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Lipstick 3

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I awoke that Saturday morning naked and alone in Pamela's king size in her loft. Harsh daylight attacked my eyes from the skylight and after seeing the empty champagne bottles, I knew why. Memories flooded in and I recalled the most intense orgasm I had ever had after being tied with the silk scarves I now saw at the headboard. I then warmed at the night we shared making love in so many tender ways. Her loft was silent so I padded downstairs on naked feet and body and found her note next to her strapon with belt. It said, "sleepyhead, lick this to taste us and call me. I had to work a couple hours." As I was still a little groggy, I chose to not lick anything but a coffee cup which I found next to the note with the pot alongside. Sipping my coffee, I called her and she told me to go to my apartment and get a bag for the weekend and meet her back at her place at three. I raced to shower, seeing myself in the mirror as the blonde hair flying naked woman that couldn't wait to see her soon!

When I got back early to her loft, I paid special attention to all my nails with red, and spent some time on my hair and makeup. I knew she liked me dressed so girly and did my best with a light sweater atop short black mini, black thigh highs and heels. My phone chirped and I answered Pamela's call to be told to meet her at a nearby bar. ?? She also added, "I TOLD you to lick that first! Why didn't you?" and hung up. How did she know I didn't? At that moment, my cell got a picture of my naked body on the phone, coffee in hand calling on my cell! WTF? She has a camera here? I whirled around and saw the "smoke detecter" over the door. Incensed, I left to meet her.

Out of the cab and into the dim of the bar, I saw her in animated conversation with a tall short haired platinum blonde in jeans and t-shirt. Pamela was wearing a large sweatshirt over sweat pants and sneakers. Boy, was I overdressed here! Although early for me, she had ordered me a martini next to her tequila shot and beer and introduced her friend Adrienne. Yes, I was a little jealous, especially after Adrienne gave me the once over and declared, " got yourself a real Lipsick this time, babe." Babe? I slurped the drink, which was promptly replace by another by the obviously gay bartender boy. Apparently, they worked together and were talking about architecture (P's a designer) and I felt alone until Pamela told me to go with Adrienne to the ladies room to "keep her safe" with a smirk. Defiantly, I said I'd be glad to. Once there, Adrienne grabbed my hair and pushed into one of the stalls. She explained that Pamela wanted me punished for not following her directions with her strap on and she was here to give it. I struggled, but was no match for her arms, that after her tshirt came off I saw were huge! Face first against the wall with my legs spread over the toilet, she proceeded to pull up my skirt and start slapping my ass cheeks around my thong hard enough to bring tears to my eyes. With ONE hand she held my hands over my head and in short order left my burning ass to plunge her fingers into my amazingly wet pussy! I felt her thumb punch into my ass at the same time, only the second time in my life, and found myself close to cumming! But before that could happen, she spun me around and jammed her tongue in my mouth saying, "that's for later little cunt!" She turned and told me to clean myself up and get back to the bar.

After fixing my smudged lip gloss and clothing, I returned and Pamela asked I was sorry. Sorry? How about very pissed, but weirdly excited. She then said I should finish my third martini and we're leaving. I did, and we did. In the cab, I sat between them and they casually just felt my body, tits and pussy and ass, as thay chatted about whatever.

At Pamela's loft, we went in and she ordered me to make drinks for us all. I felt very used in my sexy mini until I brought Pamela her beer and shot and saw that she only had on her sweatshirt and white socks. I gave her the beer and shot and the whiskey/rocks for Adrienne (who was in the bathroom upstairs) and she then said, "So, you love me? Then serve me. And us, Lipstick girl". I didn't know whether to cry or run, but she settled it for by pulling my face between her legs. I kissed, and hungrily devoured her lips and truly ate the pussy that I adored so much. I lapped and licked for all I was worth until I felt her cunt contract around my tongue and finger and get so wet.

I raised my wet face to see Adrienne sitting alongside Pamela stroking her breasts and my jealousy was gone as I knew my love wanted me to also serve her friend. I struggled with her jeans, but when my mouth enveloped her sex, surrounded by fine brown curls, I looked at Pamela and delved my tongue into her. Pamela actually sat up and, lighting a cigarette, casually remarked that Adrienne liked her ass licked and sucked. I threw her legs over my still clothed shoulders and dived into her ass. It wasn't long before her moans before announced her orgasm and Pamela grabbed my long hair and pushed my face into her pussy. AhhhAhh and my sucking mouth was blasted with a stream of liquid! I let it run down my chin onto my blouse until Adrienne pushed me away and Pamela brought my face up for a deep kiss. In my confusion, I returned rather lightly and was rewarded with the admonition to strip and get to my knees for further training. Training?

Naked, I followed Pamela upstairs to her bathroom where she affixed a leather collar around my neck. "Baby, you love me?" Let's see. To be continued.......

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