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Grocery Shopping

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Grocery shopping

My wife and I live in a medium size Southern city. I had been a mid-level executive in the local office of a national firm. My pay had always been good, enabling my wife to stay home and live a more or less "country club" existence.

This all came crashing to an end several months ago however when I was laid off due to a company merger. Things got financially tight real fast. I had trouble finding a comparable position, so I ended up working two jobs; both in retail. Both jobs combined paid considerably less than my previous position and I was putting in twice as many hours. I was always busy and always tired - plus we were always broke!

Things got a little testy around the house since my wife had to curtail her life of leisure. My wife had grown up in a wealthy family and was used to that life style. She spent her days either playing tennis with her friends or working out at the health club. She has great body and is very buff from all her work in the gym. When she can't make the gym, she jogs around our neighborhood. She liked her life, and decided to do something about maintaining it.

I couldn't argue when she insisted on helping me with the bills - even if her methods were a little unorthodox.

My wife's approach to easing our financial strain was to resort to the time-honored tradition of bartering.

Instead of paying money for our goods and services, she planned on trading her voluptuous body for them. She wasn't thrilled with this idea, but felt she had to do it to save us from bankruptcy. She also felt it would only be a temporary arrangement and would end as soon as I found a decent job again.

As time went on however, her attitude about bartering her body changed. She started off by having sex to pay the necessary bills. Soon, she was bartering her body for increasingly frivolous items. She finally hit rock bottom when I caught her giving the manager of the corner convenience store a blow job in exchange for a six pack of beer. But, I'm getting ahead of myself...The following story is the third in a series of her exploits - enjoy!

Grocery Shopping

Almost a week had passed since my wife's ravaging at the tire store. After hearing of her ordeal, I urged her to try and find a regular job to help pay our bills. She actually went through the motions of a job search for a few days, but I could tell that her heart wasn't in it. She finally confessed that bartering her body for goods and services, while at times degrading, was easier than a 9-5 job. It could even be fun and exciting at times, she admitted. I relented and decided to let her do it her way, any help making ends meet was welcome!

On Wednesday morning she said she would drive me to work because she needed the car for grocery shopping. "Babe, I don't get paid until Friday, there's not much in the checking account" I said. She looked at me over her coffee cup and said "I'm entering into a business arrangement with the manager at the grocery store" she said. "He's really pretty cute, and we need to eat! Besides, he caught me shoplifting the other day and is threatening to press charges if I don't cooperate."

I was shocked! My wife caught shoplifting! Had things really gotten that bad?

She proceeded to tell me how she had been in the grocery store Monday to pick up some things for our dinner that night.

That same afternoon she had a job interview. While in the store, she remembered that she needed a pair of pantyhose for the job interview, having snagged her last pair the previous day. She only had $10.00 to cover the food for dinner.

She was wearing a skirt, blouse and heels, but no hose when she entered the store. Apparently, the store manager had noticed her and her bare legs. My wife has great legs, with or without nylons, so it was no surprise the manager noticed her. As she was shopping, she took a pair of black, sheer and silky pantyhose off the shelf, went to the ladies room, and slipped them on. When she resumed her shopping, not only did the manager noticed her now nylon-clad legs, but the store's security camera clearly showed my wife slipping the pantyhose into her purse and then walking to the restroom.

As my wife stood in the check-out line, the manager tapped her on the shoulder. "Would you step into my office for a moment Miss" he asked her. My wife was frightened, but planned to deny any wrong doing. Her heart sank to her pretty feet when she entered the manager's office.

In the middle of his desk was the pantyhose package she had stupidly left in the ladies room wastebasket! To make matters worse, he had the video of her putting the pantyhose in her purse playing on a security system monitor. She was busted!

"May I see your driver's license please" he asked, holding out his hand. My wife handed her driver's license to him and watched him as he copied her name and address onto a form. After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, he handed the driver's license back to her. "Mrs.

Miller, we have a problem" the manager said. My wife, totally embarrassed, stared down at her feet. "Although the pantyhose you stole won't impact my bottom line profit, I can't stand idly by and allow theft in my store" he said solemnly. "I'm afraid I'll have to call the police and press charges, its store policy" he added. My wife was horrified! How would this look on the society page in the newspaper!? "Please don't press charges" she pleaded, "I'll pay for the pantyhose." "It's not that simple Mrs. Miller. The damage is done, it's been recorded on our security cameras" he said. All my wife could think of was keeping this whole thing quiet and not having her good name on file down at the police station! "What do you want from me?" she asked, pathetically whimpering and starting to cry. The hard nosed manager held his ground.

"For starters" he said, "I want our pantyhose back." My wife looked at him, not sure what he meant.

"Now Mrs. Miller, take them off and hand them to me" he commanded.

My wife had been sitting in a straight back chair right at the side of his desk. She reluctantly kicked off her pumps, stood up, lifted her skirt, and began pulling the pantyhose down. The manager watched her intently. When she finished slipping them off, he held his hand out to her. My wife placed the pantyhose in his hand, still warm from being on her beautiful body. "Since you seem willing to cooperate Mrs. Miller, perhaps we can work something out" the manager said.

My wife was beginning to feel a little bold. She blurted out "Don't try and blackmail me buddy, I'm not some little whore you can scare into doing whatever it is you want!" "That's exactly what I plan on doing" he said, reaching for the phone. My wife grabbed his hand, her bluff had been called. "Don't call the police" she mumbled, "What do you want?"

"So, you are a whore after all, aren't you Mrs.

Miller?" he asked. My wife merely nodded. "I thought so" he smirked.

"Go to the produce department and pick out the largest cucumber you can find" he said to her. "I want you to stroke the cucumber and suck and lick on it like it was a cock. Do it very slowly and sexily, I'll be watching on the security camera" he said. "Do it right like the whore you are, now get moving!" he growled.

My wife scurried out of his office and walked quickly to the produce department, wondering what she had gotten herself into. She found the cucumbers and began looking them over. She looked around for the security camera, finally finding it tucked away up in the corner. She found a cucumber that was at least 10 inches long and so fat that she couldn't get her hand all the way around it. This should do nicely, she thought to herself - if I can get this thing in my mouth!

She looked around and saw that the only other customer in the area was a good 25 feet away. She faced the security camera and began slowly stroking the pseudo-cock with her hand.

She brought it up to her mouth and began licking the sides, pretending it was the manager's dick. My wife then looked directly into the security camera and stuck the cucumber in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down on it as if she were giving someone a blow job. She started to get turned on! Unbelievable, she thought, maybe I am a whore!

After a few minutes of putting on a show in front of the security camera, she walked back to the manager's office. He had his cock out and had been stroking it as he watched her work on the cucumber. "Sit down Mrs. Miller" he said. "Pull your panties down and masturbate yourself with the cucumber" he said matter of factly. My wife felt like telling him that he was crazy, but thought again about him pressing charges. Besides, she was a little hot from the show she had just put on. She hiked her skirt up again, and quickly stepped out of her panties. She sat back on the chair and spread her legs wide. She slowly worked the huge cock-like cucumber into her cunt, looking at the manager the whole time. He was obviously enjoying himself, still stroking his swollen dick. She put her head back and closed her eyes, stroking the cucumber in and out of her wet pussy.

God this felt great! She was letting herself go, forgetting that she was sitting in some stranger's office with her legs spread wide and her panties on his desk!

The manager began talking dirty to her, getting her even more excited. "Fuck yourself bitch. You little whore!

You're a whore Mrs. Miller" he taunted. Her climax was building; his sexy talk was getting her even hotter!

"C'mon you slut, give yourself an orgasm!"

he hissed. As she felt her orgasm slowly building, the manager stood up and placed his cock in her mouth. She sucked it in - just what she wanted! She continued to assault her cunt with the cucumber, faster and faster. "Suck it bitch!"

he said as he held the back of her head, literally fucking her face! Her orgasm arrived in a series of pleasurable waves swarming over her body. She tried to moan, but the manager's orgasm had arrived also. He shot his load right into her mouth, and then pulled back, splashing his cum on her face and blouse. My wife tried to suck him back into her mouth, whining for his cock. She licked him clean and then scooped some his cum off her chin, eating that as well.

The manager was happily spent. As he tucked his cock back into his pants, he handed my wife back her panties and the black pantyhose. She smiled, and pulled both the panties and pantyhose back on. The manager gave her a "Manager's Special" coupon which entitled her to $100 worth of groceries. "Anytime you need some more pantyhose Mrs. Miller, I hope you choose to shop here" he said smiling. "I've got lots of these special coupons to help you out with your shopping needs" he added.

My wife told him that she enjoyed it as well, and then she saw absolutely no reason to shop anywhere else!

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