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Just a bit of frenetic foreplay

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I'd been eagerly anticipating some alone time with him for weeks, but life had just kept getting in the way. We were both waiting for the right time to spend an afternoon together and he had phoned saying he was pulling into the driveway. My heart began to beat more rapidly knowing he was to walk through that door momentarily with his sheepish grin. I was moist already thinking of what erotic fun we would have that afternoon. His phone call from the driveway made me even wetter and as I heard his car door shut, an involuntary squeeze took over my pussy.

Trying not to be too eager but not being able to stop myself, I opened the door to him before he could even ring the doorbell. Our eyes locked on each other as the door opened and we could read the hunger in each other. I let him and closed and locked the door as we held each other. We kissed then, our sexual energy already quite heated with the anticipation of what was to come. He gently nibbled my lower lip, affectionately at first but soon our kisses turned more passionate.

Without words, eyes locked, he led me to the bedroom. There, he backed me into the door jam and, wrapping his hands behind me, cupped my ass firmly through my jeans. I unbuttoned and unzipped them to allow him greater accessibility. While continuing to hold me tightly against him by grabbing my ass, he eagerly pushed his face into my neck, inhaling my scent. I could feel his cock stiffen slightly as he pressed himself even more firmly against me. After an all too brief few nibbles, he trailed his tongue up my neck and then moved to my mouth. We kissed again, this time letting our tongues caress and explore. While our mouths were active, so were our hands. I unbuttoned his jeans and, as they feel to the floor, he took hold of the hem of my shirt and pulled it off over my head. I was not wearing a bra and he cupped one hand under each breast and then began to firmly squeeze my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. As wonderfully responsive to intensity as my nipples are, they were quite erect and I was delighted with the shivers his stimulation sent down the length of my spine. As he continued to squeeze my left nipple, he bent toward my right nipple. Gently holding it between his teeth, he flicked his tongue firmly and repeatedly causing a tugging on my nipple due to him still gripping it with his teeth. I felt detached from my own legs as the pleasure of what he was doing to me began to interfere with my legs' ability to keep me standing upright.

He sensed this and, while squeezing both nipples, backed me toward the bed, releasing my nipples only because he needed to remove my jeans. I leaned back and watched as he pulled his shirt off over his head and then, to my delight removed his boxers, too. I grinned, savoring the sight of him as my hand trailed down from my breasts over my tummy and came to rest near the tiny patch of sparce hair trained into a tiny landing strip. His eyes followed my hand and once again his cock showed that his eyes enjoyed what he saw. As I began to ease myself further onto the bed, he crawled onto the bed and straddled my knees, preventing me from backing up further. Leaning forward, he pressed himself to me and, with greater intensity than he'd done before, he began to feast on my neck in earnest, his nibbles soon turning to sucks and bites. I began to squirm beneath him. He knew exactly how his enthusiasm on my neck made me crazy. My moans of encouragement increased as his ferventness did and he soon reached out to grab my wrists, pinning them to the bed. My hips pressed upward enjoying the pleasure he was receiving from feasting on my neck.

He teased me by pretending he was ready to have a go at my nipples again but, repeatedly nibbled a path down to my right nipple, by far the more erect of the two, but just as seductively, he moved away from my nipple. I released a slight whimper as his whiskers briefly grazed across my nipple but he didn't take it into his mouth. Oh, how I loved how he had gotten a bit carried away with nipple play when last we devoured each other. I ached for him to do that again. He always tested my reactions to each increase in his intensity and always sought to take me just a wee bit beyond what I thought I could handle. Our eyes met once again, mine pleading for him to take my nipple into his mouth, his gauging if he had made me wait long enough. I guess the need he saw in my eyes was enough. He slowly lowered his head toward my nipple and, releasing his hands from my wrists, first grabbed my left breast and then my right breast with way more force than I had anticipated. A breath escaped my mouth at his unexpected forcefulness but my lips curled with approval. He took his eyes from mine and slowly reached his mouth to my right nipple and, when he was only a breath away, he quickly put his mouth on it and began to suck, pull and nibble.

"Unngh," was all that I could say. It felt so good what he was doing. He knew it made me even wetter when he took me like this. My back arched toward his mouth signaling my delight in his attempt to make me lose my ability to use the English language. This seemed to be all the encouragement he needed and he intensified his attention to my nipple now taking both breasts and firmly pushing them close together so he could ravage both nipples with equal fervor. This time, I could not manage something as elaborate as "Unngh" and only rapid exhalations escaped my mouth. Did he realize how very much I liked this? Could he detect the fact that I was rapidly getting wetter? Could he smell the aroma of my juices as I squirmed beneath him?

He nearly had me screaming and cumming just from his delectable intensity of his attack on my nipples and after several more minutes, he took both nipples and pulled very slowly until they popped out from between his lips that he'd curled protectively over his teeth. I shuddered and bucked and quivered beneath him, my nipples tingling, almost burning from the attention they'd received. I felt a trickle of my pussy juices make it's way down to my puckered asshole.

Before I knew it, he was kissing and nibbling down my belly until he found my warm wetness with his tongue, tasting my sweetness and eagerly wanting more and more. He slid a finger into my pussy and continued licking and sucking at my swollen clit. Moans of pleasure escaped my lips as he slid a second finger in with the first. Her pussy was tight but very very wet and the two fingers felt tight already as her muscles gripped me. He slid a third finger inside of my pussy then, slowly fucking it in and out of her and wiggling his fingers. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back towards him, finger-fucking me as he licked and sucked at my clit.

"Oh yes, lick my clit! Oh my god! Lick it while you fuck it hard!" My words were driving him over the edge. He picked up speed as she began to buck her hips, causing me to grind against his face. I wrapped my legs around his neck as he drove his fingers deep inside of my pussy, wiggling them quickly back and forth as he knew I liked. I couldn't hold back any longer. The wiggling was driving me to the edge and suddenly I squirted in pulsing jets all over his face. I was screaming and shaking and squirting and it seemed as if it would go on forever. My screaming started to slow as did his fingers, sensing that I needed the stillness now after such a delicious cum. His mouth, however, continued to work on my clit and instead of slowing, he became more rough, shaking his head back and forth as he pressed his mouth to my clit firmly, sliding around in my juices. I felt that wonderful buildup again and allowed it to climb to the point of no return, My hips lifted up from the bed in a constant spasm of delight as once again I came, more of my juices being forced from my pussy as I spasmed around the fingers he deliberately left in my twitching pussy after I'd cum before. My head was thrashing and my mouth formed a silent "O". I didn't realize until I took a huge breath, that I'd been holding my breath through that second orgasm. My quivering slowed to occasional jerks and he came up closer to hold me in his arms until my breathing slowed and my body, curled against his, ceased it shaking.

Though sated for now, I knew our fun had only begun.

(see "Steamy Seconds" for part two!)

submitted by kiwi

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