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In her Masters Chambers

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Master ordered Julie to prepare herself once she was released from her chains. Her cell door was opened so she could go and bathe and prepare herself for whatever he planned for the weekend.

Thinking back to other weekends like this she remembered many things she had been forced to do, acts she performed to please him and his guests. There was the time he had invited only women over to enjoy her as he watched. There had been six of them and they had used her and ravished her the entire weekend. She remebered most the two women who came together. A tall dark haired woman with glasses, plump but very sexy body, full breasts and a look on her face like she was almost bored. With her was a short, tiny built blonde with a nice body and very friendly demeanor. Julie had been forced to 69 the little blond who had screamed and been very very vocal. She had tasted so sweet that Julie really got into eating her freshly shave pussy as the little blond expertly pleasured her. The tall woman with glasses had looked on with certain disinterest as Master was watching as well. She walked over to master and bent down and sucked his cock for several minutes then stripped off her clothing, strapped on a huge dildo and began to fuck the little blond violently in the ass as while Julie and the blonde lapped at eache other....Master joined in and began to fuck the Tall woman hard from behind and his thrusts forced the dildo deeper into the lillte blonde. Master's thrusts grew harder and deeper as the woman in glasses Cried out, "Oh, yess fuck me fuck me hard and deep!"

Master fucked her harder and deeper waiting for her to come. It took her a long time to come but when she did she squirted all over everyone and the bed. Julie saw Master smile as he pulled his cock out the mistress in glasses who now turned her dildo on Julie, with one savage plunge she buried the dildo deep in Julies cunt while the blonde got on her knees in front of master and began sucking his cock.

Later that evening four other women came over to join them. One had a particularly deep and tight cunt that Julie now remembered. As Julie was forced to eat that cunt, the woman with glasses, again strapped on, began ass fucking the tight woman. In minutes all six women were in bed with Julie, eating pussy, sucking breasts, fingering pussy and ass and all of the took their turns at each other and Julie. At the end of the weekend, she was so sore and tired when the women left, then master called her to his room. He told her she had performed well and pleased him when she provided her body for their guest's entertainment. Then he tied her arms behind her back, pushed her down face down on the bed and thrust his huge cock into her pussy. He then proceeded to fuck her long and slow and deep allowing her time to work up to her orgasm. then hed just stopped and told her "No, not tonight. You'll only get to come when I tell you" He pulled his cock out of her and ordered her to suck him. She obeyed and sucked for a long time, then he held her on the edge of the bed and ass fucked her hard till his hot come trobbed and spurted deep inside of her. Then removing her bonds he sent her back to her cell and chained her up....

There were other weekends when his guests had been men and women who enjoyed tying Julie up with elaborate ropes around her breasts, legs and arms then gagging her with a ball gag as they used dildos and probes to bring her off to climax. They seemend to enjoy humiliating her then using her sexually. Sometimes three men would take her at a time with their big cocks in her anus, vagina and mouth at the same time laughing and using her. Sometimes the men and women would use her by inserting a big double dildo into her and the other women taking the other end inside her cunt then while they were forced to fuck each other, the men pushed their cocks down both throats and laughed as they waited for both women to come on the dildo bringing each other off....

But back to tonight, what did Master have instore for her tonight? As she bathed in the deep tub Julie let her thoughts drift. She came back to the present when she felt a soft feminime pair of hands rub her neck and back. Looking up she saw a young girl of nineteen with bright blue eyes. "Master has instructed me to prepare you for tonight," she smiled. When her bath was over, the young girl introduced herself, "my name is Robin" as she helped Julied from the tub, she gently dried her body with the thick soft towel. then Robin lead her over to a massage table and asked Julie to lie down, face down. With the expert hands of a masseuse, Robin massaged Julies body relaxing her. Soon she was rubbing a pleasant smelling body oil into Julie"s skin and she lost trak of time. When the sensous massage was over, Robin helped Julie dress in an elegant long evening dress that followed the form of her figure, revealed just enough of her breasts to be seductive and with the slit down the right thigh exposed Julies lovely legs as she walked..."I must go now" Robin said and she was gone in an instant. Then Master appeared at the door and eyed Julie slowly and appreciatively. "Tonight you'll dine in my private chambers with me at 8:00" Then he was gone.

At 8:00 Julie knocked on the Master's chamber door. "Come in"

As she stepped in the table was set with candles , linen tablecloth, flowers and fine china and silver. Master seated her at the end of the table opposite him. As they dined on a sumptous seven course meal and the wine flowed, he announced that he had a surprise for dessert. Dishes were cleared from the table and from a side door, Julie saw Robin entr the room a slender, classy woman dressed identically to Julie in every respect. Without saying a word Robin walked over to Julie Master told her to undress Robin he watched, she slowly disrobed Robin revealing her beauty.."Tonight, this is a little gift from me for all the service you've provided, Robin is your dessert enjoy and savor her" Julie began to kiss Robin's neck and loved the smell of her hair, as she disrobed Robin all the way, Julies hand's were running all over Robin, her mouth found Robin's soft breast and nipples and she began to suck then as her fingers found Robins soft wet core.

Oh thank you Master! He smiled and watched as Julie pushed Robin back on the table and placed her mouth over Robins' pussy...Ahhh, payback time!

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