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Game Night

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Game Night

Dave and I sat in our seats motionless as the announcer stated that the game was delayed due to rain. We watched in amazement as the ground crew rolled out the carpet like fabric over the infield. I sat back and took a drink of my soda and Dave sat back and said “What now?” I told him “Nothing much we can do til the rain passes.”

Dave and I had been friends for several years as his sense of humor was just about as sick and deprived as mine. We agreed to get something out of the kitchen to eat when we heard a knock at the door. I opened it and turned on the porch light. “Thanks asshole!!” Lindsey said as she squinted in the light of the porch. “My pleasure entirely!” I said in response to her obvious smartass comment. I opened the screen door inviting her to come in and join us for a bite.

Dave didn’t hear that it was Lindz coming in and he burst into the room belting out “What douche bag was at the……….Oh shit!! Sorry! I didn’t know it was you!!” “Relax dumbass!!” Lindz said with hardly an afterthought. Lindz retreated into the living room as Dave tried to be as quiet as possible. “Dude!! Why didn’t you stop me from making an ass of myself?” I chuckled as I said “I thought you were handling yourself quite well!” As I mocked, clapping my hands.

We all went into the living room and sat on the couch. I told Lindz that we were waiting for the game to resume and she acted like she couldn’t care less that there was a game that night. I was sitting on the couch to the outside of Lindz and I could tell that she had been drinking. “Had much to drink?” I asked her. “Nope! I can still feel my feet!” She said with typical Lindz abandon. I sat back and laughed, knowing that if Lindz had been drinking she was going to be both hilarious and a pain in the ass. Dave sat quietly watching Lindz out of the corner of his eye. It was then that I realized that Dave was always really quiet when Lindz came by. He rarely made eye contact and could hardly muster an “Uh Huh!” when she spoke to him. Normally I would say that this meant that Dave wasn’t all too keen on someone. It wasn’t till I saw him wriggling in his seat trying not to get too close to Lindz. I yelled out to Dave “Holy shit!! I never saw it!! I never put two and two together before!!” Both of them looked at me with weird looks on their faces. “Lindz? Dave here fancies ya !” Still not really grasping what I was saying, I reiterated. “Lindz!! Dave digs you!!” “Oh you’re full of shit!” Lindz said with a grin becoming ever present on her face.

Dave, Lindz and I all sat back down on the couch as the game on TV had resumed. I looked over at Dave and noticed that his face was almost as red as his shirt! He looked at me as if to say “You asshole! I can’t believe you said something!!” The game went on but I couldn’t get that shit eating grin of Lindz’s out of my mind. I looked down as I saw Lindz wiggle just a little closer to Dave and he shrunk into the sofa cushion. It looked less like a game Lindz was playing on Dave and more like she actually liked the dick. I excused myself to the kitchen to get a beer for all of us and Lindz followed me into the kitchen. “You really think he likes me?” Lindz spoke like a little schoolgirl “You don’t see him acting like he does around you” I chuckled half aloud. We went back into the living room and by the time all of the rain delays had played themselves out we were all blitzed beyond recognition. Even Dave had loosened up and was really warming up to Lindz. Lindz was falling all over Dave by this point. I playfully asked “You two need a room?”

“Hell no!” yelled Lindz as she reached down and grabbed my cock, which instantly started to surge. My first reaction was to pull away but for some reason I didn’t “Is it you two that need a room?” Dave said half jealously.

Lindz wasted no time as she kissed Dave full on the lips, her tongue spreading his lips apart. They started to make out right on the couch in front of me and yet she was busy with Dave, Lindz refused to let loose her grip on my stiffening rod. I wasn’t about to pull away either.

I laid back on the sofa and let Lindz continue to rub my cock as she kissed Dave. Before too long I had managed to free my cock from my jeans and boxer briefs and she stroked my fully erect hard on. She was surprised by how hard I had gotten so quickly. She released her lip lock with Dave and turned to look at my member. Before either one of us could say a word, Lindz slid the head of my cock into her mouth and her tongue swirled around it. I almost came right then and there. Dave looked at me as if he was hurt and started to get up. Not to break her concentration on my cock, I snapped my fingers at Dave and motioned for him to join in. With a few stern looks, he finally gave in and moved Lindz to her knees. With skill I never thought he possessed, Dave managed to slide Lindz’s pants off and to our surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties. I looked at Dave and held up two fingers and without words told Dave to slide them in Lindz’s hot snatch. I felt Lindz take a deep breath as Dave slid those fingers into her sweet spot. I could tell that Lindz was soaked by how easily Dave’s fingers slid into her.

At this, Lindz began to suck harder and move faster up and down my cock. I closed my eyes and sat back to enjoy perhaps the best blow job I have ever had. I felt Lindz getting a bit rougher so I opened my eyes and watched as Dave took the initiative to pull his pants down and got up to slide his massive rod into Lindz’s tight little pussy. I tried to pull my cock free from Lindz’s suction but I couldn’t so I managed to work myself to my feet. Before long I was face to face with Dave as he pumped deep and steady into Lindz’s Steamy cunt. We gave each other a high five and continued what we were doing. I noticed that Lindz had started pushing hard into Dave’s thrusts. I felt my balls start to tingle and knew I was going to cum soon. I pulled my cock free from Lindz’s mouth and she actually looked disappointed by that. I made up for it as I moved Dave back from fucking that pussy as hard as he could. I laid back on the couch and motioned Lindz to sit on my cock. It wasn’t till then that I could see just how drenched she was. I plunged my cock deep into her and I watched as Lindz licked her lips and said “Do whatever you want with me boys and I do mean anything!” Again, I almost lost my composure and pumped my jizz into her snatch. I held back and asked Dave if he knew what to do in this situation. Dave looked down at me and gave me thumbs up. I felt Lindzs’ pussy getting tighter as Dave forcefully rammed his cock into Lindz’s tight little asshole. Lindz let out a gasp and started fucking us both with renewed vigor. It wasn’t long before I felt that twitching in my balls so I reached up and grabbed a handful of Lindz’s hair. With a few more pumps I started exploding into her. My hot cum must have hit her cervix because I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and her cum flood my rod and balls. Dave got so tuned on at the sight of Lindz Cumming, he pumped his load deep into her ass! After a few minutes, Dave, Lindz and me all gathered our composure and sat there on the couch with grins on our faces. I smiled and looked over at the other two and asked “So” What’s next?”

Lindz grinned and said “I told you two to do with me what you will! Is that all you two can come up with?”

I looked over at Dave, smiled and said “I think we can come up with a few more ideas to keep your tight cunt in cock and that dirty little mouth of yours full!” I could tell by Lindz’s smile she was ready to do exactly what she was told to do

It’s been three months since that night and none of us has missed a single game night!.

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