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Gift certificate

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Last month during the end of the baseball season, I made a bet with the bride as to who would go further in the playoffs. I am a big Met fan and she roots for the Yankees. The bet was that the winner got one major sexual favor from the loser. For one of the few times in our marriage I WON.

I wrote up a gift certificate that stated "I Cathy, will give the bearer of this certificate one complete blowjob. It is redeemable at any time and any place of the bearers choosing, the blowjob will be done immediately if requested and with the pleasure of the bearer as the only important factor. I will blow the bearer to completion and swallow. I will wear whatever the bearer requests and will allow him complete access to my breasts and pussy during the act. I asked her to sign this and she did.

For the next few days she kept asking me when I was going to call in my certificate and I told her I would when I was ready. Cathy had no idea that I planned to give the certificate to someone else to collect. She is very conservative by nature and has never been with anyone else since we were married. Cathy is 53 years old, looks 40, 5 foot 3inches, 115 lbs, 34c 25 36 and in good shape. The furthest she has allowed over the years is for one of my friends to feel her tits on a few occasions. I was about to expand her horizons.

I waited for her to go to the gym one morning and called my friend Bob who was celebrating his 50th birthday that day. I told him to meet me at a local pub that was next to the railroad station in town. The station is used by comuters into the city and is full of cars but few people during the day. I told Bob what I had in mind and he was thrilled but said that Cathy would never suck his dick, I said that I know she would never back down on a bet and that since I won, this was what I wanted.

After a few beers I called Cathy at home. She had just returned from the gym and had taken a shower. I told her that my car had stalled and I needed her to come and get me. She said she would throw some clothes on and be right there.

When Cathy got to the pub she was suprised to see Bob and looker annoyed. She asked why I did not ask him to take me home and I said that that was not what I wanted and asked her to drive me the block to the car that I had pushed into the parking lot of the station. She said fine and Bob and I got into her car. As we were getting in, I told Bob to get in front and I got in the back. Cathy looked very confused and I could tell that she had no idea what was going on.

We drove into the lot and when we got to my car I said that there was nothing wrong with the car and told Bob to hand her the paper I had given him. Still no idea until she opened the certificate and read it. Her eyes almost popped out of her head. She asked if I was out on my fucking mind and I told her that this was what I wanted and that she could either comply or admit that she welched on a bet.

Cathy asked me several times if this was what I really wanted and I said yes every time. Bob was getting uncomfortable and said that he would leave if she wanted him too. She asked me one more time and I again said yes. She then backed her car into a space, turned to Bob and said she was ready if he was.

She told Bob to drop his pants and he slowly did, she said she needed the underware also and Bob pulled them down to show her his 6 inch very hard cock. Cathy did not look happy at this time and asked Bob what he wanted her to wear as she blew him. Bob then suprised me and her when he said "nothing". I got another dirty look from Cathy but she pulled her swearshirt off and threw it in the backseat with me. She was not wearing a bra, so her tits were now on display. She then pulled her pants and panties down and then off and into the back seat too.

Cathy was now naked in broad daylight in the car. She pushed Bob's seat back, got on her knees on her seat and put his cock in her mouth. Her ass was sticking up so that anyone walking by would have had a great view. She put Bob's hand on her tits and looked at me. She said that I asked for this and this was what I was going to get.

She worked on Bob's cock for about 10 minutes, making a much noise as she could. Bob said he was going to cum and she sucked even harder. Bob came in her mouth and she swallowed it all, keeping it in until he went soft. Cathy then released her lips and used her hand to get the last drops which she licked off and swallowed.

After a few minutes Bob said he had to leave, he pulled his pants up, thanked us both and left. I was afraid that I had gone way to far and that Cathy was going to be really mad. I asked her for a kiss and she said that she had cum breath and would see me at home. She got dressed and I went to my car as she left to go home.

When I got home Cathy was upset but not angry. She said that she could not face Bob again and that she was afraid that he would tell our friends. I assured her that Bob was almost as proud of her as I was and that he would never talk about this to anyone.

About a week later we ran into Bob at a barbaque and after they talked, Cathy was much more relaxed. She later told me that even though she was embarassed about what she had done, she did enjoy the experience and warned me to never lose a bet to her

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