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Her Revenge - Part Three

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Part Three Some time later she returns to the bathroom ‘You shouldn’t have talked’ then she placed a linen wash bag over his head. ‘You did, however have a good idea.’ She untied his legs. ‘Get on your knees.’ He did as he was told although he couldn’t see where he was. She ran her fingers over his ass. ‘mm, you have a nice ass’ She knelt behind him and pushed his body forward so he would have been on all fours if his hands hadn’t been tied. Opening his ass cheeks she bent forward and licked his ass hole. He jumped forwards a few inches. Taking hold of his hips she did it again, probing his ass hole with her tongue. She carried on licking and probing at the same time she started massaging his cock with one hand and his balls with the other. ‘Mmm, I like that, I might fuck that ass hole with my vibe, would you like that?’ She looked over his back at his head and it was nodding, she thought he looked like a horse, or a dog. Licking some more to make it very wet she took a smaller vibe and eased it into his asshole. His buttocks clenched so she slapped his ass. He relaxed again and she carried on pushing the vibe in, then pulling it out again until it was sliding easily both ways. She moved it around inside him, making him groan, fucking him with the vibe. He was pumping fresh air, she knew he wanted to cum, she went faster, and harder until he was panting then she withdrew it quickly and stood up. He groaned loudly through his gag, he wanted to cum.

‘No no, I don’t want you to cum yet, you have to fuck my ass to cum’

She manoeuvred herself on her knees in front of him, this man with his hands tied to the towel rail would fuck her whilst blindfolded and gagged. ‘Bend down and lick my ass, make my hole wet’ she demanded. He did as he was told and found her hole. His tongue eagerly licked and probed her. He wanted to fuck her so he could cum, his cock was about to explode. ‘that’s enough’ He lifted his head and she moved back towards him. Taking hold of his cock she guided it to her ass hole. This time it was easier and less painful.

He slid in gently and felt the tightness of her fresh ass around his cock, it felt good. Slowly he pushed further in then out a little, easing in despite wanting to fuck her hard and fast. He increased the speed with each thrust, pulling on the towel rail with his tied hands; he could feel it coming away from the wall. She was gasping with each pump. As he pumped he pulled against the towel rail until it snapped away and his hands were free. She didn’t notice as he pulled the bag off his head and removed the gag. He gripped her hips, digging in his fingers and he thrust as hard as he could until he was fully into her ass as far as he could go. She let out a scream and he let his animal instinct take over. He couldn’t stop himself any more. He started fucking her ass hard and fast, he wasn’t even on the same planet, the pleasure was driving him insane, he kept on thrusting deep in her ass, she was crying out. ‘Harder, faster boy’ he obeyed willingly, he couldn’t have stopped if he wanted to. He felt himself cumming. He thrust faster as he felt the hot climax taking hold he couldn’t stop it, it spewed up from the pit of his belly, driving up into his balls then ultimately drilling out of his cock deep into her asshole. He carried on thrusting, unable to stop even though he’d cum. She started screaming at him ‘Don’t stop bastard, I’m cumming’. He leaned forward over her and took a breast in each hand and sqeezed, as he thrusted into her he wanted to give her pain, pleasure and pain as he had given him. As he pumped he pulled on her breasts and pinched her nipples, she had them pierced and he pulled at them. She was cumming, he withdrew.

‘Fucking bastard, fuck my ass now’ she screamed at him.

He stood up and pulled her to her feet and dragged her out of the bathroom. They were in the bedroom; he picked her up and threw her on the bed. There were ropes on the four corners on the bed, probably waiting for him. He straddled her and quickly tied her arms and legs so she was star shaped, naked on the bed.

‘Bitch, did you think you could r*pe me and not pay?’

‘You enjoyed every minute of it, you should thank me.’

‘We’ll see who’s thanking who in the morning, how much Viagra did you slip me?’ he looked down at his throbbing cock.

‘Enough to keep you up all night’

‘Well, let’s see you take it then’

He straddled her chest and pushed the hot cock into her mouth, she opened wide, eager to taste it. She sucked and he pushed it deeper, making her gag. Then he pulled out and pushed his balls into her face, she licked them and sucked them willingly. Quickly he turned himself around and pushed his cock back down her throat, dropping his head between her spread eagled legs and tasting her pussy. She tasted good, he ran his tongue around the outside of her lips, teasing her, making his way around her clit but not touching it. She was wriggling beneath him, unable to talk as his cock was down her throat. He spread her lips wide apart so her clit was standing out then took it into his mouth and sucked gently, he could feel her spasm with pleasure. He did this for a few minutes then slid his fingers inside her cunt, after a few minutes more he slid another finger up her ass. He started pumping her face, he could keep this up for hours, he didn’t need to cum again yet. He could tell she was near to cumming so he stopped and climbed off her.

‘So, you need to cum yet?’ he asked ‘bastard, please, fuck me, let me c um’

‘when you say sorry, and mean it of course’

‘Oh I’m sorry, sorry you got loose!’

‘Mmm, not the right answer’ He noticed the blindfold on the bedside table and put it around her eyes. ‘Now you won’t see what I’m going to do to you’


She felt him push her small vibe up her ass, her body was aching to cum. Then she heard him leave the room.

‘Where are you going?’

‘I’m going to raid your kitchen, back later’…….

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