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