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I didn?t want to be a third wheel at their dinner party, the extra man, so I was a little nervous about going. Clearly I shouldn?t have been. When I got there, I found that there were six of us. Two couples, me and another guy. That didn?t alleviate my nervousness, though. The nice wine, copiously poured, did help with the nervousness.

Our hosts were a fun pair that I had known for a few years though work. Jane was a petite brunette and Jim was six foot and an outdoorsy type, both in their early forties. Jane was wearing her little black cocktail dress, and I approved. My eyes kept wandering to the low-cut bodice, demurely displaying her small but beautiful breasts. I think Jane must have known she would be competing with Lisa, the feminine half of Lisa and Tom.

Lisa obviously liked to show off, and she had a lot to work with. She had a cascade of blonde hair and ample tits that were straining the thin material of her silk tee. Either she was cold, or she liked flirting with four attentive men. Her nipples were long and hard and pointing the way. Lisa was probably 5?10? with legs that seemed longer, so she was a good match for Tom who was easily 6?3?. It was also clear that he worked out regularly. They were also in their early forties.

Josh was the other guy, young, good looking and well-dressed. Finally there was me, fifty, six foot, salt and pepper hair and average build. I felt unworthy in this group.

Lisa flirted with all of us throughout the evening. Everyone had an opportunity to peak down her loose blouse as she leaned in to talk to us. She did not seem to mind. Inevitably, talk turned to sex.

After enough drinks, Lisa admitted a fantasy. She said that she had always wanted to see Tom with another woman. Tom blushed . . . and so did Jane. Tom didn?t seem surprised, however. He admitted with a glint in his eyes that Lisa had shared the fantasy with him, and, not surprisingly, he hoped it would come true for her.

Jane looked down and then up at us and shared that Jim had always wanted to see her with another man. ?Well, actually,?,she said, ?he wants to see me with several men all at once.? This time Jim blushed.

Lisa continued the surprising turn of conversation. ?I know about Jim?s fantasy,? she said, ?Jane told me. In fact, that?s why we through a party!?

I almost choked on my wine. Jim looked at Jane and she nodded. Tom winked at Lisa, who smiled like the Cheshire Cat. I looked at Josh, and he turned to me, smiled, and whispered, ?Jackpot.?

Lisa gave Tom a little shove, and he stood up and walked to Jane. Jane stood up, grabbed him by the belt, stood on her tiptoes and kissed him, long and hard. Tom put one hand around her waist and one around her bottom and lifted her up to continue the kiss. Lisa stood and whispered in Tom?s ear and then steered him toward the hall. She motioned for us to follow and led us all down the hall to the bedroom.

I grabbed a bottle of wine to settle in and enjoy the show. Maybe I had already had one too many, because I hadn?t yet understood the full direction of the evening.

By the time I got to the bedroom, Tom had laid Jane on the bed and pulled his own shirt off. He leaned down and slid his hands along Jane?s lovely white thighs, pushing her dress up as he went. Lisa stepped up behind him and undid his belt and zipper. His pants fell to the floor. She slipped her hands into his black briefs and pulled them down as well. He lifted his feet and she pulled his clothes away. She and Jim sat down on the small couch that was under the window on the far side of the bed. Josh and I leaned against the dresser opposite.

Jane lifted her hips and then leaned forward as Tom slipped off the dress. Tom was naked and fully erect. His cock matched his physique, long, thick, and hard. As he lifted Jane?s dress, she was mere inches from the throbbing head. She leaned forward and kissed it softly. Then she undid her lacy black bra and tossed to the side. Tom reached down and slid down her panties revealing a trimmed but full dark bush.

I heard Josh whisper, ?wow,? and I silently agreed. It was a beautiful scene, Jane sitting up exposing her lovely, firm, round breasts with their small pink nipples. Tom, one knee on the bed, leaned toward Jane, his muscles taut, his erection impressive.

I looked across at Jim and Lisa. Lisa was beaming, and she was caressing one breast. Jim was entranced.

A smile spread across Jane?s face, and she grabbed Tom?s cock. She pulled him to her mouth and began to slowly suck the head of his pole. Tom caressed her head. He arched his back, pressing his cock deeper in her throat. She began to suck in earnest, her head bobbing vigorously. I glanced at Jim and saw him slipping off his pants, his cock at full attention. It was not as long as Tom?s but it was more than average in girth. Lisa had pulled off her top, her bra-less tits bouncing free. She licked one nipple and smiled at me. I think I blushed. I looked at Josh and he was undoing his pants. I took another drink, and turned back to the center attraction.

Tom was pulling away from Jane and kissing her neck, the line between her breasts and each nipple. She moaned as he sucked her nipple, and I heard an echoing moan from Lisa. Then Tom slid down between her legs, placing one leg on each shoulder and pulled her pussy to his lips. She bucked as he sucked her clit and tongued her pussy. I pushed my hand into my pants to adjust my erection and then began to stroke myself.

After a few minutes of Tom?s sucking, Jane begged, ?I want you in me. I want to feel your cock in me. I want you to fuck me!?

Tom laid her back and crawled between her legs, and I watched with amazement as I saw that big cock enter that tiny pussy. I think I moaned.

Jim was now naked and pulling hard at his erection. Lisa was next to him and naked as well. She had one hand twisting her nipple and the other deep in her curly blonde bush. Her boobs bounced as she fought against the thrusts of her own hand. I dropped my pant and grabbed my dick.

I was drawn back to Tom and Jane by her cries of ?Fuck me! Fuck me!?

Tom?s ass clenched hard as he thrust deep in her. His thrusting was speeding up. Jane yelled, ?I?m cumming? and Tom gargled something in return. Lisa looked like she was cumming, too, her body spasms clearly visible and her head jerking occasionally from side to side.

Jane moaned, ?Oh, God!? and Tom?s body jerked. He thrust hard and held and then thrust again erratically. Jane went limp and so did Tom, kissing her as he rolled to his side. Jane looked over at Josh and I, and said ?Save that.? Josh and I looked at each other. He whispered again, ?Jackpot?.

At this point, I couldn?t help but notice that Josh?s cock was as long as Tom?s but as thick as Jim?s I was feeling a bit in adequate. I was longer than Jim but not as thick. I looked again at Lisa and forgot all feelings of inadequacy. I think I forgot everything. Josh and I both got totally naked.

Lisa watched us and said ?Very nice?. She had a naughty smile.

Jim was staring at Jane, and she turned to him and smiled. ?Ready for the rest of your fantasy?? she crooned. Lisa laughed and Tom lay back with his hands behind his head. Jim crawled over Tom?s legs and between Jane?s. He began licking the insides of her thighs and she giggled. I could see her wet pussy, Tom?s cum dribbling out. Jim lapped all the cum from outside and then planted his mouth around her pussy. He was sucking and tonguing, reaching for every last drop of Tom?s cum. Jim?s ass was bobbing. He was grinding his hips into the bed as he suck her dry. Jane was arching her back and pulling his head deeper into her. She began to shake again. ?Yes, baby, yes!?she moaned. I was stroking myself as Jim began, but I stopped to watch Jane shake and quake and shiver. She fell back on the bed exhausted. Jim rolled to her other side, his face wet, his smile broad. He was licking his lips, his cock was dancing in the air.

Lisa yelled, ?Yes?, pumping her arms in the air. ?I?ve already cum three times,? she exclaimed, ?And I want more!? She looked at Josh and I and said, ?Oh, boys. . .? Josh headed towards her, but she nodded and pointed to the bed. ?Jane? she said.

I wasn?t moving as Josh passed me headed to the bed. He looked back and grabbed my erect cock. ?Let?s get to work,? he laughed. A man?s hand on my cock was novel, and it caught me off guard, not so much that a man was holding my prick, but that it was growing in response. ?Well,? I thought, ?it wasn?t the first time I had been lead by my dick.?

Tom and Jim made room for us, but didn?t leave the bed. Josh squeezed between Jim and Jane, and following his lead, I squeezed between Jane and Tom. Jane smiled and shivered. ?Oooo,? she said, ?I love cock!? and grabbed us both. The contrast between Josh?s hand and Jane?s hand was significant, but they both felt good.

Josh bent to one breast, so I bent to the other. We were both sucking like crazy and Tom was reaching over me and fingering her slippery hole. I could feel his half-erect penis against the back of my leg. It was slightly unnerving, but I wasn?t leaving this tit.

Jane declared firmly, ?I want cock!?

Josh was quicker than me and dove between her legs. His cock was bouncing above her pussy as he looked into her eyes. Clearly her eyes were saying yes.

Jim slipped off the bed to watch three men fuck his wife. He never took his eyes from her as he dropped to the couch next to naked Lisa. Lisa said, ?Go, girl?.

Tom took his fingers from her hole, but his index finger continued to massage her clit. Josh slid his cock slowly into Jane who moaned again. I was running my tongue slowly around her nipple when she pulled my mouth to her lips and kissed me deep. ?I want to suck your cock,? she whispered. As, I began to move, Tom made room for me. I moved forward, my hands on the head board, my head leaned against the wall, and Jane grabbed my ass and pulled me into her mouth. Her lips and tongue were a pussy alive. It was heaven.

After minutes of pleasure, Jane moved her head and said ?I want two of you in me?

At her direction, I lay on my back, and Jane mounted me. Despite all the attention, her pussy felt tight, but it was very, very wet.

She lay down on my chest, her head nestled below my chin. ?Josh,? she said, ?Now, you, fuck me from behind?

She was moving slowly up and down my pole as I felt Josh?s hand in the crack of her ass, brushing my balls. ?No.? she said, ?Not my ass, Josh. I want you both in my pussy.?

I didn?t think it could be done.

Josh kneeled behind her doggie-style. His legs were between my legs. Tom stood up, and I could feel Tom?s hand as he helped guide Josh into Jane?s crowded pussy. Jane?s pussy tightened slightly when the head of his cocked pressed against my shaft, and then I felt her loosen. I could feel the head of Josh?s penis enter her pussy as Jane pressed down on my cock.

He entered slowly, moving slowly back and forth, until he was all in. Jane?s pussy was so wet. Two cocks in one pussy was tight, but we were all so slippery. Jane was very wet and we slid against each other as she moved up and down. Jane made short guttural sounds.

I could feel the thick blood vessel on the underside of his rod rubbing against my shaft. I could feel the head of his penis against the head of mine.

Tom had removed his hand and lay down on the bed. Jane grabbed his cock and stroked. It began to grow. In no time, he moved his now erect cock to her mouth, and she took it.

All three of us were in her and she began to buck. It wasn?t long before I began to cum. I let out a muffled, ?unnngh? as I pushed deep in Jane and hard against Josh. I guess that got to Josh. I could feel him swell and throb. ?I?m cumming,? he cried. Then he bucked like a wild animal, rocking Jane and I. I felt buckets of cum join the wad I shot.

Slowly, Josh pulled out and then, reluctantly, I did. Tom pulled away from Jane?s mouth and said, ?My turn, again? We made room. and he plunged into her deeply and hard. ?Juicy?, he said. Then, he pumped like a mad man. In no time, he pumped his second load into Jane, adding to the deposit from Josh and I. She was thrashing and moaning, cumming again. After a bit, Tom rolled to his side leaning against Josh. but not pulling fully out.

Jim got up from the couch and grabbed Tom?s hips. He pulled Tom out of Jane and began to lick her thighs with Tom?s long, wet cock still laying on her. After cleaning her thighs, occasionally flicking Tom?s cock in the process, he began to lick the puddle of cum between her legs. As cum continued to drip from her pussy he licked her clean, and then he plunged his tongue inside her. He pulled his tongue back and cum dripped from it.

?Get it all, babe? said Jane, ?Clean me all up. Get all that tasty cum?

With that, Jim buried his mouth in her pussy and sucked and lapped and sucked and lapped. Finally he came up for air. He looked spent but his cock was still hard. ?Come here, babe? said Jane, ?Your turn.?

He climbed up, kissing her all the way. She put her cock in her wet and fuck-softened pussy. He pumped away like crazy and, quickly, was cumming. They were both crying, ?Oh, God!, and then Jim collapsed. He kissed her slowly, and said ?Thank you?

Lisa stood up in all her naked glory. She looked at Tom. She looked to Josh and I, and then she looked wickedly at Jane. ?Now, it?s my turn she said.?

Josh looked at me slyly and whispered, ?Jackpot!?

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