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Ill blow you if you blow me

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Author's note: I engaged in the activity described in this story in 1960. A few years earlier Masters and Johnson published "Human Sexual Response" which reported 40% of males had engaged in a homosexual experience by the age of 22. Now 52 years later I would expect that percentage to be upwards of 70% an rising. Step out into the light, guys and admit you enjoyed it and you've been wanting to again.

There was no way for me to know that day how much my life was about to change. I can't recall the time of year, but I was twelve and headed to my best friend's house to hang out after school.

Our parents both worked but I had older brothers and my friend Mark was an only child with orders to stay home till they got off work. That gave us a couple of unsupervised hours to get into trouble.

A normal afternoon involved drinking some of his folks' Yuban instant coffee, smoking some of his folks' Raleigh non filtered cigarettes, and masturbating with his Dad's pad sander. Yes, a pad sander. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it. We tried it multiple times most days. We'd mix it up with manual jerking and mutual manual jerking.

That day was different. I got to Marks' house and he started off with "look what I found down at the corner". It was a wadded up obviously used rubber and just about the neatest treasure in the world. That sexual artifact had us at full boner instantly. We washed it inside and out and even dipped it into boiling water to get it clean enough for my buddy's devious plan.

We took turns wearing that rubber and jerking each other wearing that rubber then Mark suggested that we could blow each other without really blowing each other. After all, we'd only be sucking on a rubber not a real cock. The logic was impressive. The other standard arguments fell into place. If you could suck yourself you would, wouldn't you? If I blow you and you blow me the blow jobs cancel each other, right? Nobody ever has to know, do they?

All we had to do was decide who would go first. The one toss coin flip turned into two out of three then three out of five ... there had to be a better way. There was, I volunteered. Mark rolled on the rubber and lay back on the floor waiting. I positioned myself on my knees between his legs, leaned forward, grasped him at the base of his boner, and slid my lips over his cock head and halfway down his shaft.

Though only thirteen, Mark was a hefty guy and already sported a nice five and a half inch thick uncut cock. I was less well endowed at four circumcised inches and normal thickness for that length. The rubber looked good on him ... back to the blow-job. I gave Mark about a half dozen mouth strokes and backed off to await my turn. He looked at me and said "you are going to really like it". He unrolled the rubber and handed it to me. I put it on my dick and it looked like a kid wearing his father's suit. The rubber did not look good on me. I got into position then Mark got into position and gave back what I had given him. He was wrong, I didn't like it. I loved it, but the rubber made me feel small.

Mark suggested we do another round of sucking and I went him one better by suggesting we go bareback. This time was better. His cock tasted much better than the rubber and I mouth stroked him till my jaws got tired. Those of you who have been down on a guy know how quickly your jaws give out. Mark took his turn and his hot wet mouth on my bare dick was absolutely wonderful.

We were hooked on sucking. In the next two years we rarely failed to end an after school jerk session without blowing one another. We started hundreds of blow jobs, but never finished one as we had agreed not to come in each others mouth.

Not too many years later, I was to learn the pure animal pleasure of unloading in a young girls' mouth. The opportunity to swap loads with another guy was many years beyond that, but it turned out to be a very satisfying experience and has opened new horizons of pleasure.

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