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Glory Hole Sex 2

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Well, a few months back I wrote the first version of glory hole sex with the promise of more to come. Yesterday I went to the local ABS (adult book store) to view a bit of porn and see what happens with the glory hole. Sometimes I just watch, other times I will play. Yesterday I played.

The way I felt yesterday I decided to head there sans briefs, it makes it easier to get naked in the booth. My wife saw me preparing and told me to have fun but to play safe. I always play safe.

Paid my entrance fee and selected a booth in the back. All the back booths have glory holes. I stripped down and set my clothes out of reach of the hole to prevent them from being tampered with or sprayed with cum. Both has happened. Now I know enough that if I get naked, I?m getting plenty of action, whether it?s receiving or giving. Something about a naked person on the other side of that wall that will drive most crazy.

While waiting, I was stroking my cock and surfing through the channels looking for tranny porn. Love tranny porn, dicks and boobs on the same person! Found what I was looking for and it didn?t take long to get hard. Soon after the first of a series of cocks poked through the hole. Nothing special, so I played with it and sucked it a bit and brought him off quickly to move him through and allow something better to stick it in my booth. He left and the next guy came in and peeked through the hole and saw me standing there with a hard-on and a smile. He sucked me for a while and I withdrew and signaled for him to stick it through. His cock was much nicer than the previous one. Long and thick enough to enjoy. I sucked him off and he shot his load all over my face. I then stuck my cock through the hole again and he gave me my first orgasm of the afternoon. Fucking great head!

After he left I had a dark skinned cock poke through the hole and it was a thick dick! Played with it for a short time and was surprised with a quick burst of cum spraying me in the cock and leg. Nice load, but too quick. He zipped up and left right away. That would have pissed me off, but since I had shot a load myself just recently it was OK. Prefer to get some attention from all I play with.

Next was a couple. Damn I like couples! She was a short pudgy little thing that had a super wet pussy and he was a well built latin type. They were playing while I watched and I could hear the squishing of her pussy as he played with it. He backed her up against the hole and started to fuck her and I started playing with her asshole. I inserted first one finger, than two, and finally three fingers and fucked her ass like that. I could feel his cock through the wall separating the pussy and ass. He was going crazy and flipped her around and started fucking her ass. I was hard again so I fucked her pussy, or at least what I think was her pussy. Hell, I could have been just rubbing against her, but I managed my second load.

Then things slowed down. It happens, I mean it?s not like they have a light on the front that indicates that someone?s fucking and sucking inside, although that would be nice. I cleaned up and dressed so I could go to the restroom, but it would be nice to be able to wander around naked, but that never is allowed. After about a half hour or so, I finally had another guy take the booth next to me. Nice looking cock, even though it was soft. I signaled, but was ignored. Signal again . . . nothing. I looked again and he was still soft, but he was stroking it, trying to catch its attention. I blew through the hole and was ignored again, but he did start to get hard finally. I got to say, I was impressed. Long and thick and so damned pretty looking. Signaled again and this time he stuck it through. Man, that boy was blessed. I took to that cock like I was born for it. I played and sucked it for 20 minutes before he shot his load. Once again I got it all over me. I thought it would be nice if he blew me too, but he had other ideas. When I stuck my cock through the hole, he slipped on a rubber and then backed onto my cock. Shit he was tight! I fucked him that way for a few minutes when he pulled away. NOOOO! I hadn?t cum yet, but then there was a knock on the door. I let him in and he was surprised to see me naked, but he dropped his pants and I was able to fuck him without that pesky wall between us. After I came for the last time, I blew him again and he left the booth.

One of the drawbacks of ABS type sex is the lack of facilities for cleaning up after the fun. I solved that by bringing wet wipes with me. Once I had cleaned up, I was almost ready to leave when I got signaled by a female that snuck into the booth next to me when I wasn?t paying attention. Could tell it was a her by the hands, small and painted nails. I asked her to meet me in the hallway. I then told her that I couldn?t help her at this time, but if she wanted I would love to buy her dinner and we could come back later. She declined because her need was immediate, but she did give me her number and told me to call her the next time I headed to the ABS.

Fuck I love those places!

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