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I first met Kevin when my wife and I moved to the Sacramento area. I had accepted a job with a different company running four of their offices. At the time we moved I was 32, and Sally, my wife, was 25. We had bought a nice home in the suburbs and settled into our live in a new area. Kevin was working out of the Sacramento office as a salesman. Kevin was the youngest salesman in the company at 21, but he was also the one best salesman in the company.

Kevin and I got along right from the start. His personality was such that he just wouldn’t take no for an answer. Not accepting no as a final answer was most likely why he was so successful. I brought the salesmen from all four of the company’s outlets to the Sacramento office. I had devised a summer sales contest and wanted them to learn about it at the same time. When I was through describing my contest I bid everyone goodbye and good luck. The sales contest would last six weeks with the winner getting a thousand dollar bonus and a four day vacation in Las Vegas. I was hoping the contest would help inspire the salesmen to search out new clients and generally increase business.

I noticed Kevin was working late some nights and his sales numbers had shot up almost 20%. I decided to ask him over to the house one night for a drink and some dinner. He readily accepted and we set the date and time for the following Friday at 8:00 PM. Sally was excited since she had not met any of my employees.

We decided to send our kids to Sally’s folks the night Kevin was to come for dinner. They only lived about 10 miles away. It was handy when we wanted to spend a little time alone or when we entertained. With Kevin coming over, Sally didn’t want to have any interruptions from our children. I got back from dropping off the kids just as Kevin showed up. I took him inside and showed him the house and the back yard.

I told Kevin Sally was upstairs finishing getting dressed and would be down in a minute or two. I fixed the three of us drinks and showed Kevin into the game room. He remarked how he liked the way it was set up. We had a pool table and wet bar on one side and a poker table and a couch and recliner on the other side. In the middle we had a big screen TV, stereo, VCR, DVD player, and a dinner table.

I asked Kevin if he would like to play some pool while we were waiting for Sally to come downstairs. He said he would, so I racked the balls and let him take the break. It turned out Kevin was fairly good at pool. He sunk four of his balls before I got to take my first shot. I was sizing up my first shot when Sally came into the room. She immediately walked over to Kevin, introduced herself, and shook his hand.

Sally said since we were playing pool she would check on dinner and be right back. While she was in the kitchen Kevin commented on how nice Sally looked. She had put on a pair of cut off jeans and a white tank top. When Sally returned from the kitchen I noticed I could just make out Sally’s nipples beneath her top. I had to look closely, but they were there alright. I knew Kevin would be able to see her nipples as well. For some reason the thought of Kevin being able to see Sally’s nipples seemed to excite me.

I lost the first game to Kevin and was winning the second game when Sally told us dinner was ready. She said she would set dinner up in the game room so we could continue playing. In a couple of minutes dinner was set up and Kevin and I stopped playing pool to eat. Dinner was good, and thankfully, the conversation never was about work. Sally didn’t like me talking about work when I was home.

After dinner, I fixed us all another drink and Kevin helped Sally clear the table and straighten up the kitchen. When everyone was set, Kevin and I continued our game. I told Kevin that Sally and I played pool quite often. I had figured out a handicapping system that made us virtually even players allowing us to make bets on the games outcome.

I ended up winning the second game between Kevin and myself, but not by much. Sally asked me to fix her another drink, so I refreshed all of our drinks once again. When I returned to the game room Sally had continued telling Kevin about our pool games and handicapping system. She also told him how we played for money and the buttons on her blouse. I heard Kevin say to her that betting on things like that must be exciting. She told Kevin those sorts of bets were usually done at a local bar where she could show off a little. She added I liked it when she showed off when we went out.

I was surprised when Sally asked Kevin if he was interested in playing a game of pool with the two of us. She asked me to explain to Kevin how the handicapping system worked while she went upstairs to change. I told Kevin we played rotation. We would have to hit the lowest numbered ball on the table before anything that fell in a pocket counted. Sally on the other hand could shoot at any ball she wanted. If it fell for her it would count.

If Sally won the game I had to give her 10 dollars. If I won I would get to undo one button on her top. Kevin said the game sounded interesting and he would like to play. When Sally came back to the game room she was wearing her jean shorts and one of her knit tops that had buttons down the front. It had big arm openings that allowed Kevin and I to catch a good look at one of her tits bent over the pool table to take a shot.

We began the first game by letting Sally take the break. The game moved along slowly at first. I wondered why Sally would tell Kevin about our pool games and what we sometimes played for. I decided to ask her if I got the chance later in the evening.

I could tell Sally was getting tipsy from the three drinks I had made her earlier. She also seemed to be taking a liking to Kevin. They were starting to get along pretty good. Right now they were standing behind the corner pocket. Their arms were around each other while they were laughing at me and the one shot Sally had left me. Sally really didn’t leave me a shot of any kind.

I had to bank the cue off three rails to hit my ball first and I didn’t even come close. Then it was Kevin’s turn. He was able to sink three of his balls with very little effort. The game ended with Kevin beating both Sally and me. He was a better player than both Sally and I put together. Since Sally had beaten me, I pulled out my wallet and handed her a ten dollar bill. Kevin said it was too bad Sally hadn’t beaten him out of ten dollars, but he was willing to try again if we were both game. In the mean time Sally had walked over by Kevin and told him to undo whatever button he felt like since he had beaten her that first game. Kevin reached up and undid the top button on her blouse. The front of Sally’s blouse billowed open and allowed a good view of her cleavage.

I was surprised Sally let Kevin undo her button, especially since she had just met him for the first time. She reminded Kevin I liked to show her off to other guys when we went out. She said it made me feel good when other guys eyed her. Besides she added sometimes she enjoyed the looks she got.

She asked me to fix her another drink before we started the second game. Kevin said he could use a refill as well so I picked up their glasses and went to the kitchen to make three more drinks. When I returned, I saw Sally had put one of our porno movies in the VCR.

We began the second game with me doing the break since I was in last place after the first game. This time the game ended up with Sally beating both Kevin and myself. We each gave her ten dollars and I told Kevin that it was really hard to beat Sally when she got on a roll.

Kevin began the third game with the break. Since Sally shot after I did she said she wanted to quickly change her top as she was getting hot. I took my shot, and Kevin and I waited for Sally to come back down stairs. When she returned she still had on the same jean shorts, but changed her top. She now was wearing a light weight white top with frills. It had two buttons in the front, the top one Sally left unbuttoned.

Sally said she felt much cooler having changed into a lighter weight top. She looked straight at Kevin and said the top button she left undone since he won the first game and had undone the top button on her first blouse. I felt proud of Sally when she showed off a bit for Kevin. I then took Kevin aside and told him not a word was to be said at work about our pool games or it would be the last game we ever played. I added that Sally must feel some what comfortable with him or she would never have let him undo a button.

It must have been the drinks we downed that made it feel warm in the game room. It wasn’t long before Kevin and I both had taken off our shirts. I saw Sally checking out Kevin’s chest as he walked around the pool table looking over his next shot. Between the two of them I ended up in last place again this game. It felt like they were ganging up on me, but that didn’t seem possible.

Kevin beat Sally for a second time this game. He turned out to be a much better pool player then we had first been lead to believe. I took out a twenty dollar bill and gave it to Sally. She handed gave me back the first ten as change. Then she walked over to Kevin and told him he could take his next button if he was ready. He reached up and undid the one and only button left on her blouse. I could have sworn as Kevin pushed Sally’s button through the button hole he was feeling Sally’s right tit at the same time. As the button was removed Sally’s blouse separated in the front and the fabric slid toward her elbows. When the fabric stopped moving there was nothing left to the imagination.

Sally eventually pulled the straps over her shoulders. It didn’t do much to cover up her tits. Both tits swayed back and forth as she walked around and proceeded to take the brake. She came and sat down next to me on the couch as Kevin was lining up his shot.

She asked me if I was upset she let Kevin undo a couple of her Buttons. I assured he I didn’t mind, and added that it kind of turned me on to watch her expose herself in front of Kevin. I whispered in Sally’s ear I had told Kevin tonight was not to go past out front door.

Kevin was taking aim at his fourth ball as Sally grabbed my arm and put it on her shoulder. She quickly pulled my hand down and placed it on her tit as Kevin took aim at his fifth ball. If he made this shot he would have beaten us both and the only shot we would have taken was Sally’s break!

Kevin missed his fifth shot and it was my turn. I walked around the table sizing up any possible shot. I saw Sally motion Kevin toward the couch. He sat down next to Sally. She did the same thing to him as she had done to me. There he was with his hand on her tit, feeling it like he never felt one before.

I couldn’t concentrate and missed my shot by a mile. Sally got up and took her turn, but failed to hit any balls. I wondered if she missed her shot on purpose, but that didn’t seem like her. She was usually quite completive.

It was Kevin’s turn next. His last ball was sitting in the pocket. There was no way he could miss, and he didn’t. Since Sally and I tied with neither of us having sunk even one ball I didn’t have to plunk out another 10 dollar bill. I asked Sally since Kevin had beaten her again and she had no more buttons what he would get as his winnings from her.

She was silent for a minute, then said he could have a blow job for winning if he wasn’t too embarrassed. Kevin took a quick look at Sally then his eyes traveled to my direction. I shrugged my shoulders and said if that’s what he wants it’s ok with me as loon as I can watch. Sally pulled Kevin toward the couch and had him pull off her blouse.

Sally then sat Kevin down on the couch where she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants allowing his cock to spring up. He reached down took hold of his cock. She remarked how long it was as she began to stroke it up and down. She paid special attention to the helmet area, knowing how sensitive that area is. I sat in the easy chair across from the couch and brought out my own cock and began to stroke it myself. The idea of my wife stroking Kevin’s cock and about to go down on him for a blow job was most exciting. The thought of what was to come almost caused me to shoot off my load.

Sally motioned for me to come over and sit next to Kevin as she started to bend down and suck his cock into her mouth. I moved quickly, just in tome to see her take his cock deep into her throat. As she began to move her lips up and down his cock moving her lips around the helmet she reached over and began stroking my cock as well. I was excited sitting there watching my wife give Kevin head. I came immediately when I heard her start to really suck on his cock. I knew it wouldn’t be long before Kevin shot a full load into her waiting mouth.

I was right. Just as I finished I saw Kevin’s load start to come out of the sides of Sally’s mouth. She did a good job of keeping and swallowing all of Kevin’s load.

As we got dressed and Kevin got ready to leave Sally told him to stop by again any time he liked. I said it would be alright if he did, but we should also plan a trip somewhere in the near future. By the look in Kevin’s eyes I don’t think it will be to long before we make a trip together out of town.

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