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How We Spent Our Summer Vacation (MMF 1st time)

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How we spent our summer Vacation:

We were on vacation and had decided if the opportunity arose for a three-some that we would give it a try. We had also missed a chance the summer before, but found out that it was definitely something we wanted to try and it helped us to set boundaries and discuss how we would handle it. She likes to be watched and I like to watch, I also let her know that the idea of her giving another guy oral was very hot to me.

We had agreed to see what the night would unfold and if it occurred we would invite someone back to watch us have sex. Suzie had gotten dressed in a pink halter-top that flattered her 36D breasts beautifully. She has gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes. She looked great; we went for dinner then walked to a bar where the locals hang out. We had a good buzz going when we entered the place. There were four people playing pool. Two older gentlemen and two younger. The young guys were both mid twenties one black and one white. When we entered the black gentleman tapped his friend to make sure he got a good look at my wife. They were obviously liking what they saw. My wife played a game or two of pool while I took it all in. Every time she bent over to shoot she gave us all a wonderful view of her tits. The band started playing so we moved to the bar. We were followed by the younger black gentleman. I could tell Suzie had not really noticed him, but he was nice enough and the two of them started a conversation, joking and laughing.

I decided to make this the guy, so when she excused herself to go to the ladies room, I said to Randy, ?There is something you need to know about Suzie, she loves to be watched. So, if you are into it, maybe you could come back to our hotel and see what happens?? With that Randy replied with a resounding, ?hell yeah?. He wanted to make sure it was on the up and up, so he asked me to have Suzie invite him back. When she returned from the ladies room, I told her that Randy wanted to come back to the hotel and watch, but she had to invite him back. A few drinks later Suzie looked at us as asked if we wanted to go for a walk back to our place.

We arrived back at the hotel and mixed a few drinks, we were making small talk, and we found out Randy was a tour guide on the island. I asked Suzie if she wanted help getting out of her shirt and she said she could handle it. As she took off her shirt my erection grew as I knew she was actually going to go through with it. In no time she was down to her thong and had unbuttoned Randy?s shirt. Randy was just staring, not believing his good fortune. She was flirting with him, asking him if he had a girlfriend and what her name was, the whole while she rubbed her tits around his chest. He replied that he did, and then Suzie asked him what she did that he liked, she then knelt in front of him and undid his belt and zipper and pulled out his 7 inch black cock. She didn?t even pause but took his cock and began licking it fully. I positioned myself on the sofa for a better view and began masturbating to the sight of my beautiful wife giving head to this young guy. Randy says, ?I thought I was here to watch?? He looked at me for approval for her to continue sucking his cock and I told them that it was okay to do whatever Suzie decided. I was as shocked as he was, and I could tell by his hard cock that he was not going to object.

With that, Suzie walks out of her thong, over to me, and mounts my rock hard cock on the sofa, while Randy watches and strokes his. She was dripping wet and slid right onto my hard cock. Randy could only see her back and ass so she invited him to sit on the recliner next to the sofa for a better view. After letting me know I was the one she really wanted to fuck, she dismounted me and knelt in front of Randy and began to suck him again, and give me a hell of a show. I watched and stroked my own cock- there was so much pre-cum that it felt like I had already cum. The site of Suzie with this guys cock in her mouth was amazing. She looked up at me for approval and to make sure I was watching. I nodded and smiled. With that, she went crazy on his cock, working the head and taking the entire thing into her mouth. I told her to work his balls and she began licking them while she stroked the shaft and played with the head of his cock. She stopped long enough to tell me to get behind her and fuck her. She lifted her amazing round ass in the air and opened her legs so I could slide right in. I got on and started fucking her from behind. Her pussy was so wet, that my balls were dripping from her juices. The fact that my wife was being fucked by me and I was watching her head bob up and down on his cock was too much. I pulled out and shot a load of cum that was so huge Randy even stopped in amazement, it shot over her entire back and up to her shoulders. I got back to my position beside her and continued to watch again. I got hard almost immediately and started stroking myself.

She asked how he liked his cock being sucked and what she should do, and Randy told her not to stop. I told Suzie to let him know where she wanted him to cum. I could tell he was getting close because he kept rolling his head back and gasping for gulps of air. I said, ?she?s amazing isn?t she?? He nodded gasping , ?She?s incredible!? My wife looked at him and started to tell him to fuck her tits and cum on them. She said,? Grab my tits and come on them, come on, you?ll never see me again, do it, cum on my tits?, I think that was all he could handle, he grabbed her tits while she worked his cock between them and seconds later his black cock started to ooze white cum all over her tits. She used his cock to rub his cum all over her nipples and breasts. She was obviously pleased, very turned on by knowing that I just saw her bring another man to climax. She mounted me again, telling Randy he could watch. Randy stood behind her, hard again, and held her tits while she rode me on the sofa. He was pinching her nipples and telling her to fuck her husband. She was getting so turned on she began to let out little squeals of joy every time he would pinch them.

When we were done I escorted Randy to the Door and thanked him for a good time. He said he only ever read about this kind of thing in a magazine and that it was something he would never forget. He also told me that my wife was a magician with the cock, I told him thanks, but I already knew that. For the rest of the vacation we couldn?t watch a tour bus go by without thinking of Our Guide Randy. Every time I see my wife eating a piece of chocolate, I think of her giving Randy the memory of a lifetime.

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