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Introduction to the Lifestyle

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Denise and I had met Carl and Simone through some mutual friends at a party one night and thought they seemed really fun to be around. A couple of weeks later we invited them, along with our mutual friends to our house for a barbecue. We had a great time laughing, drinking, and generally getting to know our new friends. Shortly after sundown our mutual friends had to leave because of an early commitment the next day but Carl and Simone stayed behind. Shortly after, the conversation started to get more, shall we say, risqué. I found myself talking with Simone on the couch while Denise was talking with Carl on the rug. I was feeling a little buzzed so I discretely started turning the conversation to sex and, to my pleasant surprise, Simone followed right along. We started discussing things we had done and wanted to do, when she volunteered that she was bi. My heart jumped because Denise and I had been discussing for more than a year her desire to try another woman. I asked Simone how they went about finding female partners and she told me that they hadn't had any luck with that since they had moved to that town. I volunteered that Denise had said that that was something she had always wanted to do but we had no idea how to find someone. I had not heard any of Denise and Carl's conversation up to that point and it seemed like it was right on cue when Denise asked for another drink. She had only one that evening and she rarely had two. I found this odd but got up to make one anyway. As soon as I got back Carl suggested we all play a game. Again, I thought this was kind of odd but I was determined to be a good host in hopes that Simone would let go of some information that we needed to fulfill our fantasies and, dare I hope, that Simone would do it herself. It was quickly decided on that we would play cards and Carl immediately upped the stakes to strip poker. My heart jumped again. If I play my cards right (no pun intended) I may get to see the lovely Simone in the buff and Denise could be naked for them to admire as well. I always got a secret thrill when people saw Denise in her skimpy little outfits, which was quite often, and was beside myself with anticipation that someone besides me may actually see her in all her glory. The cards were dealt and at the end of the hand Simone's t-shirt was tossed on to a vacant chair. Next hand saw Denise's with it. Neither had worn a bra and I was admiring two very nice sets of breasts exposed in my living room. Simone's, small but perky and Denise's, ample and well shaped. Both with erect nipples just begging to be sucked. A few hands later, I was trying my best not to allow anyone to see my hands shaking while I'm sitting in a room with Simone removing her panties and Denise with only her panties on. Carl had lost a hand and had his jeans on but I had not lost anything yet. Once again Carl made a brilliant suggestion; "Let's not let the game end just because someone's out of clothes. I'll tell you what....Whoever loses, but has no clothes to remove, has to do whatever the winner tells them to do for two minutes." I am in mental torture. Do I win the next hand and actually tell the ladies what I've been dying to see, or do I lay back and continue to let Carl take the lead. I swallowed a big gulp of beer and decided that I was not going to win anything for a few hands. All agreed and the game continued. I lost my shirt on the next hand then Denise was completely nude on the next. I noticed that Carl and Simone couldn't take their eyes off of Denise's body. She had that kind of body that you could easily imagine being in the centerfold of Playboy and she appeared to be loving every minute of their attention. Next hand. This could be the one. I stuck with my plan to allow Carl to take the lead. I traded a three of a kind for my chances on the draw. Curiously, I was able to see Simone's cards and she threw down a killer hand in favor of four new ones. I was naively surprised but then caught on quick. We were being set up. Not that I minded, but set up just the same. Carl shows three of a kind, Denise has a pair, I have a pair and poor, naked, lovely, bi-sexual Simone had a seven high. Good 'ole Carl didn't miss a beat. He, very matter-of-factly, turned to Simone and said, "Looks like you lost sweetie. So...I would like you to eat Denise's pussy for two minutes." My jaw almost fell off my face. In an instant I decided that Carl was Santa Claus. No, he was God. Simone just smiled sweetly and asked Denise, "Is it OK with you?" I looked at Denise and noticed her jaw was on the floor next to mine. This was her fantasy....Hell, our fantasy come true. She nodded and could only utter, "Uh-huh". Cathy smiled again and started crawling towards Denise like a panther stalking its prey. "Lay back and relax:" she cooed. Denise reclined and Cathy slid between Denise's legs effortlessly spreading her thighs wide. She went right to work licking, sucking, fondling, rubbing. She ate pussy like a pro. Her mouth hadn't been on Denise's pussy for more than a few seconds and I noticed that familiar face. Her head tilted back, her eyes closed, mouth dropped open and then the sound of a woman in pure ecstasy. Denise came as hard as I had ever seen and it seemed to last forever. Her taught little abdomen spasmed, her knees began to shake, her back arched, her fists clinched and then, the tell-tale sign, her toes curled. I sat there like a dufus with my mouth still hanging open but with the most raging erection I had had since I was sixteen. Yup. That's it. Carl is God. I wasn't sure if I had died and gone to heaven or if I had just won the sexual lottery. Simone continued to lap up Denise's juices for the full two minutes meeting her every gyration and convulsion with a lip-lock that would not let go. I know because, since I had the only watch with a timer I was elected timekeeper. After the two minutes, and a few more seconds, Denise's cries of bliss seemed to die down a bit. I reluctantly called time and Simone crawled back to her seat, Carl was grinning like a monkey and Denise was catching her breath as she sat back upright. I was ready to burst out of my jeans. The game continued and Denise got the full treatment a couple more times from both Carl and Simone, I got to feel Simone's velvety soft mouth on my dick. I got to watch Denise suck Carl like it was the last dick she would ever get and then the cards were forgotten. We spent the next couple of hours fucking each others spouses and watching the others. I was a little nervous at first because I wasn't sure how Denise would react to me with another woman but every time I looked over she would look back and smile. After all were spent, exhausted, drained and utterly fucked in to oblivion, we chatted for a while and then they had to leave. Afterwards, I was ready for a real ass-chewing from Denise but she was rested, horny and ready to go again. She said that it excited her to watch me and Simone but that Simone had just totally rocked her world. We made love and decided that we were now in the lifestyle. Permanantly!

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