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Her first time!!

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We were sitting at home one Saturday night and I was drinking, he ususally don't, but i had received a text from a strange number which said me and my friend are dropping by. I had sent back who is this and she replied Michelle, so I got all excitited about seeing her. She was an old friend from high school, she and her friend Mike dropped by and they had been drinking for a while, so the three of us were pretty lit. First let me say I am a homophobe bigtime...but the more the four of us sat around and talked the more relaxed we got. It started off with her showing us her boobs and then me showing mine...and she started telling me how perfect they were and how she would like to suck my nipples, and while she's telling me this she's running her hand up my leg into my shorts (which were very short and not to mention i go commando) so it was very sexy and a tad scary, but i guess the alcohol kinda help me not worry that it was a woman doing that to me. As I was telling my husband to save me, he kinda chuckled and said no I'd like to see where this goes. She preceeded to tell me how she'd like to lick my legs from my ankles to my crotch. I think with my liquid courage I got her talked into coming into the bedroom. I'd never been with a woman and had no idea what to expect. Our shirts were already off, so she slowly slid my shorts off and down my legs kissing each and every spot along the way. She started to kiss my pussy which was already twitching from just thinking about what she was about to do to me. It was amazing how soft and sweet she was doing it, and she knew exactly where to go and what to touch. I'm not for sure how many times I got off but it was quite a few times and then some. She went from eating me to kissing me, and sucking my tits. I could feel her fingers going in and out of me, three maybe four..the feeling was so enjoyable her hands were little so I'm not sure it might have even been her whole hand going in and out, but whatever she was doing she was doing it right. She was making my toes curl, she bit my nipples so hard, but a good hard if she only knew just how much I liked them bit, but she had no idea. Little did we know the guys had been standing in the window trying to look in, the view wasn't very good my husband told me later, but he didn't need a view he knew what was going on in there and he was more turned on at that momment seeing it or not...all he could think about that whole time is what a woman was doing to his wife, and how much it excitied him, and that he was going to be next. After a few minutes in there I grabbed the oil my husband and I keep on the nightstand, and we must have used half the bottle, each time she put her fingers inside of me it was so good that I lifted myself up just to get closer to her mouth, each time I cum, I could hear her say umm yeah, made her know she was doing something right. I had just started tasting myself off my husband lips and now i was tasting them off of a womans, the thought of it now amaze's me. I think we went on for about 30 min, then next thing i knew Jim and Mike were standing in the door way. Jim told Michelle her time was up, and he needed to be with me. She got her clothes on while he was taking his off, he didn't even wait til her and Mike were out of the room before he had climbed on top of me and was already inside me, and he picked up where she had left off. He tasted me and ate me after she had been there, then kissed was making my mind explode, that night it was all about me me body just trembled that night with excitment and pleasure..I never thought I would do anything like that, but one thing I know now is never say was a expirement I'll never forget and one I'll think about often....

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