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Life of a Maintenance Man

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I divorced a few years back and in order to stay close to my teen age kids I took on a job as maintenance man at a large apartment block. I lived in a small apartment in the building. I admit to having drifted along aimlessly for a while after having years of marriage and companionship. I did not know how or even want to date for some time. I did enjoy the new work, as I had always been a Mr. Fixit at home and for others. Something about repairing things that others could not I guess. When I started my work at the building, the fellow I replaced spent a week or so with me to bring me up to date on everything. One of the last pieces of advice he offered was about the availability of pussy in the building. He advised me to be cautious, that there would almost certainly be offers of sex from some of the ladies, but to make sure that they were only looking to get laid. The building was an adult complex, no children in the place, and most of the people were over 50. Some couples, some divorced and widowed women, fewer single men. He even warned me about two or three women, and also winked at the names of a few others. And then he made special mention of Arlene.

Actually Arlene was one of the older gals. He guessed her age to be in her mid to late 60's. She was also one of the married ones. She and her husband barely spoke apparently, and every day he took off somewhere until evening, which apparently suited Arlene just fine. She spent a lot of her day and nights online in chat rooms. She dressed in revealing night gowns and negligees for each appearance. Her hair was always perfectly combed and set, with just the right amount of make-up, proper lighting for her web cam and she spent hours showing her big tits and pussy, and watching guys cum online for her. She also had a few weekly regulars show up during the day. He suggested that she was a blow job specialist. I asked him how he came to that conclusion and he just smiled and said, "Oh I know alright".

There will be more on Arlene later. I did not actually get to meet her until she had a problem with her faucet leaking. It was the first of many leaking faucets, most of them imagined.

I struck gold for the first time about 3 months into the job. I had been very cautious, ignoring any flirtations that I sensed were coming my way. They did not from all the ladies of course, but there were a few. I followed the advice concerning the two or three that I had been warned about, and simply did not allow myself to get into a vulnerable situation with them.

Eva was just what I might have ordered if given the opportunity to choose a woman for my return to sex. She was a quiet lady, both in appearance and attitude, and a widow of a few years. She was nicely built and she dressed well at all times of day or night. She did have a legitimate problem with her electrical system which took me several visits and some time to resolve. When I would finish my visit, she would walk me to the door and put her hand on my forearm in thanks, in that way that only women can do; lingering just a little longer than necessary. Women seem able to send vibes of interest if not desire with a touch. On one occasion I bent and kissed her a "your welcome" kiss, and then apologized profusely. She just smiled and looked happy.

She called one evening and asked if I would join her in her apartment for wine. She looked very desirable dressed wearing a light gown with lace trim. Following a few glasses of wine we were kissing on the couch. I can still feel that first touch of her pussy in my hand. We fucked most of the night. It was my first pussy for at least a year and I could not get enough of it. That feeling of how great it felt to be in bed naked with a woman who desires you; surged back into my mind. The feel of a woman's skin and lips and the scent of her, hard nipples and sticky wet pussy relit my fires. I can still recall the feeling of my cock parting her pussy lips, stirring around a bit and then sinking right into her. God it was good. I was a man again. We got together on a regular basis but always at her request. She moved out after about a year.

During this time, Arlene had become aware of me and was showing interest. Her apartment was in the short L of the building with only her in that section of hallway. There were stairs in the end of the hallway beside her room while the elevator was out in the main hall. If need be I could get to her apartment pretty well un-noticed if I wished. But to this point I had fended her off, although she was quite bold and flirtatious. She spoke very well, used proper grammar and was always solicitous of a person, and called me "dear" whenever we met. She was always gorgeously dressed, sort of brassy maybe and too much jewellery. Her tits were always on display and it was easy to see that they were her pride and joy.

I stumbled on Vickie, or maybe I was stumbled on by Vickie, before succumbing to Arlene. Vickie was a big gal, damn near as tall as I, and I am 6'2", a very nice woman with big tits. She was very outgoing and upfront; and there was very little tease about her, she let me know I could fuck her whenever I wanted but seemed to leave it up to me to decide when. Until one day. It was another case of those leaky faucets along with some trouble with her kitchen sink. She was wearing shorts and halter top, kind of light dress wear for such a big lady, but she was so confident in herself it seemed alright. The tits looked great, swinging around in the halter, straining to burst free. I gave her an approving look and headed for the sink.

I was on my back on the floor checking out the leak when she knelt beside me, pretending to see what I was working on. But her eyes were checking my dong which was reacting to those beautiful big boobs swinging in front of me. Her eyes were speaking volumes. She kept checking out my growing cock in my tight jeans. I almost slammed my head into the sink when she reached over and stroked my cock, sliding the palm of her hand along it. I exclaimed, "Damn it Vickie, are you trying to kill me?" She smiled and said, "no, not exactly, but I am thinking of fucking you on the floor".

She sat back up and untied the halter and those two big lovelies swung out. She had enormous pink aureoles and the nipples were erect and jutting out like rose buds. As I watched mesmerized, she coolly undid my belt buckle, button and zipper. Her hand reached in my shorts and pulled out Johnny. From somewhere she also pulled out a pillow and put it under my head. Her big tits smothered my face as she adjusted things. Then her head dipped down quickly and her mouth just slipped right over the knob of my cock and started licking. I guess she wanted to seal this deal quickly. She did. She bobbed for a while then worked at pulling my jeans and shorts off. She unbuttoned my shirt and opened it so that she could rub her tits on my chest. She stood up and stripped off her shorts and panties. She looked magnificent, a big but smooth body, big valley between her legs and a bikini stripe of a light brown bush. As she spread to settle over me I caught sight of her long gash of pussy, wet and red already. She did not need to hold my cock to settle down around it, it was jutting vertically upward like a flag pole. She let out a delighted shout as my cock slipped right up into her and our pubic bones ground together. She leaned ahead and fed me her tits, her eyes wild and excited. She raised her hips up a bit and told me to fuck her. Oh, I did alright, rammed it up and down as fast as my butt would bounce off the floor.

I asked her to get up, that I wanted something more. She rose and I followed and motioned her to get on the kitchen table. I put the pillow under her head, pulled her towards me until her pussy was at the edge of the table and I moved right on in. What a beautiful damn sight! A big beautiful woman stretched out naked, with a pussy just about at cock height. I lifted her legs around my waist and plunged into her. Her big tits swung around side to side, her eyes had lost focus and I whaled away bringing us to cum together. I loved my job.

By this time in my stay at the building, Arlene made it pretty clear that she wanted to give me a blow job. I wondered why she specified blow job as opposed to a good fuck, but it was beginning to sound pretty appetizing and finally one day in the middle of the afternoon I let her have her way. She invited me into her computer room and sat on her chair. I stood in front of her and let her do it her way. What a strange feeling. This very elegant looking woman, dressed in a revealing skirt and blouse, hair perfectly coiffed, jewels dangling all over, sitting down to do this deed. Her vocabulary changed dramatically. From "how are you dear, I hope you are having a good day", to "I have been dying to see your cock, I want to suck it and lick your balls, I want you to cum in my mouth, and drip your cum in my tits?"

She pulled my pants down, then my shorts. She rubbed her face on my cock and unbuttoned her blouse. I helped her with the bra hooks and the big tits tumbled out. She said, "Want a tittie fuck first lover?" There was no need to answer; she clamped them around my cock with the knob sticking out near her mouth. I fucked them for a while and gradually she released my cock and used a hand to bring it to her mouth. She was an expert, no doubt about it. I have never felt someone who knew exactly how a man wanted his cock sucked as she. It was a combination of soft hands, lips and tongue and finally taking it right down her throat. She finished me off as I began to jerk around a bit, by using one hand on my balls which seemed to act like a valve opening to release my cum. I drained it into her, and then she pulled it out and milked the rest on her tits. It was about 2 pm in the afternoon. I loved my job even more.

I admit to fairly regular visits. Always blow jobs, never any pussy. I never asked her but suspect she had a dry vagina and got her pleasure by pleasuring men with her hands and mouth. I went online a few times at night and chatted with her in her studio. She always invited me up despite the fact her hubby was in the next room. I always declined, but did get to see her performances with her tits. I do not know how many guys she met online each night, but she never seemed to tire of it. And of course she demanded and got to watch them jerk off for her on the web cam.

And then one afternoon she called on my private phone and asked me to come up, that she wanted to try something new to her. I was to use my pass key and just come on into the computer room. The sound of her voice pretty well told me that it was blow job time again, but I was ready for one and so I obliged. She was sitting in her computer chair, wearing a sheer black negligee with black bra and panties underneath. There was a guy on web cam with his cock out and jerking off for her. She was encouraging him, telling how much she would like to blow him. I moved beside her and she asked the guy if he would like to see her give a blow job like he would get if he was there. The guy almost shouted yes as he kept on stroking. Arlene positioned me just right for the camera, and with a slow smile began to pull my cock out. I was excited as hell.

All he could see was my mid section and cock and I wanted to get off something fierce. It was show time for Arlene and she dragged things out, posing with my knob in her mouth, and then closing her eyes and swallowing as much as she could take down. She would lick the knob with her tongue, rub it on her cheek, then turn and swallow all of it. I was straining, gritting my teeth and ready to blow it in her. When she sensed I was close, she would pull off and talk to the guy on cam, still holding my cock in one hand of course. Then she would begin to stroke it a bit, then with a smile for the guy she would encircle my cock once more and begin to bob. The guy is shouting at her to make me cum or to let me fuck her in any hole on her body. I grabbed her head and started to face fuck her and just let it go in her mouth. After a minute, she pulled off, a contented look on her face, licking her lips and smiling. I think that she just thoroughly enjoyed the tease and driving men over the edge.

I class Arlene in my world of unforgettable characters. There were never any complaints about her life; she was always upbeat and pleasant with everyone except her husband. And I do not know the story there. Maybe he did not like blow jobs.

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