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Help Closing the Deal

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I was selling advertising from a cubical for a major firm but when the leads turned into a certain dollar amount they got bumped up the an outside sales person. I up sold one of my return customers to an ad which made it bump up to a on site sales call for next year. When the renewal came up the sales person from our office, Bob came to get the background story and history in my notes for the customer. This wasn?t unusual but what followed was. Bob came back to me in a few days saying that the customer would only talk to me and not to Bob. So Bob asked if I?d go see the customer, and sell the deal for which he would share the commission with me for what ever I sold. The company was only going to pay Bob and Bob would share with me from his own pocket. I agreed and sold the ad for him with a personal call on the client.

Bob made a much larger commission rate being in the higher sales bracket then me and my co-workers in the cubicles. Bob offered to have my husband and I over to his house for a ?thank you?. I agreed to it and told my husband Tom about it when I got home that night. Tom said ?Isn?t that Bob of Bob and Karen? I replied that it was. ?And aren?t they the wife swappers?? he asked. I said yes but added that was only a suspicion of many in the office. Tom said ?Hey I?ll go just to have another good look at that Hottie, Karen?. Tom disclosed that Karen had approached him with the hots to play around at one of the office parties. While this was news to me, I easily believed that she would be flashing her store bought tits and sculpted ass at one of the parties, especially since she always wore just enough clothes to cover things and not get arrested.

?You just behave yourself if we get over there? I told my husband. ?Hey, maybe you should tell her that? he replied. ?She came on to me, you know?. Think about times in the office when Bob flirted a little more than what I could call innocent I blurted out ?Well just remember that whatever is good for the goose is good for the gander?. I was sorry as soon as it left my lips. Tom wanted to know what I meant by that and I figured that the truth would be the best out for me at this point so I told him Bob had flirted with me on several occasions. Some more observations were exchanged and we came to think that maybe there was more to the rumor of them being swingers than we previously suspected. ?What are we going to do if they hit on us in their own home?? Tom asked me.

I threw it back at him with ?What do you want to do? Get insulted and leave of stay and play along with them?? Tom responded with ?So you are saying you want to swing with them? ?I asked you first? I replied. Tom came back with ?So you would if I would?? We came to a moment of honesty within our relationship. Over the next few exchanges we covered that we had attraction to them as partners for sex, that we were not virgins when we met, that we knew the difference between true love and recreational sex and then the big one?..if they start something we could go along as long as, no jealousy from either party and we would come home together no matter what. I added that if the situation was uncomfortable for either of us we could pull the plug and come home in the middle of anything. Tom agreed so we closed the issue for the evening; however the sex we had that night was phenomenal in content and intensity.

Bob approached me the next Monday that Friday was good for them if Tom and I could make it and I asked him to have Karen call me before then but he could count on Tom and I being there. Karen called that night and I asked if we could bring anything and jokingly what if any dress code was there for their house. We chatted for awhile to have a casual get together with some finger food and adult beverages and if we?d like to get into the hot tub that was certainly an option. Since Tom loves hot tubs and we don?t have one I acted excited and promised to pass that idea on to my husband.

Tom and I discussed the information Karen shared and the hot tub idea peaked his interest. I said ?you just want to see Karen in a swim suit? To which he responded ?Why hell yes I want to see Karen in a swim suit?and I hope it?s a skimpy one at that?maybe even a thong?. I reminded him that whatever he was doing with Karen I was most likely going to be doing with Bob. Tom relayed that he thought that seeing me with Bob having sex would be erotic as hell. I was getting the picture and my interest in going to Bob and Karen?s was becoming the dominate thing on my mind that week.

Friday came around; I laid Tom?s tight black jeans and his silk shirt and his good sandals were set out for him to wear. My outfit was next to his on the bed as I started getting ready. My short, low cut, black cocktail dress with spaghetti straps and a black thong were to be accented nicely with my black strap summer shoes with a slight heel to give my legs some shape. I was setting the bait for Bob?s attention. Tom was dressed and watching the evening news when I got out of the bath room but he made no comment about the clothes I had on the bed so I grabbed a red dress and the black one, both on hangers and strutted into the living room to ask him what he thought about the black or the red dress. I was holding them up by the hangers wearing nothing but the thong and the shoes. He opted for the black dress, I knew he would, and I promptly put it on in front of him to let him know that was all I was wearing that evening. I said ?I?ll be ready in a few minutes? Tom came back with ?Bob?s going to love that thong?.

We threw our bathing suits in the back seat and headed for Bob and Karen?s. A kiss at the front door and we rand the bell. Karen greeted us with a see through blouse, nothing under it to cover her breasts and a short leather skirt. Air kisses between us ladies and she planted a wet one on my husband?s mouth in the foyer before leading us to the great room for drinks. She directed Tom to the basement where Bob was in the rec room and we would be joining then in a minute. Karen got right to the point with ?I know you most likely heard that Bob and I are swingers and like to swap partners for sex, but you don?t have to be uneasy about that since we are not here for that tonight?.then she added ?That is unless you want to?. I let her know that yes we heard that about them and we had an open discussion about that possibility. Karen got all excited and cooed about how hot she always though my Tom was and that Bob mentioned that he?d like to be with me if he ever got the chance. The open honesty was consuming my interests in getting involved in a lifestyle like theirs.

Karen said that it was easy to get the men to go along with wife swapping; that it was up to the ladies to start things to give them the signal or the go ahead. When we get down stairs just kiss Bob and that will get it all going, meanwhile I take care of Tom. We prepped up some finger food on trays and headed down the steps to join the men and heard the poo balls break on the table in the middle of the room. Placing the food on the wet bar Karen asked what we were all drinking. The men each wanted a beer so we each took one but Karen whispered to me that I was to take one to Bob and she would handle Tom. With Bob?s beer in one hand and the pool cue in the other Bob nodded for me to look over at Karen and Tom. Karen had handed Tom a beer so his hands were full and her were on Tom?s belt as then kissed. Bob said ?Well are you going to join the party?? I said nothing but stood on my tip toes to kiss Bob and started working on the buckle of his belt. Next time I looked over to Tom?s direction Karen had his pants down and was sucking my husband?s penis. I was a little shocked but at the same time very excited.

I pulled Bob?s pants down to his ankles and found no underwear, but instead a hard penis sticking straight out. He was bigger and longer than Tom but very inviting so I started sucking it. I was focused on sucking Bob and giving him pleasure when I felt a hand come up from behind me under my skirt to play with my thong, push it aside and a finger went into me. It was Tom behind me. I stopped for only a second to look and catch a breath to see Karen standing over him with her skirt pulled up around her waist, revealing that she was not wearing panties and Tom munching away at her vagina. Soon Bob said ?I need to get off my feet?. We stopped so I stood up, Bob had put his drink and pool cue down and he pulled me back to rest my back on his front as we watched Karen and Tom get comfortable on the huge sofa area across the room. Bob pulled my dress up and slid a thumb under each side of my thong. He send it to the floor for me to step our of it but no sooner did that happen and the dress came up over my head and off.

We made our way to join the other spouses on the big sofa. There Karen was on her back and Tom was busy licking her pussy. Bob directed me to get beside Karen and he gave me the same oral attention. Bob must have had more practice than my husband or I was excited from having a new lover between my legs but either case I was enjoying the tongue. Tom raise his head, kissed Karen and aimed his penis into her wetness. She spread her legs high and wide to allow his full penetration. Bob soon came up for air and took the hint to do like wise so I spread my legs and welcomed that big cock to be pushed into me. Gladly I started to move my hips to fuck Bob back for each stroke he gave me. It was hot on several levels. Anew lover, my husband with another woman was making me hot by watching and my husband knew I was fucking another man and it was with his full consent. I realized that I liked swinging.

Tome let go first and had his orgasm in Karen. I was feeling the growing need to let myself have a climax. I think Tom and Karen knew and even sensed it as they both urged me to let it happen. It did, I came, and I let it go for as long as it felt natural to let it. Bob had his fulfillment and emptied himself into me while I was still having the spasms from my climax. Bob pulled out and got on the sofa beside me. Tom was on my other side so I reached each direction and grabbed a cock in each hand. Karen came around in front of me on her knees and went down on me to lick me and taste Bob?s juices. This was most unexpected and very very very erotic. I could not help myself feeling another spasm of physical ecstasy come over my body. Karen kissed a trail up y body to my mouth and we enjoyed each other?s tongues for a long wet kiss. She retreated but only to one nipple then the other before standing up and saying ?Okay guys, who for some hot tub time??

We headed for the hot tub but on the way we were to take a shower in the ?locker room? style area between the rec room and the back of the house where the hot tub and pool were located. We all got a shower, and the men washed the ladies till it was our turn to return the favor and then we got into the hot tub. The conversation was bout the lifestyle of swinging and questions of what Ton and I thought about our first experience. We were warned that the next time Tom and I had sex; it would be out of this world hot. We found that to be true at home the very next morning.

What a wonderful thank you for helping close a deal at work. Oh did I mention that we were invited back in a few weeks? And did I mention that we already accepted the invitation?

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