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Job Interview

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There is a job opening at a local Company for a summer job and "Dawn" a 20 year old with Long red hair and sky blue eyes went to the apply for the position of office clerk doing odd jobs for the CEO of the company. Dawn walked into the office wearing a short black skit, and a black tank top with lace around the neckline that was low cut, to show off her DD breast. She put on her best perfum for this interview. She sit in front of the CEO ..Mr. Long, who had Brown hair, grass green eyes was about 6'3" and muscular, and begins the interview. Dawn's heart was racing and just looking at the man behind the desk made her body quiver and how he looked made her wet with excitement. He ask what her past experience was and she informs him that this would be her first job, and needed all the experience she could get. He informed her that her job would be to do what ever he said no matter what. She agreed that she could handle it and he told her that her test for the position she was to see how limber she was to make sure she could handle the position. He asked her to stand up bend over and touch her toes with her ass to him. She complied, as she bent over Mr. Long noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties and the trimmed strawberry blonde hair around her wet pussy was glistening from the moist sweet juice that was oozing out. He stood up and walked up behind her and put his hands on her ass and said yes you are pretty limber. His 10" cock was hard and throbbing and he pushed it against her ass to see what her reaction would be. Dawn, who has had only one sexual experience before moaned and asked if this was part of the job description, and pushed her ass back against his crotch. He informed her that it was, and told her to stand up. He walked over to the door and locked it. Dawn's eyes were glossy and her heart was pounding with excitement. Mr. Lock walked over to her and said "you look like you have never felt such a big hard cock before". Dawn said " no I never have, as a matter of fact that is the second cock I have ever felt before". So he slowly removed her top and placed it on the leather chair where she was previously sitting. He looked at her enormous DD breast and started to rub them thru the bra she had on. She leaned her head back and moaned a shallow throaty moan and the more he touched her breast the more juices were flowing down below. He turned her around and moved her hair away from the right side of her neck and began kissing and nibbling on her neck and shoulder as he started to remover her bra straps. Then he kissed the Left side of her neck and shoulder as he removed that strap. Telling her how wonderful she smelled, so sweet, innocent and sensous. Once the straps were completely off her arms he started to kiss down her back until he unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the floor. His hands slowly squeezing each breast, rubbing the nipples, pinching them lightly then they moved slowly down her abdomen to the waist line where the skirt was hanging. He reached around to the back where it snapped and zipped and begin to slowly unsnap the skirt and unzip it and let it fall to the floor. He was still standing behind her as he moved his hands down to her little snatch and felt the moist creamy juices around his fingers. He turned her around and laid her on his desk, pushing all the items off. He unbuttoned his shirt laying is aside and took off his belt and asked her if she was a good girl. She was unsure of how to reply. And when she didn't answer him he slapped her ass with the belt. The juices were flowing more and more there were white creamy juices running on his glass desktop. The more he saw the juices flowing the harder his 10" cock grew. He unbuttoned and unzipped his black slacks and let them fall to the floor. He was not wearing any underwear and his 10" cock was standing tall in the air wanting attention. Mr. Long instructed Dawn to get on her hands and knees on the desk and suck his cock. Her eyes were so big and wide with the size of this cock that she went straight to work with her mouth. She sucked it in deep in her throat, until she gagged and he slapped her ass and told her not to gag on his cock, to enjoy it. She was sucking so hard and licking it so much and so deep that he held her head with his hand and began fucking her mouth, pushing his throbbing cock deep inside her throat. When she tried to move her head away so she could breath he held her head tighter and spanked her ass again and said " I didn't tell you that you could stop, now obey orders if you want the job!" She started sucking it harder even more. His balls slapping her chin with every thrust. He made her turn around and be on her hands and knees and without warning shoved his throbbing cock deep inside her pulsating pussy. Her body could barely stay up with the force that he used in pushing is swollen member inside of her tight wet cunt. He slapped her ass again and said i didn't say you could move. The more he slapped her ass the wetter her throbbing cunt got. He was enjoying this fresh pussy and the wetter it got with every spanking. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back and told her "if you want to be my summer clerk, you will cum all over my cock" He slapped her ass again, and she started to moan loudly, a deep throaty moan, wanting to scream with excitement, he kept pushing deeper and deeper inside of her wetness and she began to trimble. This was something she had only experienced when she masturbated, suddenly her body was convulsing and warm, wet, sweet juice flowed down to her knees. He informed her that she made such a mess and had to be punished. He took the belt and tied her hands to the desk legs so that she could not move and now she had to be cleaned up. He put his face and his tounge down to her pussy lips and began sucking on them. He was sucking and licking each of them licking around the tight hole. He took the clit into his mouth and began to suck it between his teeth, nibbling on it slightly. He felt her bucking under his mouth, moving her throbbing bottom to meet his every move. He felt this and began to suck the clit harder and nibble even harder on it. He stuck his tounge deep inside her hole and made her scream with excitement "oh fuck oh yes that feels so good!!" So he continues to lick her around her hole, only teasing it knowing she can't move cause she is still tied to the desk. He climbs on top of her and slams his cock deep inside her wet snatch pounding it hard and fast that Dawn is trying to buck and he slaps her ass and tells her to be a good girl. He takes his cock out and rubs all her juices over her mouth making her clean the enormous dick off. Licking all the juices off slurping on the big cock, tasting all the sweet juices that she has created, licking her lips trying not to waste any of the sweet salty juices. Mr. Long straddles her face and begins to fuck her mouth, pounding it like it was a wet tight pussy. He sticks two of his fingers in her wet little cunt and works them hard and fast. He gets all the juice on his fingers and slowly inserts his middle finger in her ass. She jumps but this does not stop him, he slaps her ass and demands her to stay still. He is fingering her ass with his middle finger, and damn if it isn't tight and hot!! He can't wait till he sticks his cock in it. He pulls his cock out of her throat and puts it in her wet hole getting it soaked with juice, then he pulls it out and slowly pushes it in her hot, tight, pulsating ass. She screams in pain, but once he starts slowly pushing it in and fucking her ass she calms down and relaxes and enjoys it. His cock in her ass feels so good to her, he is fingering her wet little cunt at the same time. He removes his cock from her ass as he starts to shoot his creamy, juicy, sweet yet salty load and points it at her mouth and tits. He unties her and makes her rub her breast rubbing all the sweet cream into her huge DD breast. She is licking her lips as she has never tasted such a sweet cream before because this is an experience she has not had before. He helps her off the desk and to dress herself and then dresses himself and ask her if she would like the job. Her reply being, is this the type stuff i will be doing on a daily basis. Mr. Long says "Yes on a daily basis, and maybe more". She replied "consider the position filled". He gets dressed and walks her to the door and opens it and tells her to be there the next day at 8:00 sharp and not to be late cause she might not like her punishment. She replies "yes sir". He responds "oh by the way, the dress code is short skirts, low cut shirts and no panties ...ever, and you will receive a clothing allowance" She walks out with the biggest smile on her face and can't wait to return to work the next day. Mr. Long informs his secretary the position has been filed and to clear his schedule for the next day as he has to train the new girl, and she is required to help him.

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