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Letting go, maybe?

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Sweet Pea, I just could not resist sending you and email about last night. Oh your pussy was so wet and the way you sucked my cock had me so hard. When I pinched your nipples with you having my cock in your pussy and you letting your mind wander to them being pinched by her, made your pussy just leak onto my cock and you worked it in so deep to where you just sat there and let it touch you up inside real deep. Just thinking about that has my cock twitching as I am writing this. It is just jumping up and down and making me want your pussy so bad. I hope you liked the way I licked your pussy and was sucking my cum from your pussy, I could feel the insides of your pussy being so open from my cock having been inside. So hottttttt. You could probably tell after I licked your pussy my cock was hard again and ready to satisfy your pussy with some more cock in and out of your pussy. I wish it had not gotten tender,I wanted to fill you with hot cum again before going to sleep.

I love it when you let your mind guard down and use your imagination to think about feeling your pussy being licked and you licking a clit and sucking a dick or me helping you with our tongues intertwined. You just get so hot and makes me excited to see you enjoying sex and relaxing. i know I am terrible in having those thoughts but I do love the way it makes you react.

I have thought today about how great it would be to see you receiving a massage from a masseuse and you laying there being put into a state of relaxation. I would be by your side and enjoying the music playing and seeing your back, legs, arms and neck muscles being relaxed. I would watch as your towel was removed from your ass and muscles at the bottom or your buttocks was massaged and as it happened your legs spread just enough to allow your pussy to relax and get wet. Then his hands moving down your thighs on the outside and working down to your andles and feet. Then your feet being massaged and you showing more relaxation, your arms now being extended out in front and me moving there so I can touch your fingers and lightly touch them with the tips of my fingers. He now started moving up from your feet and this time was on the inside of your thighs. Your fingers entwinded with my fingers and you let your legs spread a little more again. As he moved upward he continued to massage your muscles and as he approached your upper inner thigh you let your eyes open and looked at me as your eyes questioned what you should do and I gave you a wink and smiled back for assurance. You looked at me and your lips were open as your tongue licked across them. I knew what you wanted and let my hand go to my zipper and since I had not worn underwear my cock sprang out of my pants. I moved closer to you and you took your hand and lead my cock toward your open mouth. Just as your lips went around the head of my cock I felt you flinch but did not stop moving on my cock. I opened my eyes and could see what made your flinch.

He the massuse had let his fingers touch your clit and his thumb had entered your pussy. He was now having his thumb moving in and out of your pussy as it started to glisten with the juice of your wetness. It must have been doing some good as you were now letting your tongue work on the head of my cock as you had it entirely inside of your lips. It felt so good, it was getting me close to orgasm but I pulled back so I would not cum. You were now wanting me to as you reached for my balls and started that action that makes me weak kneed and wanting to cum. But I stopped you, or better yet you became focused on the action on your pussy. Your hips were now off the top of the table as his thumb was fucking you just like a small cock. You looked at me and whispered fuck me from the rear and I said what about the massuse and you said I will handle that. I let my pants fall off and as you moved your hips up higher I motioned to him that I was going to fuck you from the rear and he moved to the side, it was evident his cock was so hard under his tight white sweats and perspiration was on the front of his tight white shirt, the muscles of his arms were tight as if he was holding back himself from wanting to fuck you with more than his thumb. As I moved by he reached for my cock and said, I will help. With that he went down and took the head in his lips and sucked it to have just enough moisture on the head. I moved up on the table and he put the head of my cock at the opening of your pussy as I started to slide into the wetness. In one motion he moved his other hand down and had his sweats on the floor and his cock about the same size as mine but not quite as thick was bouncing up and down, sort of that twitch thing. I know slid into you and you moaned. I just stated moving in and out and it was so good, I closed my eyes for a moment and then felt a thumb at my ass and looked over to see him rubbing my balls and his thumb playing with my ass. I started driving into you pussy as you said fuck me boo boo, fuck me.

I opened my eyes as I saw you fulfill what you said, you would take care of him. Your left hand was now pulling his cock towrard your lips. You had him where I had been only moments before and you wasted no time in sucking his cock into your lips. Seeing that I had to relax for a moment as my load was getting closre and closer to shooting into your hot pussy. I slowed down but you went faster wanting to get him to let his load shoot into your mouth. Uhmm was all I heard as you kept working on his cock, with that I pumped even harder and sure enough I was shooting cum into your pussy. So hard you just pushed back against me and opened your lips to moan just as his cock let the first shot of cum out into your mouth. You did not want to lose any so you took his cock head back into your lips. I fell forward laying on your back with my cock still in your pussy. You turned your head to side and let his cock move from your lips and held it in front of me and said baby help me clean this up. I grined and let my tongue lick the head of his cock but you had taken all but the last drop of cum from the cock. I just reached on over and kissed your lips as your tongue went inside and another moan came out as if your were having another slight orgasm. Oh so hot we all were.

He moved back from the table and started rubbing my back with me on top of you and I knew you would need to be released so I rolled to my side and as I did he said he must clean the table. I did not understand until he leaned over and took my cock in his lips and cleaned your pussy juice form it. In a matter of minutes we were all back to our senses and I started to dress and reach for my wallet as you were dressing. I asked what would this session cost and he said on the house, the pleasure was mine. We dressed and left and went to dinner and were so into each other for the rest of the evening. We just laughed as we started home and at the same time said, when is our next massage?

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