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Jenna Calls the Shots

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I came home from work one day to hear Jenna on the phone with Donald in California. She was very firm in what she was saying. "No, no more gang bangs and r*pes. I want a seduction with a couple and it has to be romantic. I don't care what sells, I will not do more r*pe and gang bang, if you don't like it then keep the money and fuck off." She hung up the phone and kissed me Hello. What was that I asked her. Well, Donald called and wanted me to come out to do more films. I told him no more like the others. He said he was paying the money and would call the shots and I tols him since it was my ass I would do what I wanted with it or nothing at all. The phone rang again, it was Donald. Hello she said to the voice on the other end. Yeh, Sure, I will be happy to make the kind I want to make. No, I will be with Steve, I am not coming alone and I will pick the other people in the film, no, it is as I say or nothing and no fucking games either. DJ told me how you work and I will not do it. Okay, Friday then.Bye. WEll, Friday came and we went to the airport and the tickets were waiting for us. We flew first class (Donald's way of trying to get his way Jenna told me) and enjoyed the filght. LAX was busy but we got our bags and met the car at the curb that had been sent. We got in and Donald was there, he was still not happy but Jenna told him flat, her way or nothing at all. As we drove to the hotal he handed her the plans for the two movies. She looked at them and then the pics of the other actors. She picked a man and woman that were really handsome and that were actually similar to our friends back in Florida then she picked two women for the second movie and closed the brief case. Why do you want to film like this he asked her. Because I feel that I am better than a slut. I really dont care to be abused and treated that way, in movies or real life as she held my hand. And if I think anything is going to happen the other way I will stop and leave right there and Steve is able to stop it if you think otherwise. DJ told me about how you do things and we are not children that can be pushed around. Okay he said and leaned back. We got to the room and went in, showered and went to bed. We ate breakfast the next day and a car took us back to the offices. We went in and Jenna was dressed in her jeans and a long sleeve blouse showing nothing to anyone. Not that her filling the blouse was not a show but no skin was visible almost at all. We met the couple that was going to be with Jenna and they were really good looking, he was obviously hung and she was very nicely built, 38DD titties and nice curves. Jenna got up and hugged them as they came in. We moved to get dressed and then left for a resurant near there. The filming began with Jenna eating alone and then George and Ginny came in and sat at the table next to her. The appropriate eye contact was made and a light conversation began with Ginny making suggestive ideas to Jenna. Everyone finished and got up, walking out together Ginny was close to Jenna, You know, you look good enough to eat she told her. Really? And is that all you have in mind Jenna asked. Well, my husband is rather horney and hungry too. Really Jenna said and then she told her, well, I am too. Is your place near here? Sure is they said and then closed down as we drove to the studio. The shot was of them getting out of the cars and Jenna came over and kissed George feeling his package and licking her lips then kissing Ginny and touching her also. The three walked in and then in the apartment began kissing and carressing each other all over. Jenna was naked first and then Ginny and George. Ginny laid Jenna across the rug in hte living and laid on top of her, kissing her passionatley and her fingers found Jenna spot as she expertly manipulated her thru her first orgasm. Sitting on Jenna face she dove between her legs and they began eating each other wildly as George stroked a growing monster and watched. After a couple orgasms Ginny roled off next to Jenna and pulled the huge monster towards Jenna pussy, She is ready now I think. He slid it in and slowly teased Jenna until Jenna was actually (really begging) for it. The he slowly took her pussy and I think her mind driving her wild. After two hours they were finished and Donald came over to them and thanked them, We were to have two days off before the next filming. It was to be 3 lesbians seducing Jenna at a store in the ladies intimates section. As we left Jenna invited George and Ginny back to our hotel, they looked at each other and smiled. Sure why not. We went to eat and sat talking as if nothing had happened at all. Jenna was staring at Ginny and then with no warning she leaned over and took her face in her hands and kissed her deep. Ginny responded and they were really enjoying a nice long french kiss. George and I looked at each other, Well, I guess you two are staying the nigh then. Ginny said, I hope so breaking the embrass. We went back to the room and the ladies were naked in a second and in bed, kissing and touching and sucking. George and I sat in chairs near the bed and watched as the ladies made love for what seemed like hours. Ginny sat up and motioned for George to come to the bed and Jenna reached out for my hand. Now the 4 of us were on the bed, Jenna reaching for the hard cock George offered and Ginny moving to me, holding my cock in her hands. Jenna laid back and spread her legs for George, Now make love to me she purred, no fucking, make love. Ginny looked at me. The same goes for you she said and I laid her back and began eating her pussy slowly. Jenna kept up a running dialog Oh yes, mmmm, that is good, yes, that is perfect, oh no, don't let it slip out, now let me suck it, oh yeh. All the time her hips were moving and her titties bouncing as she satisified her lust. Ginny was quiet as we made love. Moaning some but mainly squealing as she orgasmd. Finally we fell asleep, George had just cum in Jenna ass and Ginny and I were in the 69 position as the lights faded out and we slept. Ginny awoke to the sound of Jenna on top of George moaning loudly and then we had breakfast in bed. After we all got awake good, George and Ginny left, giving us their numbers so we could meet before we left for home. Lets go to Universal studios Jenna said as we showered and I told her sure, but will you be able to keep your pants on. Yes, I am sore so that will be no problem. Will you kiss it amd make it better she asked me. I went down, licking her till I came to her red lipped pussy that was indeed well used. We left for Universal about noon, takes a lomg time to "Kiss it and make it better."

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