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Jack and Jill drink from the same well

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I was awaken by the sensation of sweet lips licking my cock's head. Although I was in my own house in my own bed I couldn't be sure who it was as she was beneath the covers. My swelling 9 inch cock didn't really care either but I was interested. I caressed the smooth round buttocks lying to the left of me but since this one was on her side I couldn't tell if it was my wife Jill or her girlfriend Donna. But one of their mouths was now sliding up and down my rigid cock. Maybe I should start this story from the beginning.

Earlier that evening the three of us were painting the town. Donna and Jill have known each other from college and I met Donna when she moved back home some three years after they both graduated. She and my wife are both beautiful buxom dirty blondes and could even be mistaken for sisters. Over the years I began to notice that Donna didn't seem to ever have a guy with her and that's when my wife told me she was a lesbian. What a waste of good pussy. She told me that Donna experimented some at college and then became a full fledged lesbian right before they graduated. I asked her if she had ever been with a woman and although she was curious, she told me she had never been and that Donna had never come on to her. Well, after lots of dancing and lots of drinking that night. Jill returned from one of the girls bathroom forays and told me that Donna had kissed her in the little girls room and that she liked it. I was very intrigued and hoped this might lead to something good.. Later that evening after they returned from the bathroom again, my wife slipped her slick middle finger into my mouth. I would know that sweet taste anywhere. I told my wife that I couldn't believe she was so turned on by Donna that she would be playing with herself in a bathroom stall. She laughed and told me that her slick finger wasn't covered by her wetness. Damn, she was fingering Donna in the girl's room. I closed out our tab and home we went. As soon as they got into the car they started making out. I made the drive home in half the normal time.

Both girls were pretty loaded and they didn't waste any time when we got home. Straight to the bedroom they went and by the time I arrived they were completely undressed and they fell onto the bed and started playing. It was quite erotic to watch them go after it. I witnessed Donna placing her hands into places that were rightfully mine as they continued to stick their tongues down each others' throats. Seeing her finger slip past my wife's vaginal folds gave me a strange sense of jealousy and eroticism at the same time. I went to the bathroom and undressed but I really wanted an excuse to be able to leave the light on to obtain a better view of the situation. I returned buck naked but I might as well been out in the car for all they cared. These women were definitely into each other and the sounds of forbidden sex filled the room. I knew that I would be able to fuck my wife after they finished but I was hoping to be able to get some of Donna's sweet lesbian pussy. I set down at the end of the bed and and had a front row seat to this exhibition of all female love making. The girls caressed and subtly probed each other. Their pace was rapid with hands darting here and there. Breasts pressed against breasts, thighs rubbed against thighs, lips kissed the soft supple skin of the other but there was no sense of urgency. Their pussies were mirror images. Both were almost completely smooth shaven with a small well trimmed light brown patch of pubes on top. My wife was really exploring and she didn't want to miss anything on her first journey. Even though it was her first time she took to it as if she had done this many times before. It must be a girl thing knowing where and how to touch. I was mesmerized watching their soft bodies entwine, performing a forbidden dance that no man could master. My thick cock was twitching and I hadn't been this hard since my teenage years. Then I noticed Donna remove her right hand from my wife's breast and reach down and slip her finger into her own juiced up cunt. She inserted it deeply and then withdrew it and placed it near my wife's lips. Jill immediately took it into her mouth and sucked on it. My wife then got up on her knees and backed up leaving a trail of kisses down the middle of Donna's body until she reached her now widely spread legs. My wife started teasing Donna with her tongue as she licked and kissed her upper thighs and Mons but never touching Donna's wanting pussy. Donna was moaning in anticipation. My wife finally placed her tongue at the bottom of her wet slit and licked the entire length of her cunt very slowly until she reached her clitoris. Donna let up a long gasp, "Ahhhhhhhh!" My wife continued her oral assault and Donna began to wail. Donna was rolling her head from side to side and playing with her own hard nipples. I watched as my wife ate her alive. Jill's ass was stuck up in the air as she drank from Donna's fountain and the light from the bathroom glistened off of the wetness that ran down her crack. Her pussy was over flowing. I couldn't take anymore and I stood up and positioned myself behind my wife's ass. My intentions were to fuck this hot little bitch doggie while she devoured her girlfriend's wet gash. As engaged as she was, she still must have anticipated what I was going to do and she covered her cunt with her hand. Shit! I needed to fuck somebody! Maybe she wanted to give Donna first crack at it or maybe she was worried Donna wouldn't eat a cum filled twat but she only said, "Baby, suck Donna's titties." I rushed to the top of the bed and placed my mouth on the nearest available tit. Donna's breast were even larger than my wife's. Her nipples were turgid and erect and I nibbled at those eraser tips. My hands squeezed those lovely soft orbs and I sucked them hard. Donna was now groaning lustfully. From my vantage point I could see my wife's mouth attached to Donna cunt and I couldn't tell where one ended and the other one began. Her eyes were wild and filled with desire and nothing was going to keep her from getting Donna off. Donna screamed out and her hips jerked off the mattress against my wife's face. My Jill's mouth never left her cunt as she wildly bucked. She continued screaming and jerking until her passion was fulfilled. It was so hot watching my wife bring another woman to climax in our bedroom. As she lay still my wife lifted her mouth off her cunt and she crawl over her body. Her lips were covered with Donna's sex and my wife's eyes were still wild with excitement and I moved aside to let her pass. When she reached Donna she kissed her hard and they both embraced. They french kissed deeply for awhile and then Jill continued to climb toward the head board and positioned her pussy above Donna's face. She ground her cunt onto Donna's mouth and simply said, "Make me cum!" Donna didn't need to be told twice and now it was her turn to devour pussy. Jill started purring immediately the way she always does as Donna's hands slipped under her thighs and grabbed her ass to pull her closer. Jill looked in my direction as her eyes kept rolling back into her sockets. As consumed as she was she still had me in mind and pulled Donna's mouth back off of her pussy and looked down at her and said, "Jack is going to fuck you now." "Uh, huh," was Donna's only reply. My wife shoved her mouth back to her cunt and looked at me and ordered, "Fuck her 'Nice and Slow'." I scampered down between Donna legs to see one nearly virgin sex dripping cunt. I wanted to shove as much of my throbbing cock as I could into it but I realized also that I needed for it to be pleasurable for Donna. I rubbed the bulbous head of my cock up and down the wet slit in front of me and pushed forward. "Ohh, OHH!" she gasped out. Jill's head jerked around, "Nice and Slow!" she reiterated. Hell, what else could I do? I was taking it nice and slow. My wife could barely take my entire thick cock into her cunt and now I could tell Donna was going to be a lot tighter. I pushed gently again and the same gasp came out of Donna. Jill looked back again and I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "Remember our first time." {Heck, Jill screamed like a little school girl. Well she was a school girl, high school that is.} Even she had a hard time handling my thick dick the first time. As ready as I was to cum just a minute ago all I could do was concentrate on easing my dick into Donna without causing her any pain. I wondered what would have happened if my wife hadn't of eaten her out first. Her breast may have been double D's but her pussy was definitely triple AAAs. I finally got about half of it into her and then I started gently fucking her. Her cunt was incredibly tight and I savored the sensation her pussy was giving me. As I pumped her I leaned forward and my face was up close and personal to the oral action Donna was performing on Jill. I began to watch her tongue slid down and into my wife's wet cunt. My wife was enjoying her first female cunnilingus. Jill was holding the headboard now as she ground her pussy against Donna face. Her breathing was becoming harder and quicker as she grew nearer to her own orgasm. I also began to feel the blood boiling within the base of my cock and I too was going to soon erupt. My Jill was slamming Donna's face as she screamed, "EAT ME! EAT ME!" I saw her gluts tense up until her cheek indented to look like dimples on the sides of her ass. She pressed her cunt hard against Donna's face and cried out, "Yesssss!" She came for a long time and continued shrieking. When she was done she fell face down on the bed. I started pounding Donna harder although I couldn't achieve any more penetration after about 6 inches in. Donna was whimpering but she seemed to be handling my thick cock better than at first. I was going to hose down Donna's cunt and started fucking her even faster. Donna was now moaning loudly, actually more like groaning, when my wife regained her senses and realized I was going to cum. "Don't! Don't cum in her!" she ordered. WTF, I was close to the point of no return. I yanked my cock out of the sweetest pussy I've ever fucked and whinnied like a little school boy. I got up on my knees and looked like a idiot with my rock hard cock in my hand in the middle of the bed. It was standing at full attention and seemed to have grown bigger by another 1/2 inch. My begging cock was twitching and the top half was covered by Donna's sweet nectar and I noticed some pre seminal fluid oozing out of the tip until it finally dropped down into the middle of Donna's hammered cunt. Jill told me later that Donna wasn't on any BC being that she was a lesbian so she didn't want me cumming in her. My wife raised her ass back up and over Donna's face and looked back over her shoulder at me. "I want you to fuck me nice and HARD." she said in her sexiest voice. Now that's what I'm talking about. I climbed on top of Donna and positioned my bad boy at the entranced to my wife's sopping cunt. I felt Donna's soft titties rubbing against my thighs and backside. I shoved upward and drove almost the whole thing into my wife's soaked pussy. I started pumping her hard and her moans told me that she liked it. She started saying things like "your cock feels so good inside my cunt and how she loved the feeling of fullness my thick cock gave her". I didn't know if she was saying these things for my benefit or to make Donna jealous and to want to be fucked by me some more but it was having the desired effect on me. "Lick us," Jill told Donna. Now I felt a tongue occasionally swabbing the base of my shaft from time to time. Donna spent most of her time sucking my wife's clit. I was slamming Jill hard and fast when she told me, "Slow down baby, I want to cum with you." I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Hurry honey, I don't know if I can hold off much longer." I tried to concentrate on holding off and slowed my pace down a bit but that old familiar feeling was starting to build up at the base of my cock. It was not going to be denied twice tonight. Jill came on strong and soon she was yelling for me to fuck her faster. "It's so good, it's so good." she yelled over and over. I was grunting like a pervert and I felt my hot cum begin it's journey the entire length of my shaft until it exploded into my wife's cunt. That set Jill off and she screamed and began to climax with me. We both cried out as we came together. I continued to shoot stream after stream of white hot man goo into my wife even after she had finished cumming. "Give it to me, fill me up." she begged. My load was almost exhausted and I slammed my cock as deep as I could into her and pulled her ass back toward me at the same time. I held her hips firmly as I jetted the last remnants of semen that was stored in my balls. I left my cock embedded inside her until we some what recovered. It was like the silence after the storm. My cock was finally shrinking and so I pulled it out. A flood of sex cocktail poured out of my wife's cunt. It was one massive load if I do say so myself. It fell down and splashed around Donna's chin and neck. "Damn, baby how much did you cum?" my wife asked. It was still oozing out when Jill lowered her pussy down to Donna's mouth, "Eat our cum." she ordered. Donna didn't have much of a choice but soon the sounds of nasty sucking broke the post orgasmic silence. It seemed that Donna liked it. "That's it, clean me up." she commanded. Donna did what she was told and ate pussy like the lesbian she was. "Oh fuck, you're going to make me cum again." my Jill stated. Damn my wife was getting turned on. She was definitely getting off to being serviced by another woman. Hell she was turning into a full fledged bisexual. I was no where near recovering but I thought if I could get Donna off again she might want to make this a weekly ritual. So I dropped down and started eating her out. Her cunt was slick with sex and she responded as soon as my tongue penetrated her snatch. I tried to be creative and alternated between her clit and her slit. As her moans increased she grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth up to her sensitive button and held me there. She wanted me to suck exclusively on her clit as both girls were about to cum again. I watched my wife's ass humping Donna mouth rapidly and soon Donna's pelvis started bucking against mine as well. I heard a stream of obscenities from my wife and then both women climaxed again as the bed shook for the last time. My wife rolled off of Donna and the area around her mouth was covered with our cum. We all were exhausted and soon fell fast asleep.

Now this is where the story began. Someone was trying to slide their mouth down the entire length of my shaft. Even my wife had never been able to take it all so I was still in the dark as to the identity of this mystery cocksucker. My cock was nice and stiff by now and the person started crawling over my legs. I saw the top of her head pop up through the bottom of the covers. I still couldn't see a face but she grabbed the base of my cock and lifted her ass up to position it at the entrance to her pussy. But once she lowered her cunt onto it, I knew who it was. She strained to get my dick inside her and the tightness of her cunt enlighten me to whose pussy I was about to skewer. It was Donna's. She worked it into herself surely but slowly. She still could only get a little more than half of it into her. She would let out a small groan each time my cock reached the limits of her tight vagina. I reached over and started fingering my wife's slick pussy. It still had that freshly fucked wetness to it and soon she was purring, "Hmmm." She woke up and turned to me and kissed me. I whispered, "Look at this." I pulled the covers completely off the bed and we both saw Donna working my cock with her cunt. She had her hands on the bottom bed rail and was groaning louder with each passing second. She looked like a coyote sitting on her haunches baying at the moon. Except this bitch was howling because she had a thick dick embedded in her pussy. She kept straining to get my dick inside her. "Look at how you're stretching her tiny cunt." Jill commented. My wife started encouraging her that she could take it all. I laid perfectly still while she would lift her ass up until only a couple of inches were left and then slide her ass back down until she had about 6 or 7 inches inside her. I could see her tightest hole perched a top of her stretched out pussy. I wondered if I would ever get the chance to feel how tight her ass could be but that would have to wait for another day. I watched her cunt lips cling to my shaft on each stroke and the warm tight sensation was exquisite. There is nothing like waking up to a tight pussy riding your own cock. She was trying her hardest to take it all but I was just too big for her. I told my wife to go down and eat her. Jill got right up and went to the bottom of the bed. She help Donna sit back on my stomach and went down on her while my dick was still inside of her. Her groans increased 10 fold and she placed her hands up by my shoulders and leaned all the way back. I grabbed her ass and started sliding my cock in and out. Maybe my wife got her juices flowing overtime but I starting being able to work more and more of my cock into her. As Jill ate her she would moan, "Ahhh." Only to be interrupted with a groan, "Ughh." Every time I drove my cock into her. It was almost comical. The groans became less and less as her juicy cunt grew more acclimated to my poundings. I never got all of it fully inside her pussy but at least a good 8 inches. My Jill was now an expert cunt lapper and Donna was going to cum soon. Her bottom twitched uncontrollable as she came to my wife's oral assaults. "Fuck, yesss!" she screamed. Her convulsions brought me to the edge and I began to pound her fast and furiously. "Baby, I'm close. Get ready to pull it out." I cried out to my wife. Donna chipped in, "No, I want to feel him cum inside me." Great, I thought, as I tried to ram all of my cock inside her. The head of my cock pressed deep against her cervix and the heat welled up in my loins. I felt my gism race up my shaft before exploding deep into this lesbian's pussy. I grunted loudly as I lifted my ass off the bed as hard as I could. "Uugghhh!" I pumped load after load into this virgin territory. "I can feel it, it's so warm!" Donna exclaimed. After about 10 seconds my dick quit spasming. I don't think I came as much as earlier but it was a massive load all the same. I slumped back on the mattress with Donna still attached. Jill came to her and asked her if she enjoyed my cock. She just kissed my wife and moaned affirmatively. As I was catching my breath they continued to play. I heard Donna tell Jill, "Now it's your turn to suck your husband's cum out of my cunt." Donna lifted herself of my semi-hard dick and I felt wetness spilling onto my groin. She laid down next to me and Jill buried her face between her thighs. "Eat me good," Donna ordered. She started playing with her own tits again and her breathing became labored soon after. "Don't stop!" she cried. She got more excited and she kept talking as Jill cleaned out her cunt. "Look what your husband's cock did to me." she exclaimed. "and you let him fuck me while you watched." This hot lezzie was going to get off again. "Make me cum, you little slut!" Donna screamed. I watched her body began to jerk and twitch as she came once again. As hot as this scene was my cock remained placid. I was done for the night but I was content in knowing Donna had thoroughly enjoyed the session we all just had. I'm sure it will happen again and next time I'll pound her cunt back into the stone age. My cock started swelling with that thought so maybe I'm not as exhausted as I thought. So many holes, so many choices.

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