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Its Time

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It’s Time By Realkinkcple

Beth is napping on the couch, only wearing a large worn t-shirt, her long brown hair still damp from the shower is tumbling almost to the floor. One leg is bent resting against the back of the couch the other leg is lying on the couch cocked enough to show her slick, pink pussy.

That is how our two lusty heroes find her when they come in from working on their motorcycles in the back yard. Dean the dark headed one of the two is her boyfriend of three months and David, the blond, is his best friend. They both stop at the same time the crashing into each other gawking at the lovely sight displayed for them. After a few moments they look at each other with wicked, lustful grins on their faces. She had informed them awhile back that she would love to try two men at once but Dean wasn’t to sure if she meant it until now. There was no way that her display could have been anything but an invitation because she knew David would be there all day and was going to stay for dinner.

They back out of the room quietly so they wouldn’t wake her then stop in the kitchen to discuss this tantalizing situation.

“Well Dave, decision time, do you want to live out her fantasy?” Dean asked quietly.

“Ummm…let me think” David paused “Hell yeah!” He finished in an urgent whisper.

“OK, let’s clean up and then rock her world” Dean says with another grin.

Ten minutes later the two freshly clean friends, in just their boxer shorts, go back to the couch. Dean kisses her lightly on the cheek and starts down her throat. While Dave gently lifts the leg that is stretched out, sets it on his lap as he sits down moving it so she is more open, he leans in licking and kissing her inner thighs.

Beth moans softly arching toward the mouth on her neck, opening her legs more for the questing mouth at her thighs and her hand reaches up cupping the back of Dean's neck. Dave moves closer to her dripping slit, groaning when he encounters wetness on the top of her thighs licking it up greedily.

Beth’s eyes flutter open to look at Dean, smiling as he pulls the shirt up and off. Then she looks down at Dave who looks up at her, eyes sparkling as he licks her cream from her opening to her clit in one broad sweep of his tongue, she throws her head back moaning.

“Damn, I guess its time, huh boys?” she asks huskily All she gets are growling chuckles as Dean sucks a nipple in his mouth and Dave spears his tongue inside her.

Beth reaches a hand out to take Dean’s erection in her hand through his boxers stroking with a firm grip. Dean growls his pleasure as she pushes his boxers off taking his satin covered hardness in one hand and his sac in the other. He suckles her nipples harder biting lightly, making her whimper with need. Dave flicks her clit with his tongue then sucks the tender nub in his mouth, slowly sliding his tongue over it as he suckles.

“Oh, my god Dave... shit … that’s so goooood!” Beth gasps while bucking her hips with the rhythm of his mouth.

She tugs slightly to bring Dean’s cock to her mouth, licking around the purple head then closing her soft lips around it sucking and licking the tip.

“Shit baby, damn!” Dean growls and leans over the couch propping his hands on the back so she can take more in her mouth. She slides as much of him down her throat as she can while she uses one hand on the rest of his shaft and the other fondling his sac.

Dave moves on the couch more kneeling between her legs, putting one of her knees over his shoulder, he continues sucking and lapping her, while reaching up to fondle and pinch a breast. He slides a finger inside her stroking the sensitive area right before her g-spot, Beth starts panting and gasping around Dean's cock. She sucks and strokes his member stronger and faster as her climax approaches. "God baby, I'm coming!" Dean shouts hoarsely. As his seed is shot down her throat Beth comes in great shudders of her body, she licks him clean with a grin. Dave is not idle; he licks up her juices pausing to dip down to her ass and discovers the base of the butt plug she had inserted deep in her body.

Dave looks up at Dean "Damn, she is ready for us; she's wearing a butt plug!" He exclaims with delight to Dean.

"Of course I am moron, there is no way I could take either one of you up my ass without it, you guys are too big!" Beth replies and adds "you're willing to double fuck me right?" with a grin.

"Hell, yeah!" replies Dave.

Dean smirks, scoops Beth off the couch, throwing her over his shoulder, turns to Dave "Come on Buddy, we've got a little lady who needs some serious fucking" and proceeds to the bedroom.

Beth is tossed onto the bed, while Dave strips off his boxers and Dean pounces on Beth, kissing her deeply. Dean leans back looks down at her "Darlin' you are damn fine, you know that?" he asks with amazement in his eyes. "I'm happy to hear it, now why don't you guys show me how fine I am" she says with another soul stealing grin, turns over with her rump in the air. "You gotta take this thing out and the lube is in the nightstand" she adds with a wiggle of her ass.

"Well fuck, honey, you are prepared" Dave says as he retrieves the lube from the drawer, holding it in his palms to warm it up.

Dean places his hands on her ass smoothing his hands over it then gives it a light slap. Beth gasps, lets a small scream loose, shudders and comes.

"Fuck, I gotta get this thing out!" Dean says as he grasps the end of the plug "Push out babe" she does and the plug comes out with a pop. Dean looks over at his friend "You want the front or back?" "I'll take that fine ass" he replies as he hands over the lube, Dean liberally spreads it in and around her puckered hole.

"OK all greased up, you ready babe?" He asks.

"Yeah I'm ready," she answers turning to her side "Come here for a sec, Dave". He kneels on the bed, she reaches up taking his face in her hands, pulling him down for a deep kiss. She ends it with a nip on his lower lip "I want to feel you in my pussy first, do you mind?" she asks with a sensual smile. "Hell no, put me inside" she puts a leg over his hip as he lays on his back until she is straddling him. "Wait till you feel her Dave, damn fine pussy there" Dean says as he reclines on the other side of the bed watching them. Beth grasps Dave's cock sliding her hand up and down the shaft humming her approval, she guides the tip to her dripping slit, rubbing it against her hard clit as she guides him inside. She takes him slowly inside while her muscles clench him as he goes deeper.

"Fuck, you feel too damn good" Dave groans as he bottoms out in her tight wet body.

"Told ya" Dean says with a lecherous look, "ride him babe" he adds as he slaps her ass lightly. She gasps and starts a slow grinding rhythm, bracing her hands on his chest Dave leans up to take a nipple in his mouth suckling and nipping it. Beth whimpers softly then growls as her body starts shuddering and tightening on him.

"She's coming, she's coming" Dean chants as he reaches over to slap her ass cheeks a few times then stops to watch her arch up and scream out her intense orgasm.

"Holy fuck ...damn" Dave groans as she shudders as another wave hits her.

She leans back down to prop her hands on his chest, panting, her eyes slumberous with desire "You wanna slide that cock in my ass now?" she asks.

"Oh, yeah I wanna fill your pretty ass up" he answers.

She slides off Dave to crawl on Dean, "Hey babe, did ya miss me?" she asks. Dean grins "Oh, yeah I wanna feel that on my dick."

She chuckles as she mounts him. "Take me in babe" he says. She grasps his shaft, putting the tip at her entrance then slides down his length. David is standing by the bed watching the couple on the bed while stroking himself applying lube to his own shaft.

Dean and Beth start a slow rhythm, Dave approaches the bed.

"Are you guys ready for me?" he asks huskily.

"Yeah come on up here" Beth says as they stop moving.

David kneels on the bed between Dean's legs, he slides his hands on her ass stroking it slowly then parts her cheeks with one hand and starts sliding his finger in her tight entrance.

"Push out a little darlin" he growls, she does and his finger eases in to the webbing, strokes her a couple times then inserts another stroking again.

She moans and starts thrusting with his strokes, causing Dean to slide in and out also causing Dean to moan with her.

"That plug worked great, you ready for my cock now?" he waits for her answer, still stroking gently.

"Ohhh, yeah" she groans and stops moving so he can slide in.

He guides the tip to her rosette and presses in a little, "Push out a little harder now" he says. She pushes out and the large head slides in, making all of them groan, then he continues until he is in to the hilt and rests there for a moment.

Dean looks over Beth's shoulder at David and nods slightly while pulling out then pushing back in as David pulls out. They start counter motions, while one strokes in the other pulls out, they feel each other through the thin barrier between them and gasp each time. Beth is whimpering with the tandem pace flexing her hips and clenching on both of them. The men start speeding up the pace as they feel her body start shuddering from her impending orgasm. After a few more strokes she starts screaming as her body stiffens and her muscles clench from her strong orgasmic contractions. The guys stroke in and out together at the same time, filling her to capacity as she crests over another wave and takes them with her. Both men shoot their loads in her receptive body and all three scream and shout their satisfaction.

David pulls out and collapses to the side as Dean turns to him with Beth, also pulling out, snuggling her back against David's chest. Both men wrap her in their arms kissing her lightly. Beth caresses them lightly "Damn that was mind blowing, boys" she says huskily.

Both men grunt their agreement as all three drift off to sleep.

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