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Incentive is Everything.

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I decided to share this story online because it has truly been a remarkable life changing event in our lives. I am 45 in age and 25 in mind and spirit. I am married for the past 25 years to the love of my life. Her name is Kelly, she is 5?7? 124lbs with a very sexy 32D 23 35 figure. We have raised three kids; the youngest is a sophomore at Arizona State University. We have a nice home in La Jolla Ca. We own a food distribution warehouse in San Diego.

Having been married for 25 years, we have had a decent sex life. I have always wanted more. My wife with raising three kids, kept me always wanting more. Since our last child left to school our sex life has perked up dramatically. My wife who because of her upbringing did not enjoy sex for the first few years of our marriage has been transformed with our new freedom. The last five years have brought her more orgasms than her first 39 years. She is expressing herself more and I am encouraging her to be more aggressive during sex. I also make comments when we are out dining or dancing about the men who can?t take their eyes of her. In our first ten years of marriage I became extremely jealous when other men found her attractive. Now I relish it and use it in our love making. We travel a lot and when we stay at hotels my wife seem to loosen up even more. In our early years with kids, hotels were our best sex. Now we can travel more and the hotel setting still brings out the sexual appetite in her. She loves to dance and we usually will check out the happy hour crowd and if they are playing music and dancing all the better. While she dances she flirts with me or whomever she is dancing with. She is really just into the dancing, but with her eyes and lips you would think she is trying to seduce you on the dance floor. In our younger days when we went dancing I could not let her dance with anyone else because they always took her movements to mean more than what they were (harmless flirting). Nowadays I let her dance to her hearts content and it always leads to fantastic sex. I always remark about the men she has been dancing with as we are fucking. I make lewd comments about the size of her dance partner?s cock and how he thought earlier that it would be his cock who would be pounding her cunt right now. This sends both of us to tremendous climaxes. I have had fantasies about her fucking another man, but I have never shared them with her other than during passionate sex. My wife still does not like to talk about sex. I always tell her after an exceptional session that that was the best fuck ever and she just plugs her ears and blushes. All this makes for a great life up to now that can only get better.

This brings us to last month. My wife went with a group of girls to Las Vegas for a long weekend. She went with five ladies she used to work with. Before she left I fucked her and reminded her that what happens in Vegas. Stays in Vegas and to tease as many men as she could. They all had a great time and my wife treated them to a five star restaurant on Saturday night. After the dinner they went to a club called the Beach. My wife told me the crowd was definitely younger, but they still all had a good time. I asked her how many guys she danced with and she told me a few.

The next Tuesday one of the girls from the Vegas trip came by our office and brought pictures. I was on the phone in my office and could hear them laughing as the looked at the pictures. When I went out to the warehouse to find my wife I noticed the pictures on her desk. Most of them were of all the girls as a group all over Vegas. They had a few hot pics out by the pool in their bikinis. Then I came upon the pictures from the night of dancing. My wife was HOT!! She must have bought her outfit just for Vegas. It was an off orange top with a lot of cleavage with a black leather skirt. Her tan legs were the perfect contrast between the skirt and top. She was braless and you could almost see the area around her nipples. In one picture she is posing with a twenty something blond hunk that has no shirt covering his bare chest and his arm is around her shoulder with his hand resting on her left breast. My cock swelled as I thought about the events of that night. I put the pictures back in the envelope and went to find my wife. She and her friend were still talking and the friend told me Kelly was the hit of the bar on Saturday night. I felt the moment in my jeans. Kelly just told her she was crazy and quickly changed the subject. When her friend left I grabbed her and took her into my office and with her protesting I dropped my jeans and showed her my hard throbbing cock. I pulled her to me and turned her around so I could undo her bra and free her big tits. It took all of about three seconds to remove her bra and feel her hard nipples. She continued to protest as I got on top of her on my office couch. I went for her tight jeans and in less than a minute they were coming off. I pulled her panties to the side and fed my hot cock to her tight pussy. She kept making comments about employees coming in and that we were working. I just continued to fuck her silly. There was a knock on the office door I ignored it and continued my assault on her cunt. After the knocking stopped, she must have decided to enjoy the moment and stood up facing the couch and guided my cock to her dripping cunt and she then fucked me so hard I need a chair behind me to keep my balance. That night we had fantastic sex. I told her to close her eyes and remember back to the dance floor and when her friend last groped her. I asked was it on your hot tits or that smooth ass. She had an orgasm as soon as my cock entered her hot hole. She kept her eyes closed as I went on about what the guy would do with her. I told her he would have fucked her at least three times with his younger cock.I asked her if his cock was bigger than my seven. This brought a response from her of ?No but he was real thick?. I came right buckets there knowing my wife had touched another mans cock. My cock was still rock hard after I shot my last rope in her and she was on her way to an explosive climax. She had taken over the thrusting and I just laid back and held my cock in place so she could fuck me to her climax. When her orgasm erupted she grabbed a pillow and put over face as she let out a yell (my wife never makes a sound during sex).

Afterwards we were lying in bed and I asked her to tell me all about her touching another man?s cock. She told me she did not do it on purpose and that he had taken her hand and placed it on his cock over his shorts. She also said they took a picture and his cock was pressing into her ass at the time. This made my cock to stir again (so soon this has not happened in 10 years). I told her to tell me every thing. She said he invited her to his hotel room. She said she did not have any intention of going or even doing anything with him. I asked if she had a dream about this stud that night and she said yes. As soon as she said that she climbed over me and went for my cock with her mouth. I pulled her legs over my head and went down on her and licked our juices from her until I had her on the verge of another orgasm. She pulled my head off her cunt and reached around and guided my cock to her wet hole. We fucked for about 25 minutes and 2 more climaxes on her end before I shot another healthy load into her still burning hot body. That was the best Tuesday night sex we ever had. We fucked all week using her trip as a backdrop to other men wanting to fuck my wife.

On Thursday I had set up PG&E to finally fix our electrical problems. We have been in this building for six years and suffer power outages all the time. Our building was built in 1961 and the power lines are at least that old. The generators are from the 1930?s. So we really needed this service. The scheduler told me we would be without power for 10-12 hours. This was a problem because we have a lot of refrigerated product and cannot be without for that long. I figured with the weekend our product would be back to temp before Monday?s sales. I was going to my watch my beloved Chargers play football in Kansas City courtesy of one of our vendors. My wife was paranoid about the electricity being off for so long, especially with me on a plane to K.C. Before I left that morning the PG&E truck was there, I met the man outside and directed him to my wife to handle the shutdown. Before I was on my plane she called and said it was postponed until Sunday. She told me that she told the man that Friday was not good for us and he agreed to do it Sunday. That was great, except I would not be there. She also told me she had given them incentive to finish early and restore our power sooner (my cock started to stir). Her next breath she said she was going to barbecue for the crew. She told me to have fun at the game and hung up.

I had a great time in Kansas City even though my Chargers lost the game on a last second field goal. My wife had called me at the game telling me power was restored in less than four hours. I told her incentive must have worked. She told me agreed to feed them lunch if power was restored in under six hours. She told me that they had a few hours more work and she would be on her way home by 3pm. They had told us to prepare for a 12-14 hour day. I got into the office on Monday afternoon and my wife had already left for her workout appointment. I checked with our employees and went into my office to check my e-mail and snail mail. I was bored and wanting to go home and fuck my wife, but I was closing today. In my e-mail I had a notice from our surveillance company telling me to turn off the auxiliary power source and reset the cameras. I had an emergency power supply connected to our security system a year ago after being broken into during an outage. As soon as I switched the power to normal the computer kicked out a DVD disc. I called the company and they told me that when back up power is activated that a copy is made of all events during the outage. I was bored with two hours to kill before closing so I put the disc in my laptop. I was going thru our eight cameras and trying to see the action around our building. I found my wife talking to the repairman, she was dressed to impress. She had on a loose shirt tied at her belly button and tight jean shorts. She could have passed for Daisy Duke with brunette hair. She was hot and the repairman noticed I?m sure. After the men started working I found my wife watching them from below our canopy out back. With the power out she could open the blinds in our office and let the daylight in, but with the computer down she could do no work. She then washed her truck and in doing so she got her shirt wet and it was clear that she had not worn a bra. With her all over tan the darkness showed right thru the wet white shirt. The crew must have had a hard time working and watching her. I was feeling my cock stir watching my wife on camera. She had done nothing out of the ordinary for her. She always dresses sexy and she even washes her own truck. After the truck wash the dam broke and I was treated to my wife of 25 years using her body to achieve what she wanted (our power back on). It started when the crew leader asked her for the bathroom directions. I could not hear but with her hand motions I knew the answer to his question. She followed him into our warehouse and to my surprise she led him to our private bathroom. As they walked thru our warehouse I could see that his eyes were glued on her ass while she was in front of him. My cock was getting hard. I did not expect in a million years what I saw next. When he emerged from the bathroom he could not find my wife. She soon came in carrying a cold Gatorade from my office. He thanked her and as they left the office area, she was in front again and he was staring at her ass. She then dropped her keys and bent down to pick them up. She kept her legs straight as she picked her keys up and she noticed he had a bulge in his jeans. She smiled and took him by the hand back into my office. My cock now needed to be free from my pants. I locked my door and pulled my cock out and went back to my laptop. She had him sit on my couch and got down on her knees and using her fingers she undid his tool belt and then his jeans and freed a very nice size cock. She licked all around the head while her hands were pulling his jeans and underwear down to his knees. Once his cock was fully exposed she swallowed more of his cock while her hand played with his balls. His hands went right for her tits and she helped him free them from her top. She had his cock down to his balls while he was playing with her tits. He started to tense up and his ass came off the couch and it was obvious he came and she swallowed all of his seed. She stood up and he tried to but with his jeans around his ankle he fell back down. They both got dressed and they went out to the canopy where I saw her point to the other crew members. I wondered what she was doing, but knew soon enough when the foreman walked over and told the next guy an older guy to take a break. The foreman was close to our age and on the short side but very stocky. His body was heavy and very full of muscle. His cock that my wife had swallowed was just like his body not very long but thick. As she led the next guy to the restroom she again led the way with her legs and ass our front. This guy was older and taller and definitely not her type. He had red hair and long side burns and a fat cigar hanging from his mouth. When he came out from the restroom he was heading back to work and I thought she was going to let him go (he was not her type). Then it happened as they were in the dark warehouse she slowed her walk and dropped her keys. Only this time she stayed down longer so that he bumped in to him. She whirled around and went right for his cock thru his jeans. With him she left his tool belt on and freed his cock. It was dark and I could not make out what was happening. My cock was ready to shoot and I had yet to touch it. I was switching back and forth among cameras trying to get more light and a better angle. Out of one camera I saw as she had her top off and I could see her back as she sucked on his cock. I was left in the dark as she continued to suck on his cock. I then saw that he was fucking her mouth as the shade movements told me he was rocking back and forth. Then all of the sudden the rocking stopped. She could not be seen for a few seconds, then out of nowhere she was on the camera in my office and her chest was covered in cum. She must not have swallowed. She went into the shower and in a few minutes she came out naked right as the next guy made his way to the restroom. They were both surprised as she reached for a towel and he tried not to look at her hot naked body. Her nipples hardened up right on camera as he was trying not to stare. She excused herself and went into my office. He went to the restroom and when he emerged she came out of my office wrapped in a towel and as he was saying something she dropped the towel and used her finger to call him into my office. With the blinds partially open I could see everything. She led him to my couch and had him lie down. She took her time in getting his pants down. He was trying to feel her tits as she pulled his pants down he had on briefs and his bulge was more prominent then the foreman. She had a smile on her face as she swallowed his cock to his balls in one quick motion. This guy was younger about 25 or so and short but also very stocky and pure muscle. He used his muscle to pick her up while her mouth was glued to his cock and turn her around so he was feasting on her hot vagina. He was very good because within minutes she wrapped her legs around his head and locked them in place. She never stopped sucking his cock even though he brought her to at least two orgasms with his tongue. After about 15 minutes the guy pulled his face from my wife?s cunt and was yelling something and she just released her grip on his cock as he shot rope after rope after rope of cum in the air and on her tits. She said something to him and went back into the shower. I watched as the guy put his still rock hard cock back into his jeans and made his way back outside. I scanned the outside camera to see if there was anyone else for her to help. I found him already headed into the restroom he went in like curious George not knowing what to expect but excited just the same. I watched as she walked out of the shower naked and horny her nipples were sticking straight out and she went right for his jeans. This guy was the youngest and was around 6?2? but very lean maybe 180lbs. When she dropped his pants she wanted more and had him take everything off. Then she led him by his cock into the shower. His cock was bigger than mine and I knew she was going to enjoy this young man. I had already cum once and my 45year old cock was begging to be touched and released again. She came out of the restroom first and it looked as if she only put him in it. She appeared dry. Sure enough when he emerged his cock was semi hard and not quite at full attention. That did not last long as she led him to my couch and as he sat she swallowed his big cock. She played with his balls as he had his hands all over her boobs. He was playing with her rock hard nipples as she continued to suck his still growing cock. It was getting bigger as she was sucking it. This was not lost on her and she took more joy in trying to deep throat his massive cock.She could only get about ¾?s of him in her mouth. He also wanted more and pulled his cock from her lips and was trying to get her lay on the couch. She did and tried to direct his cock into her mouth to continue his blow job, but he wanted to fuck her. He tried to mount her and she had her legs closed and was using her hands to bring his cock to her mouth. She had his cock in her hands and pulled them between her tits and she squeezed her tits around his cock and then he started fucking her big tits. I lost my second load without touching my cock. He was sweating from the fucking he was giving her tits and she was using her tongue to meet his thrusts and in a few minutes she was rewarded with a huge load of cum all over her neck, tits and tongue which she eagerly licked up and swallowed. He stood over her milking his cock with his hand feeding her every last drop of his cum. he was still rock hard when she made a move to get up. He was not done and wanted her to get on her knees and suck him again. I think she was game until as she stood up he grabbed her and pulled her onto his cock and it went balls deep in her cunt. She was stunned and for a split second thought about fucking this stud the she slowly stood up drawing herself off his large cock until it fell against his stomach. She dropped to her knees and started licking her wetness from his cock for about 5 minutes and stood up and told him to jerk off all over her tits. He wasted no time and shot his second load in 20 minutes all over her tits. He got up fed his cock back into his jeans and left the office. At that moment the power came back on. It was like they planned it that way. After her incentive was finished the power came back on. She got dressed and came back out and fired up the barbecue to cook lunch for the crew. After lunch the men tried to come back for seconds, but she reminded the foreman a deal was a deal. When I got home that night I wasted no time in trying to seduce her and bring the power outage up as part of it. I tried to make small talk about the outage and the fact that they were 6 hours ahead of schedule. Then while I was fucking her I slapped her on the ass and said I knew how she did it. She must have fucked the foreman I said. She said as a matter of fact ?nope?. I then said as I continued to fuck her that I?m sure the foreman was glad she was there and not me for the outage. She had a nice mini climax as I related my thoughts. When she came back to earth she told me that she did dress sexy for the crew. This brought more from my cock as I slowed my pounding while she talked to me. She then told me the whole story about promising them an incentive if they finished early and it was the foreman who made the comment about seeing her beautiful tits as incentive enough. That was on Friday and she took him into our office and unbuttoned her blouse for him to see her tits thru her bra. She said it was the most exciting thing she had ever done and she had an orgasm when he reached for her tits. She said he had his hands all over tits and she remembered back to Vegas and went for his cock thru his pants. She said he was hard as a rock and she felt naughty about getting another man excited and then told him that if they finished in less than four hours she would give the whole crew a blow job and access to her beautiful boobs. I asked her how big the crew was and the foreman had told her six but only four guys showed up. I asked about the size of their cocks and she told me I was bigger than two of them but that the ugly guy had an enormous cock, but he smoked and had red hair so she did him in the dark and had him cum all over her tits. I asked her if she fucked any of them and she said no, but two of them tried to enter her and one actually did for a split second until she pulled out fast. I lost it there and came buckets inside of her. She told me I am the only man she has ever fucked and she wants to keep it that way. She also told me that her trip to Vegas and the sex afterwards told her I would be alright with her offering incentive to the PG&E workers. Boy was I. I told her we needed to go on vacation so we can stay in a hotel and she can offer incentive to others.

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