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Hot time in the city

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The "first date" for the three of us had gone well. We met on a Tuesday night to watch basketball at a local pub called the RAM; unfortunately, Mike and I were too involved in the college game, and we felt bad about that. Jimmy, too, is a basketball fan, but this wasn't *HIS* team. I think he was just there to hang out with us.

Jimmy was very sweet and kind. He was engaging with stories and little antidotes about his life, his family, and Indianapolis. Jimmy is from this area while we were transplanted here in the early 90s. He remembers how things were when he grew up in Carmel and Indianapolis. It was fun to listen to the stories -- it shed light on who he is and what he is all about.

The date ended with a handshake for Mike and a hug for me. It left me wanting more -- and that is just exactly what a first date should do.

Jimmy called later that week; he said that he had received some company tickets to the Indianapolis Pacers game the following Sunday night at Conseco Fieldhouse, and he wanted us to join him as his guests. We made plans to do just that. We met on the Northside, left Jimmy's car, and drove downtown together in our minivan. Jimmy looked adorable -- jeans and Pacers gear. Very relaxed and very sexy. Mike dressed the same way. I had on jeans, boots, a long sleeve tan shirt with a brown poncho.

The tickets were awesome, second row at club level at Center Court. Best seats that we had ever had. Of course, once we found out that Jimmy's company had courtside seats, we gave him a hard time -- I told him that he must not like us enough for the court side tickets. The game was not the best.... but we all loved the festivities. Watching Boomer do dunks during the timeouts and watching the crazy fans do whatever it took to get on the Jumbotron. It looked like the Pacers would pull out the win over Sacramento, but that did not happen. The three of us ducked out sometime before the end of the fourth quarter but not before a lot of flirting, rubbing, and holding of hands.

When we arrived back at the van, I slid into the backseat.

"Ann, I can sit in back," Jimmy said.

"Damn right you will," I replied grabbing his arm and pulling him in next to me. Mike fired up the van and drove out as Jimmy and I got settled in the middle seat. We held hands and shared some long looks into each other's eyes. The sexual tension had built nicely all evening... and now it was almost at a fever pitch. I was hot just by holding his hand and gaze. As Mike navigated out of the parking garage and out onto the streets of downtown Indy, Jimmy leaned in for our first kiss. His lips were so soft.... the kiss was the slightest bit tentative, but as I leaned in to him, he began to explore more. His mouth opened, and I felt his tongue on my lips as it searched for mine.

He soon moved his hand across my back and pulled me close. The kisses became more intense as we started to explore other parts of each other's bodies. My hands slid across his shoulders and neck and through his hair. He moved from my lips and started kissing my cheeks, my chin, my ears, my neck. I was getting extremely wet from the kissing and his exploring tongue. I began to moan.... the verbal of what was going on helped Mike enjoy the episode as well.

I pulled my poncho over my head and tossed it into the furthest back seat. I unbuttoned a few buttons to give Jimmy a nice view down my shirt. He sat back to take in the view and his hand slid up to cup my breast.

"I have wanted to see what was under that poncho all night...."

As he leaned forward to kiss the top of my breast over my bra, he moaned, "And these are perfect."

He kissed just at the top of my bra line.... ran his tongue there and between my tits. I moaned and held his head with both hands as if to say, "Don't stop." And I certainly didn't want him too.

Soon, he slid the silky material of my bra down, exposing my nipples to his gaze. He sat back a little to just take in the view. I loved that. I really felt like he was trying to appreciate my body. He cupped one breast in his hand and ran his thumb up over the nipple. It hardened with his touch. He leaned forward to lick my nipple to its fullest attention.

I moaned, tossed my head back, closed my eyes. "Oh Jimmy...."

He slowly sucked in the nipple and more of my breast into his mouth as I continued to run my hands through his hair. I moved one hand down between us, and I rubbed his thigh. He shifted slightly, opened up to my touch. As he continued toying with my nipples, I caressed upward to his crotch. I moaned when I first touched his hard cock through the denim.... as I rubbed, his hips started to writhe under my touch. I slid my hand up and untucked his shirt. My fingers found his tummy, his hairy chest and nipples.... I did not do the justice to his nipples that he was doing to mine, but I think he enjoyed it.

I moved back to his belt and jeans slowly undoing those as he moved up to kiss me passionately..... he helped and slid his jeans and briefs down.... the van was dark and I could not see very well, but he looked nice and hard with over seven inches of fun.

I might have done this in college, but maneuvering around in a moving van was a little more difficult that I anticipated. I was able to give him a last kiss and then I moved toward his cock. His hand instinctively went to my head and wrapped in my hair as he helped to guide me down.

I extended my tongue and slid it across the top of his hard cock. I tasted his precum for the first time, and he and I both moaned. I ran my tongue up and down the front, then the sides of his hard rod. I teased his balls while I was there as well. But I could not wait much more... I wanted to take him in my mouth. I slid my hand around his shaft, held him straight toward my mouth, and opened wide to take him in. Saliva dripped from my mouth, and I used the wetness to allow my mouth to easily slide down halfway. I held him there while I teased my tongue around the tip. Jimmy moaned.

With more moistness, a mixture of my own spit and his precum, I was able to begin to slide up and down his cock, taking more and more in. Soon, my hand and mouth were working in unison to provide him pleasure. I would pull his cock all the way out as I stroked upward.... I would then slide the palm of my hand across the head. Then, slide my hand downward and take him back deeply into my mouth. This was done in a smooth, wet gesture of continuous motion. Jimmy moaned more, and I sense that his breathing was getting intense.

It was our first time together, and we didn't know each other well. He grabbed my hand to stop my stroking and pulled me up to him.

"Where did you learn to do that?" he asked.

I just smiled as he covered my mouth with his. This time the passion was more intense.

"That felt so awesome. It has been a while for me, but I don't ever remember it feeling THAT good, babe."

I smiled again.

"I don't want to stop, Jimmy. I want to feel you cum in my mouth."

He smiled and mumbled something about not wanting to disappoint me.

I slid down again and resumed pleasing him with my tongue, my lips, my mouth, and my hand. I soon felt Mike reach back while he was driving and caress my legs. So hot.

As I took Jimmy in my mouth and resumed sucking him and pumping his cock, I felt the tip of his cock begin to swell to let me know he was close to cumming. His breathing intensified and his body extended so I could take all of his cock in my mouth. He was far back in my throat, fucking my face, his hand holding my head tightly when he moaned, "Oh god.... I am cumming Ann...."

I pulled back just a little to let him spray cum toward the back of my mouth. I love the feeling of cum splashing inside of my throat. I continued to stroke with my hand as he spurted all of his cum for me to swallow.

After a few minutes, I stopped. I was back sitting next him when we pulled into the parking lot on the Northside where we had left his car.

"I took the scenic route... I hope you don't mind, " Mike teased from the front seat.

"I definitely enjoyed the ride," Jimmy responded as he readjusted his clothes. He then pulled me close and kissed me again, as passionately as before. "I can't wait to return the favor, babe."

We both smiled, and on that note, he slid out of the van. The next day, we started making plans for a get together where he could do just that -- return the favor. Yummy.

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