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Jess, Joe and Me Part II

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***Hi all, its me assluver here, here is Part II of my fantasy of Jessica’s, Joe’s and my erotic adventures. See my profile for Part I if you haven’t already. Enjoy.***

It is steamy July evening in New England and the humidity hangs thick in the air. I finally arrive at my new fuck-buddies Jessica and Joe’s house in the ‘burbs and I step outside my car into the oppressive heat and place my hand on the hood as I pause for a moment and remember how to breathe. I walk up the stone walkway and casually let myself in the front door basking in the coolness of the air conditioning as I mop my sweaty brow and rub my hand over my close-shaved head.

“Jess, Joe, I’m finally here,” I shout as I walk down the main hall towards the kitchen. I pause to kick off my tevas and remove my t-shirt so my tall, lean body is only clad in my snug speedo swim trunks. I stop in front of the full length hall mirror and try to convince myself that my farmer’s tan isn’t so bad as my bronzed arms, face, head and neck starkly contrast the t-shirt shaped paleness that defines my chest. I rub my hand along my chin and scratch at my black goatee which blends into my moustache providing a dark frame around my mouth.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see you come running around the corner from the kitchen clad in a skimpy white bikini. The small triangular patches that make up the top are obviously struggling to contain your ample bosom as your tits hypnotically bounce up and down and your nipples are clearly visible through the translucent fabric. I admire your perky 5’2 frame with your golden brown tan and stare lustily at the lusciousness of your 36C-24-34 curves.

As you get closer with your arms widespread, I turn towards you and my chestnut brown eyes meet your piercing blue eyes and they mirror back my lustful, playful and adventurous gaze. I grin widely and easily take you into my arms, lifting you off the floor and spinning us around as we lock lips and passionately greet each other hello like the hot and nasty play-pals that we’ve become over the last few months. Our tongues dance heatedly back and forth for several minutes as we hungrily devour each others mouths. While still sticking my tongue down your throat, I let you slowly slide back down to the floor hugging you tight and pressing your breasts hard against my chest. Your top slips up baring two triangular white patches of pale skin crowning your pert breasts and your hard nipples tingle as they run through my dark chest hair.

“Sorry I’m late Jess, but 128 was a fucking nightmare. Some asshole ran out of gas during rush hour and even if I had you bent over the hood of my car and was fucking you in the ass on the side of the road it probably would have drawn less rubbernecking. You’d think these people, who commute on this everyday, would just fucking drive instead of gawking like idiots,” I vent heatedly as I reach around and untie your top and fling the unneeded piece of clothing in the corner. You slip your tongue down my throat once more and I run my fingers through your silky, shoulder length blonde hair as you reach around grabbing my firm asscheeks and grind your pelvis into my rapidly growing member.

“Awww, poor baby you need to release some stress,” you say seductively as you reach inside my trunks and wrap your tiny hand around my throbbing cock stroking it softly. You let out a slight giggle as I slip down and nuzzle your neck and lick the underside of your chin.

“What do a roast chicken and a bikini clad chick have in common,” I inquire playfully. You pause for a second, looking pensive and I chuckle.

“The white parts are the best to eat,” I answer as I lean down and take one of your voluptuous breasts into my mouth. Opening my mouth wide, I stuff as much of your tit into my mouth as possible and begin coating it thoroughly with my salvia as I work my tongue over, around, on top of, and under your breast. I pull you close cupping your ass with my right hand as I fondle your other breast with my left tweaking your nipple as you shudder with delight. After a few minutes of greedily eating your tasty tata, I break away to catch my breath and a long stream of spittle strings out between my mouth and your nipple.

“Hey, I think Jass needs a big kiss hello too, don’t you?”

You eyes light up and you beam with pleasure at my question. Spinning around and dropping to all fours on the floor you stick your ass way up in the air and you wiggle it around playfully. I kneel down behind you admire how the white thong of your bikini bottom disappears completely between the deliciousness of your bronzed asscheeks. I reach out grasping your perfect ass in my large hands and gently spread your cushy ass-globes apart. The thong appears again, but it is really more like assfloss than a piece of clothing as I can clearly see the puckering beauty of your asshole outlined on both sides. I slide my finger under the thin string and move it to the side hooking it around your left asscheek leaving your asshole bare and unprotected.

“Hey Jass, I’ve been thinking about you all day.” Jass, short for Jessica’s-Asshole, my pet name for your scrumptious asshole, has been well broken-in over the years and is permanently stretched open ever so slightly greeting me hello with the promise of the heavenly warmth the darkness inside offers. I begin teasingly lapping on the inside of your asscheeks savoring the deliciousness of your ass. After licking up and down and around your asshole for a bit, I stick my tongue out and go straight for the gold as I slide it deep inside your ass and you sigh with pleasure. I hungrily lap at your asshole and then hook the tip of my tongue just beyond your sphincter tugging on the inside of the smooth circular muscle that is the gateway to your heavenly anal passage. For several minutes, I feast upon your ass sucking, licking, and devouring the perfect ass flesh before me as your pussy becomes drenched with excitement.

“You know what Jass, I brought you a present!” I explain teasingly as I take a breath of air. I produce a squat fat butt plug from the beach bag I was carrying and I pull out a small bottle of lube. You quiver with delight as you see what I’ve brought and you reach your hands back and spread your asscheeks wide as I lean forward and spit on your asshole.

Joe’s fit 6’frame appears at the top of the stairs clad in his banana sling trunks leaving very little to the imagination as I clearly see his manmeat is hanging off to the left today. He has short cropped brown hair and his brown eyes sparkle as he sees the sight before him. His brown moustache and full-beard are tinged with grey and his mouth widens into a playful grin as he walks down the stairs.

“Tom, ‘sup. Did you HEAR the freakin Red Sox score from last night! 15-2, we lost 15-2 to Toronto! to Toronto!” I pull my face out of your ass and stare up at him incredulously.

“Geez, I know Foulke’s been having some trouble wrapping it up, but did they really have to put Ortiz in to pitch the 9th?” Joe pauses for a second about to refute my claim, then as he pictures lumbering Ortiz on the mound he almost falls down the stairs as he doubles over and laughing hysterically. I smirk at his reaction and turn my attention back to the Jass’s tasty sweetness as I once again lap at your asshole with my tongue.

Still chuckling and shaking his head he walks by, we give each other a high five and I spit more saliva on your asshole and begin working it in with my finger as I gently probe you backdoor. He takes a seat on the couch in the adjacent living room and starts rubbing his crotch watching us intently. He notices my gift for Jass sitting on the floor and he smiles as I give him a wink.

“This is Stubby and I think its time he and Jass get acquainted.” I politely introduce the 4” long butt plug that swells to a gaping 3” and stems out to an asshole stretching 1 1/2” to Joe as I liberally apply lube to its flesh toned rubber skin.

I place Stubby up against your asshole and the tip slides into your well-used ass a good inch before reaching any resistance. You tense up for a brief second as the cone shape of this new anal intruder begins to slowly stretch you ass wide open as I gently apply persistent pressure to its base. Little by little it slips deeper into your ass stretching your asshole wider and wider. Having your backdoor thus violated sends waves of pleasure radiating throughout your body as your asshole loosens to admit Jass’s new friend. You begin to pant and place your head down against the cold tile of the floor.

“Oh, Jess, your so fucking hot and you are such a nasty ass slut aren’t you? You love it in the ass don’t ya?” I whisper encouragingly as I lean forward and lick your ear. With a groan, you manage a, “Uhhhhhh, uh, you bet I fucking do.” The plug violating your asshole reaches its maximum width and you groan out in total ecstasy at your asshole is stretched to new limits.

“Eeeep!” A cute yelp escapes your lips as your ass suddenly rips Stubby from my hand as your asshole glides over the midpoint and smoothly slides down the bottom slope of the plug sucking it all the way in your ass with a loud wet-sounding slurp. All I can see now is the T-base nestled firmly against your ass.

A sensation of utter fullness fills your lower abdomen and you lie still savoring the coolness of the tile floor on your hot face as I gently stroke your hair. Stubby proudly takes up residence in Jass’s slutty ass-motel which now has a big neon sign saying no vacancy hanging out front next to the other sign advertising its cheap hourly rates. Your sphincter slowly relaxes and your ass begins to adjust to his massive presence. I help you to your feet and you stand a bit wobbly at first trying to fight the urge to squat down as you feel like you have to take the biggest dump of your life.

“My Gawd, it’s so fucking big and it feels fucking amazing in my ass. Jass thanks you soooo much Tom,” you say as you cuddle into my arms and lean your head against my chest. I wrap my arms around you giving you a big hug as I chuckle slightly at the fact that you just subconsciously referred to your asshole as a separate person calling it by my new pet name.

I reach down and yank on the knots of your bikini bottom and the wisp of fabric falls away from your body exposing the white triangle of your pussy that contrasts the golden brown skin around it. Your neatly trimmed bleach-blonde pussy hair is almost undetectable in the pale triangular patch of your untanned snatch.

I bring your bikini bottom up to my nose, turn it inside out and inhale deeply savoring the musky aroma of your pussy juices as the excitement of having your ass stretched to new limits had caused you to thoroughly soak the fabric. I place the crotch in my mouth and begin to lightly chew on the fabric extracting your womanly flavor like I was eating a big wad of bubblegum.

“Mmmmm, yummy, pussy flavored bikini. What will they come up with next.”

Joe sheds his trunks and approaches us with his thick cock standing at full attention and the head glistens with pre-cum. You hook your fingers in my waistband and pull it forward and my long cock with its gentle arc pops free as you pull my speedo down and over my ass. I step out of my suit and the three of us huddle together naked, arms around each other rubbing and caressing each others bodies as you alternate passionate kisses between us.

You grab both our cocks in your tiny hands, lock your fingers together and begin to pump them together like they are one big massive cock. Joe and I arc out backs thrusting our hips forward as we savor the hardness of our manhoods pressing up against each other as your warm hands stroke us in unison. I can feel Joe’s cock twitch slightly against mine as it continues to pump out pre-cum and your hands glisten as your rub his pre-cum all over both our cocks.

I give you one last lingering kiss before I step back and begin to drop to my knees. I stop briefly on the way down to stuff your left breast completely into my mouth rolling my tongue over your erect nipple. As I reach the floor, I push you back towards the stairs and lift your leg up placing it on the second step spreading your pussy wide open for business. You engorged pussy lips glisten with your juice and I can see a puddle of your pussycream sitting right inside your snatch begging to be eaten out. As I duck under and lean forward to dine on god’s greatest gift to man, I catch a glimpse of Stubby’s rectangular base still nestled firmly against your asschecks.

I shudder with excitement as in one long deliberate stroke of my tongue I scoop out a big mouthful of your cunt’s soup du jour. There is so much musky pussycream that as I hold my mouth open wide you can see your juices pooling deeply on my cupped tongue. I close my eyes and savor your flavors as I slowly pull my tongue back in and with a loud gulp swallow your goodness down.

I turn my attention to Joe’s swollen member and grasp the base of it in my hand as I pull my mouth close extending out my tongue and teasingly lap at his cockhole. The purple head twitches some more as his cock muscles contract slightly sending another gush of pre-cum flowing from the tip. I wrap my lips around the tippity-top of his cock and suckle it, sucking out the oozing pre-cum.

As I roll my tongue around the top of Joe’s dick, I reach over and easily slide two fingers into you sopping cunt. I rotate my fingers about and I can feel the Stubby’s bulging presence in your ass through your pussy wall. You close your eyes and place one hand on the banister and the other against the wall to steady yourself as you sway back and forth contently.

My excitement at this oral pleasuring of my fuck-buddies has my cock so hard that it feels like it wants to jump out of its skin. I even have begun to involuntarily hump back and forth. Upon the forward thrusting of my hips, my cock skin tightens up even more and waves of pleasure ripple throughout my body.

“Ohhhhhhh, shit,” I suddenly exclaim as I leap up to my feet.

You snap your eyes open and look around worriedly.

I reach down and firmly grab the base of my cock desperately applying pressure to the base of thick vein running on its underside. I dance back and forth on my tip toes as I tense up my body fighting to hold back the tsunami surging in my loins.

“I’mmmm gonna fucking cum,” I whine with disappointment as I’ve gotten myself so worked up sucking on your snatch and Joe’s cock that I can’t hold it back anymore. You can see the pre-cum flowing freely from the head of my cock.

In a blur of slow motion you see Joe drop to his knees, grab my cock, open his mouth wide and pull his head towards my raging member. Simultaneously, a huge spurt of cum erupts from the tip of my cock and you can see it suspended in the air as it narrowly misses hitting Joe square in the face before it flies over his shoulder and splats loudly against the wall. Joe desperately tries to get his mouth over my cock as it continues to spew forth stringy strands of cum.

You watch on in utter amazement as you lose your balance and fall back down onto the stairs in shock. You wince as Stubby is wedged even deeper in your ass. Your man is actually sucking on another guys cock!

He’s always been pragmatic about sex and doesn’t mind having his dick sucked by a man or fucking a man in the ass, as a hot, wet mouth is a hot, wet mouth and a tight, warm asshole is a tight, warm asshole. The fact that it is attached to a pussy or a dick is irrelevant compared to how fucking awesome it feels to sink his cock into one. But even in your wildest wet dreams, you never thought you’d see the day that he’d put his mouth on another man’s dick, let alone attack it with such ferocity .

You look on in stunned amazement as you see my cock disappear in his mouth and you hear him gag as spurt after spurt of my hot cum splashes deep in his throat. He is sucking down his first cum milkshake like a man possessed, but there is so much creamy manjuice erupting from my full balls that he can’t possibly contain it all. My cum flows freely out of the corners of his mouth and drips down my cock drenching his beard.

“Oooooohhh, myyyyy God!,” I scream as my hips buck wildly. I am cumming so hard that I am barely able to stand and my whole body is trembling as I wave my arms around trying to keep my balance.

I am equally amazed by the sight of Joe’s head bobbing up and down on my cock. As my climax subsides, a gurgling sigh of relief escapes my lips and I rest my hand on Joe’s head running my fingers through his hair. Joe continues to suck on my shrinking cock trying to extract every last bit of cum from its length.

“Holy shit, man. Where the fuck did that come from,” I breathe out heavily.


Joe let’s my cock pop out of his mouth and my sperm dribbles down his bearded chin as he looks up and grins. “I’m really not fucking sure. It just looked so tasty, I had to have it.”

With my flaccid cock still dribbling cum, I reach down and help Joe to his feet. We lean in close and I begin to lick my cum out of his beard. Soon our mouths entwine in a passionate kiss and I savor the creamy flavor of my cum as we swap it back and forth between us.

Chicka, Chucka, Chooka.

Joe and I both stop and look around as a wet slapping noise fills the air. We turn to look and see you hovering over stairs your legs spread impossibly wide as you have hooked one leg over the banister and have the other one stretched out wide pushing against the wall. Your back is sharply arched and you are supporting yourself with one hand while the other one flies wildly back and forth over your pussy. The veins on the side of your neck are bulging out and your face is bright red with exertion. Your mouth is open in a silent scream and the hand that is feverishly rubbing your pussy is moving so fast that it almost becomes a blur.

Sluuupa, Shloopa, Shloosh.

The cadence of the sloshing sound changes to a higher pitch as your pussy juices begin to gush from you cunt and start leaking down your thighs and all over the stairs. The sight of your man swapping cum with another guy has sent to into a whole other world of sexual arousal.

“AAAarrrggghhhhhhhhh,” you scream unintelligibly as Joe and I stare on in amazement. You start roughly mashing your clit and we see your pussy implode upon itself like the face of a kid who just ate a sour lemon candy. It freezes like that for a second and then surges back open and a huge torrent of clear pussy juice erupts from you snatch like a geyser and flies across the room landing with a loud splat a full two feet away.

“Oh shit, Oh shit, Oh shit!” You scream out as the unbelievable intensity of your orgasm causes your body to buck wildly and your asshole to spasm uncontrollably.

POP! You groan loudly as you shit Stubby out of your ass as another volley of your cum squirts from you cunthole and splashes all over Joe’s leg. Stubby, still glistening with my salvia and lube cocktail, bounces down the stairs and comes to a rest against my foot.

Joe and I stand still, our jaws hanging wide open with a spittle of my cum still dripping out of Joe’s mouth. You collapse into a heap drawing your knees up into your arms, assuming a fetal-like position. Your legs involuntarily jerk back and forth as you hug them tight and attempt to regain control of your over-stimulated body.

“Holy shit, Jess, you just fucking creamed all over the fucking room! Christ, I’m gonna have wear a life jacket and dress up like the Gordon’s Fisherman next time I eat out your snatch,” I say as I shake my head in utter disbelief.

You smile weakly and sprawl out on the stairs not having the energy to even move. Your legs relax and spread wide open and we see your snatch hair is all matted down, your puffy swollen pussy lips glisten moistly and your gaping hole is still leaking cunt juice.

Joe leans up against the wall staring at his hand that is coated with your squirted juice that he rubbed off his leg. He turns to stare in bewilderment at your sloppy pussy. You reach out and squeeze his hand and smile lovingly at your man, your flushed face framed by your sweat drenched hair.

I watch on with a lump of pride rising in my throat as I have just watched my fuck buddies transcend to a new level of sexual awareness. What could have been a disappointing premature ejaculation on my part turned into Joe’s first cumshake and your first squirting orgasm.

I take notice of Joe’s twitching cock which still has yet to be relieved as the whole head is swollen purple and I can see his balls are snugged up tight against his ass. He is primed and ready to blow. I flash you an impish grin as I grab Joe’s wrists and pin them up against the wall as I open my mouth and move it toward his cock

Joe closes his eyes and thrusts his hips forward in an effort to shorten the distance between his cock and the warm moistness of my mouth. I teasingly stop short breathing my warm breath on the tip of his cock. He lunges forward once again with his hips begging for his dick to be sucked and I cruelly pull my back just out of reach as he whimpers out in frustration.

However, I pay the price for my devilry as his cock suddenly spews a torrent of hot cum right into my face. I sputter and quickly realizing playtime is over go to work and clamp my lips over his cock sucking it hard. Joe begins to buck his hips and fuck my face as surge after surge of hot cum spews forth from his cock and I greedily gulp each volley down. I grab Joe’s ass to steady him as I continue to suck on his now deflating cock, milking out every ounce of his delicious manspunk.

Joe sighs with contentment as he slinks down the wall and comes to rest on the floor by your widespread legs. He leans over and wraps his arm around you leg and lays his head against the inside of your thigh. I see the sweat drip off his brow and mix with the sticky pussycream clinging to your skin.

I stand back up and lift the wad of Joe’s cum off my cheek with my finger and place it into my mouth. I slowly wrap my lips around my finger sucking the creamy goodness off as I close my eyes reveling in the tastiness of his cum. I look back down at the sight of Joe leaning against your thigh his cock dribbling out cum onto the floor. You are still sprawled out on the stairs with your legs still spread wide and your pussy glistening with your sticky womanly juices. I just start to think about kneeling down and cleaning your pussy and thighs with my tongue and…

“My, my what DO we have here!” says someone behind me.

I turn my head to see a woman clad in a white tennis outfit standing with her hands on her hips eyeing the situation before her. Her eyes roam from my naked ass, to my cum splatter on the wall, to the large wet puddle of your pussycream sitting in the middle of the room, to Stubby sitting proudly at the base of the stairs, to Joe’s naked huddled form and they stop and linger on your widespread snatch in all its messy glory.

She is clearly a bit older than us, but her age remains a mystery because her taut body is well-toned and her large breasts seem to still have a youthful bounce to them. Her short-cropped dark hair is speckled with grey, but it only adds to her beauty. The slight wrinkles at the corner of her eyes hint at her true age, but her eyes sparkle with a youthful inner fire as she lightly licks her lips.

“Meredith!” you screech as you shove Joe away and clamp you legs shut and futilely trying to cover up. Joe scrambles to his feet and quickly covering his manhood with his hands avoiding eye contact with our new guest.

I calmly turn around exposing myself in my full naked glory to her and extend my hand, “Hi Meredith, I’m Tom.”

Just then a portly middle-aged man with glasses saunters in the door also dressed in white tennis attire carrying two rackets. “Did they want to play...,” he starts out to say before his jaw hits the floor and he freezes in mid-stride as he sees you sitting naked on the stairs.

Meredith’s eyes twinkle with mischief as she reaches out and wipes of the remnants of Joe’s cum off my cheek. “You missed some, Hun,” she says matter-of-factly as she slowly brings her finger back to her mouth and I watch enraptured as her ruby red lips slowly close around her finger sucking it clean.

“They want to play alright and I think we’ll join them here,” Meredith says over her shoulder to her husband.

“But, Merry!” exclaims her husband as he still gawks at you like an idiot.

“Shut up, Harold. Close the door and if your very good, I’ll even let you watch while you wack-off in the corner,” says Merry with a curt wave of her hand.

The door slowly swings shut and the latch catches with an audible “click.”

THE END of Part II for now….

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