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Her Birthday Present

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Here's a story you might like, all the names (except mine) have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent! I had been seeing Linda for about a year; we'd get together once in awhile for some hot sex, she had always fantasized about being with two guys. I met this gentleman named Joe who had the same fantasy, he had been with another couple but only took pictures, not much interaction, he was ready to try more! Linda's birthday was coming up and I suggested the idea to her, she liked it! Joe followed us to my house by the lake... I lighted a fire and made everyone some drinks. Linda sat next to me on the couch, I started rubbing her leg and she leaned over and started kissing me. Joe came over and sat on her other side; started touching her thorough her blouse. I could feel Linda's passion rising as she kissed me harder while Joe's hands explored her body. Linda moaned softly as she place her hands on my stiffening cock. She leaned over and pulled it out, doing so caused her to skirt to rise up. Joe probed her dripping pussy with his fingers while she swallowed my cock. I undid her blouse and bra, letting her full breasts rest against my legs. I loved feeling her hard nipples pressed into my thigh.

I stroked her back and hair while watching Joe. He was busy playing with her pussy, I could see his fingers working in and out of her tight lips, lips I knew so well... lips I had probed myself, with both tongue and fingers, lips I had parted with the head of my cock, watching it slowly disappear inside her warm wetness. Linda was really hot now, she was swallowing the whole length of my shaft, I could feel her warm breath on my balls. I suddenly decided we all had too many clothes on. Gently disengaging my member from her mouth, I stood up and stripped. Then I pulled Linda to a standing position, she was limp and seemed like she was in a trance, I had never seen her so aroused... I noticed her panties were soaked as I slipped them off her, and then her dress. I guided her to the nearest wall and knelt in front of her, drinking the juice that flowed out of her. Joe got a few pictures of me lapping up her sweet wetness. Linda cums hard and moans loudly when she does... she was moaning all the time by now, floating from one orgasm to the next. I next brought her over to a beanbag (they are great for making love, infinitely pose-able!) and bent her over it. Her pussy was actually quivering and my rock hard cock slide inside with a single stroke. Joe positioned himself in front of her. She sucked his cock while I plowed her deeply from behind, I could feel her juice dripping off my balls as I fucked her long and hard. She stopped sucking Joe every few minutes to let out a series of low moans... this was turning out to be a great birthday for her!

Every now and then, Linda would look back at me, give me a mixture of smile and moan, tell me to keep fucking her which I gladly did. The shaft of my cock was glistening with her juices. I had both hands on her ass, pulling it towards me as I thursted rythmically in and out of her swollen lips, I had never seen her so swollen and wet before! Joe was enjoying having his cock sucked, Linda kept time with my thrusts, stroking the base of Joe's meaty cock while she licked and sucked the head. As much as I was enjoying this, I knew Joe wanted to bury himself inside Linda.

We both helped Linda up, she was really in the zone now, helped her to my bedroom where I had hung a sex swing. This is an amazing device hung securely from the ceiling by four strong chains, it allows the woman to lie comfortably on her back, her hungry pussy just at the right height to glide effortlessly back and forth on a hard shaft. Once Linda was comfortable in the swing, Joe and I took turns fucking her and being sucked off by her talented mouth. When it was my turn with her pussy, I would rock her back and forth, watch her swollen lips envelope my dripping cock. I could take a free hand and stroke her belly, the insides of her thighs and stroke her clit. Her clit was so hard, it stood out from it's wrinkled hood, I'd take that loose skin around it and move it in small circles... She moaned louder every time I did this... I really don't know how I keep from exploding inside her, filling her hot, wet, swollen pussy with my cum... somehow I did, something about being able to stand on your feet helps! The next time Joe and I switched positions, I took a few minutes to kneel in front of Linda's dripping wet cunt, licking her well worked pussy sent her over the edge and she grabbed joe's cock and jerked it back and forth as she climaxed for the umptenth time.... While Joe worked his own tool in and out of her, I marveled at Linda's firm breasts, cupped them with the palms of my hands while she hungrily devoured my cock. Holding the base of my cock in her hand she looked up and me and said in a husky voice... "I want you both to fuck me now.".

Joe helped her out of the swing and onto the bed, he carried her while his cock still was inside her, a very talented man! Once Joe had her on the bed he gave her a few more strokes before withdrawing his cock from her swollen pussy. I rolled her over and planted my cock in her, doggy style. Fucking her with a slow rhythm, I motioned to Joe to bring me some lube. Joe applied a good quantiy to the top of her ass and we watched it run down and pool around her tight rosebud. I worked the lube around it with my fingers, spread it just a bit with my hands and then started working inside it with first the tip of one finger, working slowly up to my thumb, then two fingers. Joe was busy setting up a couple of video cameras on there tripods, Linda wanted the encounter taped to enjoy over and over again! While Joe was otherwise occupied, Linda was really getting into being fucked in her pussy (by my cock) and her ass (my fingers). She gyrated her hips around and was telling me how much she wanted both of us to fuck her. Joe came over and was ready... I layed down on the bed, Linda straddled me, her pussy actually dripping on me as she positioned herself over me. She reached around in back of herself (god I love when a woman does this!!) and held my cock straight up as she lowered herself down onto it, she was so swollen and tight, her llps were actually quivering... I watched my cock slide inside her. She layed down on me, my hands on her ass, spreading her cheeks. I glanced down and saw Joe lubing up his cock, he placed it on the top of her ass and slide it down until the head was right at the tight little opening... I tried not to move too much, knew I couldn't hang onto my own orgasm if I did... I could feel Joe's cock slide inside Linda's tight ass, she was saying 'oh god, oh god' and 'yeah, fuck both my holes' and I felt her pussy muscles spasm as she gushed juice out onto me. "Oh, fuck, yeah" she screamed as she bucked up and down on my cock, taking Joe's cock up her ass at the same time.... I couldn't hang on any longer... we had been fucking Linda for literally hours and I let go of the largest load of cum I have ever known... filling her pussy with it, it mixed with her juices and ran out onto my balls, dripping onto the floor. Joe, feeling both of us coming was pushed over the edge himself... he withdrew his raging hardon from Linda's puckered asshole and shot hot, white, sticky cum all over her ass and back.

We lay there in a heap for awhile, all breathing deeply, the smell of hot sex lingering in the air. God I love a good threesome!

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