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Hot Swimming Pool

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Hot Swimming Pool

It is the first day of term. Your name is Arnold. You arrive at Sky views school. It has been a girl?s boarding school up to now. This is the first year that they have decided to allow boys to attend the school. This will be your home for most of the next 2 years. You know that you will be one of only a few boys surrounded by about 300 girls. This will be great!

You feel a mixture of nervousness and excitement. You only know one girl at the school. Frances was your best friend from your home town. You went to primary school together and lived in the same street a few houses apart. It will be nice to see her again.

As you approach the main entrance you pause to decide where to go first You head over to the central office and ask one of the secretaries where you can find Frances. After checking the schedules on the computer she informs you that she should be swimming at the aquatics centre.

On your way there you think that it will be great to see Frances, and that it will be great to see her in a swimsuit. Frances has a great body and it's always a pleasure to see her in something so revealing.

When you arrive, there is disappointment as there is no one in the swimming pool. However, to your left, from behind an unmarked door, you can hear several girls? voices.

You promptly go over and open the door and walk into the room beyond. Apparently since the school used to be girls only they must have decided to save a bit of money on signs. Signs like 'Girls Locker Room'. But in a way you're quite glad that they didn't as the sight you see as you step into this room is incredible.

It is wall to wall girls with most of them being naked. Some are just standing by their lockers getting dressed. Some are standing together talking. As if this wasn't enough, many are having showers, lathering soap all over their young nubile bodies.

You are completely in awe at the amount of naked young flesh in this room. You look down to see that your cock has also taken interest and has swelled to attention. The school uniform you have on has an incredibly large tent showing off your excitement.

You look up to again partake of the view only to realize that you also have been noticed. The girls have all gone silent and are looking your way.

An athletic woman who looks about 25 years old approaches, "You must be one of the new students! Hurry and get undressed and shower, and join our class. I'm Miss Silverton, what's your name?" "I'm Arnold, but I don't have a swimsuit!" You explain. Bummer.

"That's okay Arnold, we always swim naked, so you'll be just like the rest of us," she assures you as she slips her shirt over her head and unsnaps her bra. You stand there like an idiot as you stare at the most perfect set of breasts ever!

"Snap out of it Arnold, you'll have to get used to seeing all of us naked and being seen naked by us too, so get over to that empty locker, get undressed, and take a quick shower. We start drills in the pool in two minutes!" You get your bearings back and see her smile as she walks past you fully nude and out to the pool area. Her pussy is shaved bare. You don't have time to dwell on this, the clock is ticking, and so you rush over and quickly strip down to nothing and run into the shower. The hot water is gone so the water fixes the 'problem' with your hard-on.

You make it out to the pool just in time to hear Miss Silverton's whistle blow, and see the first group of girls dive in and begin laps. You realize your earlier assessment of Miss Silverton's breasts was not exactly true. All the girls? breasts look perfect!

"Hi, Arnold! It's nice to see you made it!" It is Frances, but you have never seen her like this! Frances is sitting on the bleachers, relaxing before her turn in the pool. Her legs are open and you can see her bare pussy. She isn't being vulgar, just comfortable it seems. You suddenly realize all the girls have no pussy hair.

"It's nice to finally find you Frances; I came over here hoping to see you." You pause before adding, "But I didn't expect to see this much of you!" Frances laughs that giggly laugh that you love so much! "You bad boy! I guess you didn't read much of your orientation package!" "Well I..." you begin, but then are interrupted.

"Arnold, Frances, front and center!" yells Miss Silverton.

Miss Silverton instructs you to stand naked in front of the class of girls. Frances seems to know what's going on and sits down on the tile in front of you. The girls start giggling as Miss Silverton sends a couple of them to get "the things." Standing there with Frances?s face a foot from your member and surrounded by nakedness, you can't help but start getting an erection, to the great amusement of your audience.

"They're just embarrassed," Miss Silverton explains. "They're not used to having a boy around, any more than you're used to being around girls like this. At any rate, you?re being... excited like that... will make Frances?s job easier." The girls return with a small box, containing a tiny pair of scissors and a shaving kit. Frances blushes, take the scissors, and pinches up a section of your pubic hair.

"Wa-wa-wait!" you blurt out. "In front of the class like this?" "Everyone on the swim team is shaved clean. This is your punishment for not reading the orientation package like you were supposed to. Now, Arnold, nobody shaves themselves here. We've discovered that another person can always shave you far better than you are able to shave yourself. If you like, we can have one of the other boys do it instead." This wasn't what you were expecting, but given a choice... "Uh, no, this is okay," you say, and then look down as Frances begins clipping off your hairs, allowing them to fall to the cold tile. The cold air causes your penis to shrink a little, and Frances looks to Miss Silverton questioningly.

"Go ahead," Miss Silverton prompts.

Frances takes the shaving cream and, blushing, works it into your balls and shaft, massaging it to bring it erect again, to more tittering from the girls.

You can't help but blush as Frances takes up the shaving razor and the room goes quiet with everyone in it staring intently at the two of you.

"Wait!" calls out one of the girls in the pool. "Miss Silverton, can't I do it? Please? Frances?s gotten to clip and lather him already, I wanna turn! I'll do a good job, I promise!" "Very well, Gina. Get over here!" the twenty-five year old beauty shouts to the girl who had called from the pool.

Looking to Miss Silverton to see her reaction, you can't help but notice the Phys. Ed. teacher's naked breasts bobbing as she waves the unseen caller out of the pool. Another surge of blood swells your foam-slathered cock.

You feel your erecting cock drop from Frances?s hand and look down. The pretty platinum blonde doesn't look too happy as she looks to the source of the call.

You follow her withering glance to the chlorinated froth at pool's edge to see a petite redhead with full, pouty lips and a big smile grab onto the chrome bars and pull her out of the pool.

You hear laughter as the girls surrounding you see your cock go to full erection before them. But you don't care. Walking towards you, eager to take over the job of shaving your sex, is a living centerfold.

You feel Frances?s heated glare turn on you as you continue to stare at the voluptuous beauty dripping water to the slippery tiles below her. She may not be found in one of your dad's Playboys, but could certainly grace the centerfold of his more dog-eared 'Bazzoomz'.

You hear Frances quietly mutter to Miss Silverton, "Don't you think those things might get in the way?" "Shush, Frances, you've had your turn, Gina's earned her right." Miss Silverton replies.

Frances looks on jealously as Gina gently pushes your shaft down and slides the (safe, disposable, not straight) razor across the inside base of your shaft, shearing your pubic hairs off. The entire experience is stranger than anything you'd ever been in before and as Gina continues shaving you, you start to feel more and more naked with all the girls looking at you. Even Miss Silverton looks amused. Your cock starts to shrink a little...

As Gina is lightly stretching the skin on your balls to get it taut enough to shave properly, she stops and looks at your shaft. "Miss Silverton, I can't do this properly if he's limp like this. Should I try to make it hard again?" "Um... well... you do what you have to do," Miss Silverton decides.

You hear bare footsteps approaching. Gina opens her mouth and starts to lower it towards your cock, her tongue starting to peek out.

As your shaft starts to swell with anticipation, Frances suddenly grabs Gina's hair, pulls her back to her feet and tries to slap her across the face. Gina blocks, and the two naked beauties grab each other's arms and start pushing each other back and forth.

Miss Silverton sighs and says, "Very well. Winner gets to finish the job." Frances and Gina push each other a bit, and then they both fall in the pool and start thrashing about. Miss Silverton pulls the girls back as lots of large air bubbles come to the surface.

Dragging the loser by the hair and draping her coughing and wheezing over the side of the pool, her feet dangling in the water, the winner climbs out and smiles broadly.

Frances casts one last look at her beaten opponent before walking over to you. She gets on her knees and picks up where Gina left off. As Frances carefully shaves the last patches of pubic hair you can't help but wonder at just how much you could get away with at this strange new school.

"Miss Silverton, this won't do," you say with a charming smile.

"What do you mean, Arnold?

"I don't have any pubic hair left but I think my throbbing boner would still slow me down in the water. What do you think I should do about it?" Your teacher smiles wickedly.

"Frances, since you're already on your knees you can suck Arnold's cock." Frances looks up at the teacher with a shocked expression on her face.

"Don't look at me like that" Miss Silverton says, "You're the one who was so desperate to help. Now get sucking." Frances slowly turns to look at you. You encourage her by thrusting your hips forward. She takes the base of your penis in her soft hand and pulls the head closer to her lips. At first she is unsure of what to do (you're her best friend for God's sake!) but she starts to lick around the sensitive head. It feels so good but you want more. Frances does not disappoint. Her hand at the base starts to jerk you up and down as she licks a bit faster now.

Some of the girls watching are starting to rub themselves. One small breasted blonde is actually going at it with two hands: one to rub and one to dig deep. Frances is about ready to take you in. She parts her soft lips but you take control of the situation. Before she can tease you some more, you grab her head and pull it toward your cock. With nowhere to go Frances opens her mouth and takes you in. As you keep applying pressure to her head you feel the back of her throat and stop to let her recover. Frances, however, seems to be getting the hang of things. She moves her head back a little but then goes in again and again. You wonder why she's not gagging, is she experienced? Oh well, who cares, you're being blown by your hot best friend.

As your balls slap her chin you feel yourself close to coming. The pressure builds and builds as your cock hits the back of Frances?s throat again and again.

Finally, with a groan, you spill your seed into her warm, moist mouth. As experienced as she may have seemed, she cannot handle all that cum. Frances pulls out after the first shot and you spill the rest of your semen onto her chin, throat, and chest.

"That was good, Frances." Miss Silverton is quick to jump in. "Go and shower, you have the rest of today's class off."

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