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Ice Cream

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While shopping in our favorite gourmet store, we stopped by the ice cream section. She stood with the freezer open, taking forever to make up her mind. "Should I get Chubby Hubby or English Toffee Crunch?" she asked. "Just make up your mind," I replied, irritated at the wait. We stood for another few minutes, freezer door open, while she made up her mind. I wandered off, and when I got back, I saw her in the freezer case, still trying to make up her mind. What I really noticed was that her suit jacket had fallen open, and her nipples were poking through her lacy bra and sheer blouse. As she bent over, I lost sight of her nipples, but her skirt rode up, exposing the top of her stockings. The sight of her in her suit, the contrast of the black lace stocking tops against her pale skin, knowing her nipples were hard, was too much for me. I walked over while she was bent over and ran my hand up her skirt and massaged her pussy. She jumped, then relaxed when she realized it was me. "Stop," she said, "someone will see." I spun her around and kissed her passionately, her ass pressed against the cold pints of ice cream. Her look of surprise melted away as my tongue met hers. As we kissed, I ran my hand under her jacket and rubbed her nipple. She moaned quietly as our tongues continued their dance. I could feel her breaths come more quickly as with one hand I rubbed her nipple and my other squeezed her ass. Then, I broke the kiss and stood her back on her feet. She stood there for a moment, a faraway look in her eyes as I gave her my devilish grin. She snapped back to reality, and we left the freezer (not buying anything!). Our next stop was the pastry counter. We chatted for a moment with the baker, while my lover looked over the selection. Right as the baker turned around to see to the oven, my love bent over to look at the bottom shelf. I seized the moment and hiked up her skirt, caressed her thigh, and pressed my crotch into her ass. She giggled when she felt my rock hard cock digging into her. I quickly caressed her crotch to find her damp. I fought the urge to take her right there, and barely got ourselves decent when the baker turned around. At the checkout counter, the girl asked if we were brother and sister. She said she thought we weren't acting like brother and sister, but you never know. It was funny! I could barely walk out of the store - I knew that one false move, and I would have a mess in my pants. We kissed in the parking lot as I pulled her close to me by her ass, pressing my cock against her crotch. I could feel her heat, and smell her arousal. She broke off the kiss this time, worried someone would see (we were in front of the store, on a main thoroughfare - of course people could see!). We then headed to the park to eat our lunch. We had made love at the park before, and had some very heavy petting sessions in the Mariner's Museum -- this time would be even better. We sat and ate a normal lunch together, chatting about work. We didn't touch each other, and my erection started to subside, even though I was leaking. When she got up to throw away the trash, however, I immediately became erect again. Her skirt slipped quite far up her leg as she squirmed around to stand up, and her thigh, with the lacy stocking was openly visible to anyone. Unfortunately, no one was around to see it. I could feel my penis throbbing, eager to be freed and planted deep in her cunt. These thoughts were wildly flying though my mind as I watched her shapely ass. When she turned around, she noticed my predicament and smiled. She sat next to me on the picnic bench, straddling it so the skirt rose up and exposed both stocking tops. I felt a jolt as I leaked again. Oblivious to my surroundings, I reached out and caressed both of her thighs. I slowly stroked back and forth, until one of my hands reached her crotch. I could feel her heat through her cotton panties, which were damp with her desire. I looked into her eyes as our mouths met. Her mouth opened and my tongue met hers. I reached up and felt her nipple harden under my fingers, and felt her moan into my mouth. With one hand on her breast, my fingers running her through her panties, and our tongues dueling, all out in the open, my cock had grown to bursting. I pushed her panties to the side and stroked her now exposed clit. She bucked against my hand, and whimpered. I slid my finger into her, and she whimpered again, more loudly - if anyone had been within twenty feet, they would have heard. She undid my zipper, reached in, and pulled my cock out. We broke our kiss and she looked at my cock, and gasped at the sight. Even though I felt I was big as I could be, I filled with even more blood, and my dark red cock swelled in her little hand. "He likes being outside," she said. I groaned as she gave me a few strokes. Then, before I knew what she was doing, she did a quick look around and bent over, sucking the tip into her mouth. I groaned again - knowing she was sucking me in broad daylight, in a very public place was dizzyingly erotic. She slowly moved her mouth up and down, eliciting even louder groans. She stopped, much to my chagrin, and stood up. I thought, "She's gotten nervous again. Show's over," when she pulled her panties aside, and, before I knew it, straddled me. She was so wet, my cock slid all the way into her. She gasped when she felt how big I was, much thicker than normal. She sat still for a moment, getting used to my size, then slowly rocked herself back and forth. The feeling of her pussy stretched tight around my cock as we fucked out in the open was overwhelming. We rocked back and forth, slowing as people walked by, ten to twenty feet away. For ten minutes, we fucked, I wondering at my endurance. It was then that we got the big thrill. She shivered as she had an orgasm, and at the same time, the staff doors to the museum opened. Unknown to us, the museum staff was leaving early that day, and the path to their cars ran by our bench, no more than three feet away. It was too late to do anything but stay as we were. She pulled down her skirt as far as it would go, but there was only so much she could cover. What a sight we must have been - two well-dressed professionals, with her straddling me, her skirt hiked up enough so if she moved you could see the lacy tops of her stockings. I was petrified as the first two staff members walked by, close enough to reach out and touch her thigh. With fear mounting, I started to shrivel. My love felt me shrinking, and clamped herself around me, and started to move. I started to perk back up, and we started to make love with a lot more vigor. When the staff members got too close, we slowed to an imperceptible (we thought) rocking. Most seemed not to notice. My love was too nervous to look at anyone coming down the path, and looked out over the parking lot, so she missed all the looks. Later, an older man, a very professorial looking fellow, came down the path, smoking his pipe, seemingly lost in his thoughts. As got within ten feet, he glanced over to where were. He walked on, then stopped, with what he saw apparently registering. He looked at my love's thigh (the skirt had ridden up again), her undone jacket, her nipples visibly erect, the stretch of smooth thigh above the stocking, her black-clad calves, and frowned deeply. He then looked me straight in the eye and winked, a smile reaching to his eyes. He puffed on his pipe, gave her a long look again, then walked off. He was evidently the last of the staff, as no one else came out of the entrance. With the threat diminished, she started to ride me again. She rocked up and down, then pulled her skirt up above her waist, slowly drew herself until only my tip was in her, then pushed herself back down. I was in heaven as she exposed her pussy and our junction for the whole world to see. She drew up again, and down, and came. I bit my lip, fighting off my coming orgasm. Apparently, the riskiness of the whole situation finally won out, for she pulled herself off of me, and said, "Let's go." I fought to put my glistening red cock back into my pants. We got into the car, and I prepared to drive home. We had not even got out of the park, when she told me to pull into the overflow parking. This is nothing more than a grassy field, and is where all the people walking on the museum's nature trail park. She directed me to the end of a line of cars. I told her that we couldn't go for a walk dressed in suits. In reply, she leaned over and unzipped my pants. She pulled my still hard cock out and stroked it to hardness. Telling me to keep an eye out, she started to blow me. I once again grew beyond my normal, and I could feel her teeth scrape against me as she tried to fit me all in her mouth. Walkers and joggers passed my car, little aware that I was getting the best head of my life. She sucked for what seemed forever, the pleasure stretching out. I could feel the orgasm coming long in advance, and warned her. She intensified her sucking and stroking, until I felt the orgasm boil from the pit of my stomach. I felt the almost constant stream of come pour into her mouth, as she fought to swallow it all. I could feel the orgasm sweep through me, and it lasted forever, the come still shooting from me in long streams, filling her mouth. When I had finally stopped coming, she kissed me long and passionately, the taste of my come strong. She bent down to give my cock one more kiss and suck, and I had another orgasm, a small one. It was one of the most powerful I have ever had.

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