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Hiking in the nude

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My wife and I are avid ATV riders. As a rule, we?ll go far out into the backcountry before we disrobe and head out for our hike. One of our favorite hikes takes up to the Santa Fe National Forest and a small stream that leads to a waterfall and the small pond that was formed by the waterfall.

After a long hike, we always look forward to getting to the waterfall, this time was no exception, but when we got near the fall we heard music. Trying to remain discreet we snuck up to the waterfall to see who invaded our spot. Lying on a rock there was a pretty well set up young man getting an all over tan. Stepping back into the trees, I asked my wife what she wanted to do. She said that she wanted to cool off and rest before we started back and that I should ask him if he was OK with the company. Not bringing as much as a towel to cover us left me with a naked approach. He covered his midsection when he heard me approach and sat up, not looking pleased with my presence. I told him that my wife was in the trees and we didn?t want to impose on him, but she would like to jump in the pool and cool of before we started back. He asked if she was also nude and when I nodded he said sure call her in.

After I called her in, he stood up and I noticed that he was still soft, but as soon as she came into view he started getting nice and hard. Somewhat embarrassed he covered up with his towel, but I told him that it?s OK, it?s just natural so he dropped it. Very nice cock! When soft it gave no hint to its true potential.

When my wife saw his hard-on, she smiled and thanked him for sharing the pool with us. He stammered something appropriate and sat down while she eased herself into the pool. Now this pool is usually pretty cold, but on a hot day after a long hike the water feels great. When she got out and sat on the rock with our new friend, her nipples were hard as a rock and he noticed right away. Now it?s always been my fantasy to watch a younger guy fuck my wife and she?s definitely aware of it, but we hadn?t figured it would happen on one of our weekly hikes, but I could see she was interested this guy.

When he wasn?t looking, I nodded to her and indicated she should go for it, so she placed her hand on his leg. Once again, he got hard, nice and hard and looked at me and again I nodded for him to go for it. He slowly placed his hand on her left breast and started to gently squeeze it while she was kissing him. He embraced her and they lay down on his towel while the kissed. This went on for several minutes before my wife decided to take the initiative and moved to mount him. Watching her slide down his cock was a big turn on for me. I could see she appreciated the additional girth but the length was about the same as me. She slid down slowly while at the same time a long moan was coming from her lips. I could see the pleasure in her expression she was definitely into it. Now she can cum several times if the mood is right and I know she was expecting several orgasms from this fuck, but he started cumming as soon as she had her first orgasm, she was not happy with this, but it left me an opening to join the fun.

Since he was fairly young, but still legal, he shot his load fairly early and I know my wife wasn?t satisfied with this outcome. As she laid back on the rock she signaled me over and spread her legs, I know what she wanted. Now for the record, I am bi, so eating fresh jizz out of my wife?s pussy is definitely a good thing for me, so down I went. He tasted pretty good and I gave her some pretty good head. She had the rest of her orgasms and just melted on the rock. Very satisfied?

I looked over at our new friend and he asked me how I could eat her out after he fucked her. I told him I was bi and that I enjoyed the taste of cum. He asked if I suck cock too and I told him that I would if he was up to it. He said that he needed some more time, but he was somewhat interested in what sucking cock was like. Now I was still the only one on the rock that hadn?t cum yet, but I didn?t think of having him suck me off, as he appeared to only be interested in my wife. Well, I told him that if he wanted to try it, I?d be willing to be his first. He wasn?t sure so I told him to just go slow and do what he wanted starting with just fondling it. He took it in his hands and started stroking my cock slowly. It felt OK, but what I really wanted was something wet around it. He seemed to be enjoying giving me a handjob so I asked if he wanted to try putting it in his mouth. He slowly brought his head to my cock and started licking it. Better, but not what I was really wanting. It felt good having him lick my cock and I saw it was reviving him, so I suggested we lie down and that way I could suck him off too. He said sure. Tasting my wife on his cock and having him licking me was pretty hot, but when he finally took me in his mouth I was in heaven. Once I got past his lips, he took to sucking cock like a pro. I felt him starting to cum again and I again tasted his cum. His cock throbbing in my mouth was all it took for me to lose it. Our new friend tasted cum that fine day and he seemed to enjoy it.

We finally sat up and looked over to my wife. She was sitting and had seem most of what happened and asked me if I was rested enough for the hike back. Our new friend said that he?d be willing to take us back to our ATVs in his 4X4, we all climbed into his truck with my wife in the middle, still naked. He placed his hand in her lap and started fingering her pussy and it wasn?t long before she was cumming again.

Damn, this was the best hike we ever had. We exchanged phone numbers and are hoping for a repeat soon.

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