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I was invited to a party with a bunch of my work friends. And not being much of a people person I almost decided not to go. The party?s at Mary?s house, and it?s a long drive, was the excuse I was trying to give, but the girls just would not let me get away with it. I tried any excuse I could, but they know I haven?t gone out on a date or had any kind of fun since I left my husband three years ago. So I wound up giving her directions to my house and she said she would make sure some one picks me up before the party.

When I arrived, there was already a lot of people there. A lot of faces I knew, a few I didn?t. We were in the back yard. Some were dancing, some were off in little groups talking. I walked around and said hi to several people, and noticed several of the hot guys from work was there.

Well, I like to dance, so I decided to dance by myself and at least enjoy the music. After about 45 min. of that, Mary came over and told me she has a game room in the basement if I?m getting bored. Cool, I thought, and went inside to check things out.

In the last room down in the basement there was a pool table and no one was in there. I could have the hole room to my self. I gathered up the balls and racked them up. It?s been a few years, I was a little rusty, but it was fun, gave me something to do. I was after a long shot, one that I had to stretch my body over the table to make the shot. And being a short petite woman, it wasn?t an easy shot. Just as I was making the shot, a male voice behind me said, ?Oops, didn?t know any one was in here. I was thinking about hitting the balls around a bit.? I could have died. It just happed to be the cutest young thing that works nights with me. He?s 23. I?m 40, but nice slim body, nice to look, I?ve been told. He?s very handsome. Short, spiky dark brown hair, blue eyes that could make you blush when he looks you in the eyes, very muscular body, and an ass I love to watch when he bends over.

I said, ?Hey there. Where?s your girlfriend tonight?? ?She had to work tonight so I came alone. Want to play a game together?? ?Sure, why not. Just don?t tell every one how bad I play,? I replied. About half way through the game I came upon another of those long reach shots. He stepped up behind me nice and close, I can slightly feel his body next to mind, and asked me if he could give me a hand. ?Sure,? I said as I stood up from trying to reach so far. He grabs my shoulders tightly and turns me around to face him. Then he puts his hands down on the pool table on each side of me. I felt a hot tingle stir in my pussy, so I tried to side step away, but he wouldn?t let me by. He takes the pool stick from my hands and tosses it across the room to land somewhere near the couch.

?No darlin, I don?t mean the game. I hear around work you haven?t been fucked in three years, and that you are very horny as well .?

By now my panties are wet and my nipples are so hard they hurt from having this hunk standing one inch from pressing against my body. ?I don?t know what you?re talking about. You can?t always believe the rumors that fly around the warehouse,? I told him. But it was the truth. We both knew it, but I just couldn?t admit it to him.

?Sure darlin,? was his reply as he reached one arm around my waist and pulled me tight against his body. I squirmed and tried to get away, but he held me very tightly till I settled down. With his free hand he slipped past my shorts into my panties and stuck a finger in to my juicy wet pussy. I squirmed and tried to push him away. I even tried to kick him away. But he was going for none of it. He brought his hand up from the middle of my back and grabbed a hand full of my long dark brown hair and gave it a good hard yank. I let out a gasp. Dam, if my pussy just didn?t cum all over his finger that has clasped on to it.

He gave me a real devilish grin. He started moving his finger up and down on my clit. Nice and slow. And my pussy just would not obey me and started throbbing and I started to move to his soft caress. ?Stop it!? I moaned. He puts his mouth close to my ear and gives me a husky laugh. I had to retaliate, and I tried pushing with all my might against his chest. He grabs my pussy real hard and told me I better behave. He started rubbing my clit again as he started moving his mouth slowly down my neck, with his other hand still fully gripped in my hair. I can feel his teeth against my skin and his tongue licking my neck in slow circles. Before I realize it my pussy, is matching his faster pace and I feel a groan escape from my lips. I started thrusting my hips to make him go faster. But then he stopped and bit me on my neck and told me to slow down. ?No. Don?t stop,? I whispered.

He withdrew his hand from my panties and let go of me for a moment. I slightly swayed back and forth, leaning on the pool table, from loosing his strong hold on me.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard 10 inch cock out of it?s confinement.

He grabbed my hair again and pulled me to my knees and put the head of his cock to my lips. I wouldn?t open my mouth. He pulled hard on my hair and brought my head back further till I opened my mouth and he slowly started slipping in his cock. ?I?ll spank you if you even think of biting me.?

Wrong thing to say to me. I had to test him. I slightly bit down before he could get much of it in. He pulled his cock out of my mouth. He said, ?You Bitch!? I was thinking about bolting out the door, but I noticed he had shut it some time earlier. Probably while we were playing pool. I don?t know, but it was locked and I would loose valuable time trying to undue the dead bolt lock. I tried to get up to fight back but he pulled my hair even harder and kept my on my knees.

He saw me look towards the door and told me I was going no where. He stood me up against the pool table and took his belt off. He told me to turn around. I said no. He slapped my hip with is belt just hard enough to feel a little sting. ?Turn around now!? I gave him such a hateful look as I slowly turned my back to him. He put the belt down on the table and quickly grabbed both of my wrists and put them in one of his hands and grabbed the belt and bound my wrists. He put an arm around my waist and pulled me toward him, a few feet from the pool table. He put his other hand on the small of my back and bent me over so the side of my face reached the table. With his hand still on my back, he took my shorts, and then my panties off. With a quick move with his right leg, he pushed my legs apart. I tried to stop what he was doing but he slapped my ass so hard I yelled ?ouch!? God, he?s so strong.

By now I could feel my juices dripping down the inside of my thigh. He must have read my thoughts. His hand slipped down to my wet pussy, and I could hear that low raspy laugh again. ?Ohh, you?re so hot,? he said. He slid a hand up my shirt and undid my bra, then move the hand to my front and grabbed a hand full of breast and gave a firm squeeze. He slapped my ass twice, really hard. My whole body shook with the lust rising up all over me. He says, ?The first one is for not obeying me. And the second one is cause you want to fuck me so bad.? He starts playing with my pussy again, pinching my clit between two fingers, rubbing it slowly back and forth. I?m just pulsing with desire. He keeps going, nice and slow, and my body starts shaking ready to cum all over those sweet fingers any second. He stops. ?Shit!? I reply. He stands me upright and turns me to face him. He quickly takes all his close off and stands there for a few extra seconds to make sure I get a good look at his naked body. Dam, he?s got a gorgeous body.

?Do you want me to fuck you??

?No,? I reply.

He takes a few steps closer so I can feel his hot body press up next to mine. ?You do want me to fuck you. I will make you say it. I won?t fuck you till you beg me.? He brings his mouth down to my breasts and started licking them all over, making sure he gets so close to my hard nipples with out touching them. That hot wet tongue starts licking back up towards my neck. Right at the base of my neck, at the corner of my shoulder, he starts sucking and biting hard, flicking the skin he has between his teeth with long wet licks of his tongue. As he?s biting me he starts pinching my nipples. My knees get very weak and I lean heavily on the pool table behind me for support. With every pinch of my nipples my pussy throbs, aches, juices just dripping down my legs. He stops. He puts on arm around my waist and grabs my hair.

He runs his wet hot tongue up my neck to my ear lobe and says, ?Do you want me to fuck you??

?Yes,? I whisper. He gives a sudden hard pull of my hair. ?I can?t hear you slut! Do you want me to fuck you???Yes! Please fuck me! I need you to fuck me!? He gives a good hearty laugh. He lets me go. Turns me around. Takes the belt off my wrists. Bends me over, pushes my head to the table. He reaches down and strokes my clit for couple of minutes. Then he slaps the belt real hard on my ass. ?Cum all over my hand for me bitch. Now!? my whole body starts shaking. He slaps my ass again. My hot, wet cunt rides his fingers as I start my climax and burst my hot wet juices all over his hand. He slaps my ass.

?Good bitch. Do you want this big, rock hard cock shoved into that tight, hot wet pussy??

I open my mouth to say yes. Nothing came out. Slap. ?Tell me cunt, or I won?t fuck you like the slut you are.?

?Yes, fuck me now. Fuck me hard!? I yell. He puts his cock to the hole of my cunt and slowly, slowly slips it in. I keep moving my ass around to make him shove it in. Slap. ?Slowly,? he says. He keeps his cock setting there, just the head of it in my pussy. I can feel his hand hit my pussy as he starts to rub the shaft of his cock. And with each stroke he pushes his cock just a little bit further in to my cunt. He takes his free hand to the front of my throat and clasp tight as he shoves his hard, thick cock full force deep inside my pussy. A loud ahhh escapes my lips from the uncontrolled passion that?s setting my whole body on fire. He continues to take long strokes out of my cunt, slamming it back in till he can?t get any more of that 10 inches in side of me. I?m bucking, I?m squirming under his hold on me, trying to fend him off, but cumming all over that hard shaft as I fight. He starts stroking faster, harder, and I loose control over my whole body as he clasps his hand tighter around my throat. He starts moaning, louder with each stroke. He slams it in one last hard time and holds it there as I feel his hot cum shoot deep in side my pussy. ?Ah shit, fuck, oh baby fuck,? I yell.

As he finishes cumming in my dripping cunt, I can feel his body loosen it?s hold on me. He takes his cock out of my pussy, grabs my shoulders and pulls me up so my body?s leaning against his sweaty chest.

?This won?t be the last time. You?re my little cunt now.? He lets me go. I keep my self up right by putting my hands down on the table in front of me so I can unrattle my brain and think straight. He puts is close on. Tosses me mine. As I get dressed, he walks toward the door, unlocks it, and leaves.

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