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The Jamaican sun hung like a white-gold Christmas tree ornament in the pristine, early afternoon sky. A soft breeze drifted from the sea through the lush palm umbrella above the shore. The whitecaps churning far from the beach gradually faded into small, inconsequential waves lapping at the fine quartz sand.

A lone figure lay on the beach.

The silvery towel heightened her bronzed nude body. Her head was turned to one side; her eyes closed against the sun?s rays which danced between the open shoreline and the large palm fronds, alternately wrapping her soft flesh in a shadowy blanket then uncovering her when the wind blew the branches from the sun?s path.

Ruth?s pert, pink nipples grew taut as the breeze lightly kissed them. Her hands wandered purposefully over her breasts, filling her cupped hands. Ruth pressed them hard; feeling the tips rouse and stiffen against her soft palms. Pain and pleasure filled her full round tits. They swelled, overflowing her small hands while the flesh oozed between her fingers.

Ruth spread her legs, invited the sun to warm her smooth, freshly shaven pussy. Her full-lipped labia, opened her cunt just enough to allow the breeze to stroke the insides of her thighs before caressing her clitoris. The wetness inside her secret garden mingled with the warm tropical air. A charge of excitement surged through her hot clit. Ruth?s tongue circled her wanton lips as she languorously turned her head to the opposite side.

Her stomach churned. Her hands massaged her tantalizing breasts. Again her tongue moistened her lips with anticipation.

Beads of perspiration, formed by the press of the sun and the excitement she was generating in herself, rolled slowly between Ruth?s succulent orbs, over her slightly rounded stomach toward the slit nestled between her thighs. At the top of her pussy?s opening, a thin stream of sweat flowed along the fleshy lips of Ruth?s kitty before entering the crease at the top of each hip joint then ending in a small warm pool directly beneath the tight asshole tucked between the moons of her firm ass.

Ruth?s talented hand abandoned her right breast and reached for her nectar-soaked pussy. Her index finger slid easily inside her, seeking the clit that was now engorged with lust and felt as if it would explode. Gently at first, Ruth flicked the appendage. Then, more forcefully, she pressed it hard against the soaked wall of her cunt. Her finger slid back and forth, deeper into and out of her cave. Her hips wriggled as she positioned her vagina to allow the finger to drive further into her. Again the finger exited. This time it found its way into the crack of her ass. Lightly she rubbed the tight spiral of her nether cunt before returning it to her aching box.

She arched her back. Her body writhed with unadulterated excitement and passion. The hot fluid gushed inside her like a rampant stream washing over her clit; soaking her finger and saturating her pussy?s walls.

Standing atop a boulder further down the beach, a man watched. Ruth?s pure beauty, her unabashed sensuality; her unbridled sexuality held Ric spellbound. Reflexively his cock hardened to steel. His mouth longed to taste the sweet juice pouring forth inside her pussy. Ric?s fingers ached for her tits and taut nipples. His heart pounded and gut knotted in wanton pleasure. Her pleasure. To please her as she wished with his mouth, his fingers, his hands, his dick? in her mouth, her ass and her cunt, between her breasts?wherever she desired him to be!

Mesmerized, Ric stood watching. Suddenly, he heard a faint sound nearby and turned to see small stones and pebbles sliding down the jagged rocks behind him. As his gaze returned to Ruth, Ric caught sight of another figure standing on yet a higher plateau.

He, too, was watching Ruth, transfixed.

Ruth propped herself up on her elbows and surveyed the ocean spread before her. She saw the tiny figure of a ship on the horizon. It seemed to be standing still but in reference to a buoy nearer her, Ruth could tell it was methodically making its way into the harbor. Mischievously she spread her legs far apart, imagining that the men and women onboard the liner were scrambling to the rails to get a better look at her secret garden. She knew of course they could not see her without binoculars. But for those who did have them at the ready, she offered them a welcome to the island they would never forget.

Ruth smiled devilishly then lay spread-eagle back on the towel.

The sun?s warmth on her nude body and the breeze cooling her hot pussy soon lulled her to sleep.

Ruth sensed the shadow covering her face and awoke. Through the shroud of her half-opened eyes, she thought she saw a man, a large man standing over her; one leg firmly planted in the sand on each side of her chest. Startled by the unexpected sight, she jerked her head toward him. As she did, Ruth found herself staring directly at the Ric?s hard manhood.

She looked up his body until her eyes came to rest on his. Inexplicably whatever anxiety or fear she may have been feeling vanished. His eyes were calm and reassuring and Ruth knew he meant her no harm.

As she slowly lowered her head to the towel, Ric simultaneously dropped to his knees and straddled her torso. His stiff cock settled between Ruth?s tits. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to savor each stroke of his rod as he glided it back and forth against her chest. Ruth grabbed her breasts and wrapped them around his still-swelling dick. She squeezed them tight, virtually suffocating both Ric?s rod and balls. A quiet moan stuck in her throat as he fucked her beautiful orbs.

Ruth pinched her nipples sending a spasm of excitement through her tits directly into Ric?s steaming cock. A drop of precum seeped from the engorged head of his manhood. It trickled over Ruth?s breast onto her finger. She used it to lubricate her nipple as she tugged even harder on it. She leaned forward and flicked Ric?s manly fluid into her mouth. She leaned further forward, released the stiff bud from her grip and sucked into her mouth.

Ric slid his sword easily inside the hot cocoon of Ruth?s full breasts. His pace quickened as Ruth?s lips moved from her nipple to Ric?s dick. Gently she kissed its blunt head, taking more droplets of precum into her mouth as she did. He pushed his flaming cock past her pouty lips and into her welcoming mouth.

In the midst of lathering Ric?s spear with hot saliva, Ruth suddenly felt something working its way inside her cunt. Fearful of creatures that slither or crawl, Ruth released Ric?s cock and glanced toward the slit between her thighs.

To her surprise, she saw another man. This one, the one standing above Ric on the rocky ledge, was laying flat on his stomach with his face buried in Ruth?s pussy; his long pointed slithering between the smooth, full lips of her labia searching for the cave they guarded.

Ruth fear evaporated.

She watched the top of the man?s head bobbing up and down as he licked the moistening crack. Excitement radiated from Ruth?s pussy throughout her sensuous body. Her skin tingled with pure delight.

Ruth turned her immediate attention back to sucking the enlarged member before her. Her lips and teeth lightly grazed the hot flesh now swimming in her precum-and-saliva-filled mouth. She sensed the cum building inside Ric?s steely hard-on. She clamped her mouth tightly around the rod, coaxing the molten liquid inside it to the surface. At the base of Ric?s dick, Ruth could feel the lava building.

The man between Ruth?s thighs lapped the wetness mounting inside Ruth?s cunt. His educated tongue made it serpentine way deeper inside her, touching her soaked walls with its flicking tip as it made its way to her clitoris.

He could see Ruth?s clit glistening with her dew in the Jamaican sunlight. He pushed his face deeper between her legs to extend his wiggling further inside her; deeper and deeper until he could wrap his tongue around her swollen clit. Ruth flinch with pleasure as he sucked her pink pearl. Each time he applied pressure by sucking harder, she jerked, at once wanting him to stop and to go on, so on sucking harder and more deeply into his eager mouth.

Ruth felt her pussy filling with her own molten magna. The man between her legs felt it, too.

Simultaneously, as if silently orchestrated among the three of them, Ric shot a mighty torrent of blistering cum into Ruth?s mouth just as Ruth released a flood of hot fluid into the other man?s mouth. Ruth shrieked with never before felt ecstasy. Ric?s huge cock pumped another load of milky liquid into her orifice; filling it to overflowing. Rivulets of cum ran from the corners of Ruth?s mouth. She swallowed as much of the cum as she could before another stream rushed in. The choked slightly as the hot semen washed down her throat.

Her pelvis was jerk forward with each surge of nectar she pushed from her sweet tasting pussy into the other man?s mouth and onto his tongue. He sucked on her gaping hole, creating a vacuum that nearly emptied her of her cum. The man gulped the fluid like a parched nomad at an oasis. He, too, choked on Ruth?s heavenly ambrosia.

Ric fired his final blast into the back of Ruth?s throat before his cock retreated, dripping with cum and spit.

Ruth?s head fell languidly to the beach towel.

The man eating Ruth?s snatch pulled his face away from her slit and its shimmering labial folds

Ric stood up. He looked affectionately at Ruth?s placid face. A residual drop of cum fell to her breast then slid over the nipple and onto the sand beside her. He stepped across her body and slowly walked away from her and into the thicket of dense shrubbery and palm trees along the beach.

The other man stood at Ruth?s feet. He, too, looked affectionately at Ruth...her beautiful face and sumptuous.breasts, hard, inviting nipples, her slightly rounded but firm stomach and, finally, her sodden, luscious pussy. The tip of his tongue pulled the remaining drops of her cunt juice into his mouth as he, too, turned silently away then disappeared into the rocks down the beach.

Ruth?s eyes were closed. Her brow was moist with sweat. Her mouth formed a serene, almost angelic, smile.

She did not see the crew launch from the far-off ocean liner speeding toward the beach where she lay.

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