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Giving Alice Orders

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After about 4 months it was at the point that I knew that if Alice wanted something she would make it seem that I was commanding her so she could do it. She was truly a Nymphomaniac and had an obsession for cock and swallowing cum. She kept my cock drained and if I had not done something it would soon shrivel up from being in her mouth every time she could get it there. I never objected to a great blow job but if I was home or she was near it was usually going to end up with her draining my already empety balls. We were walking one evening and there were a number of college students around. It was a Friday and there were several parties going on. Alice was dressed in an airy sun dress with nothing under it and her ever present collar and leash which I help as always. Alice I asked her, how much cum do you really think you need? Oh, as much as I can get MAster I suppose. Okay, what if I command you to get whatever cum you want to have from any cock you desire? But Master, that will mean my pleasure. Yes it will, how about I tell you to havbe as much pleasure as you want to and make it a command? Then I would have to do as you tell me Master. I stopped and turned her towards me, "Okay, now listen very closely because I expect you to do exactley as I tell you." Yes Master she said again. "I want you to satisify your need for cocks and cum as often as you like. Suck as many as you need to make you happy. Swallow as much cum as you need to to take care of that hunger you have. The only time that this is not a command is if I am with you or I tell you not to do it for the day, otherwise you may roam the apartments and suck as many cocks as you can find. UNderstood?" Yes Master she said and there were tears in her eyes. Does Master really mean that, she asked. Yes I do. She kissed me long and deep and then said Thank you Steve, Thank you. We started walking again and were going by a patio that had around 10 or so college guys on it, all drinking beer and music and several women that were the center of attention. I looked at her and she smiled. The leash still in my hand I guided her to the patio and she stopped behind me as I said hi to everyone. Several people noticed the collar and leash and asked what was the thing. Alice told them, I am his slave and it is right that I be this way." A couple of the women protested but Alice stood her ground. Finally she blurted out that she had never been happier as my slave and was ready to anything she was told. Everyone was skeptical and laughed. Yeh Sure was the common relply. Alice I said, Yes Master? Are you hungry dear? Yes Master. Would you like some Ice Cream Cones? Yes Master and smiled back. Okay then, have all you want. Give me your dress so it does not get dirty. She said Yes Master one more time and pulled off her dress. The quite was loud. Gentlemen, Alice likes to suck cock and swallow, that is what she calls her ice cream cone. She is hungry and will suck all that would like to be sucked and she will swallow everything that you can give her. No one stepped up. Pick one Alice I told her. She pointed to a really good looking guy at the center of the group and her eyes had already seen that he was getting hard. Step up man, She wants your cock first. He did and she took his cock in her mouth. Over the next half he was moaning and groaning and telling her to make him cum please but just as he would be ready she backed off and made him beg. After several of these teases she clamped onto his hips and buried his cock in her mouth and swallowed his load. Another guy stepped up and gave her his cock, it was small but she never turned down anyone because of this. She gave him a nice slow sucking and swallowed his load. After the second one it seemed that no one was shy anylonger. AS soon as she finished one there would be another cock there for her. She took a long time on one really huge cock, it had to be 9 or more inches long, and there was a little cheering section for the guy that had it. Take this one baby, bet you can't take it all he had said. She looked at me, Oh, this is not a problem she said. She slowly as it entered her mouth took it deeper and deeper at each strok, then it was all the way in her mouth, her throat taking it in. She buried it all the way in and stopped her face against his stomach and then he let out a loud moan, damn, her throat is sucking my cock. Everyone looked. What are you talking about they were saying. Her throat is sucking my cock. Alice had it deep in her throat and even though she was not moving her head her throat was massaging the cok in her throat. Oh fuck this is hot he kept saying..oh fuck, yes, that is great. Damn. Here it cums and his load went into her throat, never a drop was missed. She let it go and Alice had had the wettest orgasm as the wet puddle under showed. If you will stay near she said I will suck it again for you please. I will lady. I will. Then she took the next cock offered to her. All of them were average sized but she loved to take her time on the larger ones. As her 9 incher came back to life she asked him to lay down on the grass and he did and she went to work on his cock again. He moaned and groaned and yelled for over a half hour as she teased and sucked and played with his meat, making her cum several times In all she took him three times that night and there were at least 15 other men she sucked off. When we got home she looked at me and told me Thank you Master. Now may I take care of you please. Yes dear I told her. She took her dress and droped it to the floor. She laid on the bed, fuck me she said, please. The thing is that she hardly let anyone else fuck her. She only sucked cock and then when we were alone at home she asked me to fuck her and eat her pussy...this I love d doing for her. Her pussy was as talented as her mouth but she told me that she would never give to anyone else unless I told her too. Now dear, I told her, you may suck all the cock you need but the pussy is mine. Over the next several weeks it was not unusual to find her sucking a guys cock as I got home, Her pussy always covered or clothed but her titties and mouth open for anyone that needed to get off. ONe morning as I left for work one of the regulars from the party came to the door and asked for her and I told him she is right here. It happened that day that she had a stead stream of men one after another come to the door for service which she had been commanded to give by me so she was on her knees all day sucking cock.Again she would take off her panties and show me her clean pussy as usual and ask me to fuck her. This in one slave I wish I had met a long time ago.

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