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Him, Her and Me, part 2

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My wife & I have been swingers for the better part of 5 years now and have had a number of very fun, erotic adventures. Most of them have been with other couples, but on a few occasions we?ve met just a single man to share our fun with. I?ve always thought my wife to be very sexy and attractive, and even though most other guys will not admit it, I think every man wants his ?girl? to be the center of attention in any situation. Luckily we are very secure in our relationship and sharing our sexual adventures with other people has been a lot of fun for both of us.

A little about her, she is 5?9?, reddish blond hair, with lovely 36c tits, weighs about 150 pounds and has the sexiest legs of all the girls I dated before we got married. Since we?ve started swinging she?s found the benefits of keeping her pussy well trimmed since the other girls she?s taken a liking too have told her how much nicer it is when giving oral sex. She loves to keep me happy and since I love to see her in short skirts and heels that has become her favorite dress when we go out. On the following special night we were going to meet a guy whom I had only met over the internet?.but we?d chatted enough that I felt he was respectful, decent, and genuine, and Brenda had liked him enough when she saw his pic not to go ahgggg (which she likes to do when I?m not talking about us meeting another couple).

That night we were to meet him at his hotel, about 40 miles from our house, and since we both worked until almost 9pm that night we didn?t get there until a little after 10pm, Brenda as usual was dressed very nice. She wore her recent favorite, short black skirt, a sexy black button up blouse, which was unbuttoned down to her tits, (with a push-up shelf bra) and since she didn?t like how white her legs were, she wore a pair of sheer nylons, underneath of a pair of black fishnet stockings with a pair of sexy high heels. The effect was not quite one of a call girl heading out for work, but there was no doubt she would be the center of attention anywhere we went.

Once we found the hotel, we had to take an elevator up to the restaurant/bar that we had agreed to meet Vince at?.and as soon as the doors opened the 1st person we saw was him. The look on his face let me know he was excited to see us (Brenda) in person for the 1st time?.and being the gentleman that he was, he immediately invited us in to the restaurant and found us a table.

Being a hotel restaurant/bar, and after 10pm, there weren?t a lot of other people there when we showed up, but everyone in the room seemed to notice the 3 of us as Vince walked us to a table. Brenda took a seat between the 2 of us and the conversation went so smooth among us, you?d think we had known each other for years. All through our dinner and drinks Brenda?s skirt was riding slowly up her thighs, and I could see Vince?s eyes trying to mentally push it up even more. When she finally excused herself to go to the bathroom he leaned over and told me ?she?s really driving me crazy here?.

Since it was so late when we arrived it seemed like almost no time until last call was given and we had to get over that ackward, what now phase? A lot of times when we 1st meet a person or couple, Brenda does not want to have sex with them the 1st night?.even though she likes them enough and we end up getting together again in a few weeks and have some great fun. Maybe it was the fact that Vince was only in town for a few days, but when he asked it we?d like to see his room she didn?t even hesitate to say yes.

On the way to Vince?s room we talked about needing something else to drink, and since I was the only one with a car it was quickly decided that I would leave them alone while I went to the store?..again this was a bit odd for Brenda, but obviously she felt comfortable enough around Vince, and I trusted him as well, so off I went. The whole time I was gone (and being in an unusual part of town for us it took me a lot longer that it should have to find a liquor store) I was wondering what was going on back at the room. I trust Brenda in anything she would have wanted to do, and it would not have surprised to me to find anything going on when I got back?..but I know she likes playing these swinger games for me and as I figured everyone had their clothes on when I got back.

Brenda was sitting on the couch, and Vince was kitty corner from her in an easy chair, and by the way he kept leaning forward I could tell he was dying to get a look up the last few inches that her skirt was covering. I poured everyone a drink and sat down next to Brenda on the couch. We chatted some more while Vince?s hand finally found its way onto Brenda?s thigh, and slowly began that long 12-inch crawl to heaven.

We finally flipped on the TV and I began checking out the hotel?s porno selection?.knowing that Brenda loves to watch a movie as she & I get ready to have sex. As the movie started she said if we got her another drink she?d take off her stockings?.and you can bet there was no argument from Vince and myself. She stood up in front of him and pulling her skirt up to her hips proceeded to quickly pull down both pair of stockings at the same time. Vince and I both held our breath as she sat back down and didn?t bother to cross her legs (which I don?t think she?d actually done all night).

Almost immediately Vince?s hand was back on her thigh, but this time he did not hesitate to slide it up under the edge of her skirt and to her panty covered pussy. Brenda leaned her head back & spread her legs further apart as Vince got down on his knees between her legs and I began kissing her neck & feeling her tits. I could tell right away how turned on she was by how hard her nipples were and I watched as Vince pushed her skirt up around her hips, spread her legs apart, pulled her g-string panties off to the side and covered her pussy with his mouth for the 1st time. After a few minutes she said to us both that she wanted to see her guys naked so at this point we all 3 stood up and took off our clothes.

Again the look on Vince?s face as Brenda took off her blouse was priceless. Brenda loves wearing a push up shelf bra because it gives her the cleavage she likes while leaving her nipples exposed. The effect with and without a blouse is outstanding?.her tits are almost like being presented on a platter and the nipples are just dying to be sucked. Of course Vince couldn?t help but lean in to do just that, and began sucking on her left tit while she was still sliding out of her skirt and then the last thing she took off, her tiny black g-string panties.

As Vince was licking her nipples I stood behind Brenda & let her lean against me and begin rubbing her ass against my already hard cock. Soon she was slowing starting to sink down as she got into the feeling of our hands roaming over her body so we had her sit back down on the couch and Vince was right back on his knees between her legs. At this point Brenda had her legs spread wide open, with her right leg up over the arm of the couch and her left a full 180 degrees the other way. Vince?s mouth was locked onto her clit, sucking it deeply into his mouth and Brenda was really enjoying the feeling. I decided she needed some cock so I knelt next to her on the couch and pointed my cock towards her face. She immediately grabbed it and began sucking the head of my cock into her mouth. Mmmmm, what a feeling it was having her warm mouth sucking my cock while watching Vince feasting on her pussy?.

After a few minutes of this Brenda looked up at me and as she slid my cock out of her mouth said ?more??.I knew what she meant so I pulled back and got down and told Vince it was time to switch. As he climbed up onto the couch Brenda reached for his cock right away and began giving him the same great blowjob she had just been giving me. Vince?s cock was about the same length as mine, but was definitely bigger around than mine and she was having fun getting used to his size. I watched her for a few moments sucking his cock and then focused on her beautiful, glistening pussy, which was right in front of my face. Using my thumbs I spread her pussy lips wide open, seeing her stiff clit shine with moisture and her pussy opening wink at me as it opened and closed milking little drops of sweet juice for me to enjoy.

I leaned in and began flicking up & down on her clit with my tongue, listening to the moans of pleasure coming from her with Vince?s cock in her mouth. Next I slid my tongue down her pussy to sample that sweet taste and to fuck her pussy with inward stokes of my tongue. She was really enjoying the feelings but I knew she wanted to feel something hard in her so I pulled my tongue out and put my left thumb in her pussy, using the angle to massage her g-spot at the same time. This is what she was waiting for and her hips began rising to the rhythm of my thumb in her pussy. As she began lifting her ass off the couch I took advantage and began licking her between her pussy and asshole?back and forth, pulling her pussy juice down to her ass. Once I had it nice and wet I began pushing a finger from my other hand into her ass.

Now she was really getting into it, she had all of her holes filled between Vince?s cock & my fingers and was loving the fucking rhythm we were all getting into. I moved my tongue back to her clit and began picking up the pace as I heard her moans getting more intense?.until she finally began cumming when I sucked her clit into my mouth & could feel her ass & pussy contracting against my fingers.

Once she came down a little bit Vince and I were ready to feel her hot pussy around our cocks?.I lifted her up from the couch and told Vince to sit down, then turned Brenda to face him. As she climbed forward, with her knees on either side of his legs, to mount his cock I watched from behind her as she reached down and guided the head of his thick cock to her opening. She was so wet there was no problem getting the head of his cock in, but because of his girth she slowly took him and inch or so at a time, deeper and deeper, until finally her ass was resting on his balls. I watched as she slid her pussy up the length of his cock and then back down, building up speed as she went until she was fucking his cock hard and banging her ass into his lap. They were both moaning and grunting at this point as Vince played with her tits and Brenda had her hands on his shoulders?.finally she slowed down & I moved a bit closer and put my hand on her ass. I worked my finger into her ass again and felt how full she felt?I thought about putting my cock in her ass but she was so tight that I decided we?d save that for another time.

I was however hard as a rock myself and ready to fuck her pussy too?as Brenda?s legs got a bit worn out from riding Vince?s cock I helped her off him & we had her get on the floor on all fours. I moved in behind her and slid my cock all the way in, in one stroke?.she was so hot & wet, it felt tremendous to have my cock buried in her pussy. Vince moved in front of her face and she took his cock into her mouth again, licking her own pussy juice off and devouring his cock at the same time. Now she was enjoying 2 cocks at once, one in her mouth and one in her pussy?we quickly got into a rhythm as I began fucking her pussy harder and harder while watching Vince fuck her mouth with his cock. That was all I needed, watching her suck his cock while fucking her hot pussy had me cumming and filling her pussy as we all were making more noise than the porno on the TV we had long since forgotten about.

As I slowed down behind her Vince decided he wanted to feel her pussy around his cock some more, so he and I switched ends while Brenda lay there with her head on her arms, her sexy ass in the air, her knees still spread wide and her pussy dripping my cum and her juice. For the umpteenth time that evening I wished I had brought my digital camera with me?.she looked so sexy at that moment?.any husbands dream, to have his wife be a perfect fucking being. Vince obviously felt the same way because he seemed to want a closer look at her pussy and another taste as well. As I sat in front of Brenda and had her rest her head in my lap he bent forward and gently gave her pussy a few good strokes with his tongue again. Brenda moaned softly this time and swayed her sexy ass back and forth against his mouth. He then straightened up and directed his cock towards her wide open pussy?.sliding it in to the balls in one long smooth motion that had Brenda gasping against my cock.

Once again I got to watch as he began fucking my wife?s pussy?massaging her ass cheeks with both hands and telling her how great it felt. As they built up the tempo I moved my hands to Brenda?s tits and felt her hard nipples slide back and forth across my palms to the rhythm of Vince fucking her. Brenda started urging him on at this point, telling him to ?give it to me?, ?give me that big dick? and ?fuck me hard big boy??.Vince kept looking at me saying ?god she?s feels great? and saying to ?what a sexy women you are? as he gave her the fucking she was asking for. Finally her moans became shouts of ecstasy as she began flipping her head back and forth, throwing her long hair around, across my stomach and quickly hardening (again) cock.

Vince finally slowed, and then stopped, resting his cock in her spasming pussy?..he obviously was enjoying everything about the evening and was holding back from cumming so he could enjoy it as long as possible, but as Brenda slumped forward again into my lap and Vince?s cock popped out of her pussy, she rolled onto her side finally running out of energy.

All 3 of us were panting by now, as Vince and I looked at Brenda?s sexy body lying there on the floor. Vince said something about moving to the bedroom but Brenda said sorry, no, she was about out of energy. He was slowly stoking his cock, looking at her naked ass and I knew that he had been holding back all night but needed to cum himself before we could call it an evening. I suggested he sit back down in the easy chair and Brenda moved in between his legs sitting on the floor. She?s given me plenty of ?quickie? blowjobs as we?ve ridden in the car, or been somewhere else that we didn?t have time to fuck but wanted to get me off, and she knows how to get a guy off when she wants to.

She took the base of Vince?s cock in one hand, his balls in the other, and began licking and sucking the head of his cock?.again she got to taste her own pussy juice on his cock and this got her into it even more. Vince laid his head back in the chair but never took his eyes off her sexy face as she sucked and stroked his cock and balls. I got behind her, loving the site of her taking his cock in her mouth, and began gently massaging her tits. Vince?s cock grew harder and wetter as she dripped her salvia along his shaft?.and as she began stroking his cock faster his hips started matching her movements. As he started getting closer and closer to cumming I could hear his moans getting louder and I whispered in Brenda?s her to lean back and show him her sexy body one more time?.she leaned against me with her legs spread wide around the chair and her naked, shinning body on display for him to enjoy one more time. Vince grabbed his cock and picked up the stroking rhythm Brenda had been doing and stood up, pointing his cock towards her tits. I told her to rub them for him and as she began rubbing her tits with both hands Vince went over the edge, spraying his cum all over her sexy body.

What a night it was for all 3 of us?.I love my wife very much and it is a tremendous turn on for me to see her be so sexy and so into getting fucked. The fact that other men and women get so turned on by her too is the icing on the cake for me and I know I one of the luckiest guys around. I can?t wait until the next time!!

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