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I didn’t hear from Gary for a couple of days after Sally brought over his new mattress so I decided to give him a call. When he answered his phone I asked when he was going to set up his second lunch with my wife.

I was surprised to hear him say he already had a second lunch the day before yesterday.

He said it was getting to be expensive and he would need some more money before he would be able to continue. He added that they again went to the lingerie shop and he had to buy two more outfits for Sally. Gary said he enjoyed the show Sally put on for him when she tried on the different outfits, but added he was now out of money.

I asked him what kind of lingerie he had bought as I was sure I hadn’t seen anything new on her the last few days. Gary said one outfit was just a simple tank top. It was grey cotton with large arm holes where he could get a great view of her tits. The other one was a black sleeveless sheer top. He told me he liked the black one the best because it showed off her tits with more class.

Gary said that Sally wore the black top out to the car when she was done and they were able to make out a little while before Sally had to go back to work. He then asked me when he could come by for some more money. I told him anytime would be ok, even better if he could come by today. Gary said he would try, but it would more than likely be the next morning. We settled on the next day.

Gary came by the house around 11:00 AM the next day and I gave him another hundred dollars. He said he was planning on stopping by Sally’s work around lunch and see if he could take her to lunch again. He told me he was starting to like Sally’s noon time lingerie shows.

I whished him luck and reminded him to keep me informed on his progress. He said he would just as soon as something went down.

Gary called me back about 5:30 that afternoon so he could tell me how thing progressed that day with Sally. He told me he went by and asked her out to lunch again but Sally told him she really wasn’t hungry. She asked Gary if he would mind coming back around 2:30 and she would get off early again. Since Macy’s was having a sale on night gowns she wanted to check them out before they went off sale the next day.

Gary said he picked up Sally at the appointed time and they drove to the Roseville Macy’s. He told me she wanted him to come with him and give his opinion on which ones he liked. He said she looked at about 20 night gowns, and then she tried on the three she liked best and wanted his opinion. Rather than Sally coming out of the dressing room to show Gary, she had him come inside the dressing room with her.

Gary said he was embarrassed to go back because there were several other women trying on items. He said Sally called him a fucking wimp. He thought some of the other women had heard what she called him, so he decided he would go in with her.

Of the three she decided to try on, the first one was a semi see thru red long gown that had one tie in the front. He told her it was ok, but not something he would have bought her.

The second one was an off white real tight gown that kind of showed her nipples. It had an orange outline along the top and bottom. He said he liked the second one better than the first because it fit her tight and showed off her figure.

The third one Sally tried on for him he liked the best. It was a long green. From the waist down it was solid green. From the waist up it was a loose fish net weave that showed off her tits. He added the fish net material was very soft. That statement led me to believe he had gotten a good feel!

Gary said Sally practically begged him to by the green on for her. He told me he did his best to say no, but when she dropped the strap from her right shoulder and let her tit fall out, he no longer could resist. He said he told her he would buy it only if she let him suck on her nipple. Sally said yes! It cost him $ 55.95 plus tax he said for that minute of fun, but it was worth it!

I figured it must have been, since he was spending the money I had given to him for this project. Gary admitted to me that he had done a little more than just play with Sally’s tit. But then that’s what this was all about. Gary said after he paid for the night gown Sally and he took a drive up by the lake to see how many people were there. He said on the way back Sally asked him if he had ever been with anyone who had flashed truckers before.

I know he hadn’t because we had talked about that before more than once. I don’t know how Sally talked him into it, but he said they flashed three truckers on the way to the lake and two on the way back to her car at work.

Gary said as they drove to the lake but he never realized how erotic it was to flash someone until Sally did it to the first trucker. He said when the trucker looked down at Sally and saw her tit, he almost ran off the road. Gary said that Sally had twisted her work shirt around in such a way as to show off her left tit and nipple when she leaned back against the seat.

Gary said each time she flashed a trucker his cock kept getting harder and harder until he just had to rub it from the outside of his pants. He said he was embarrassed when Sally looked over and saw what he was doing, but then she told him when they got to the lake she would take care of that problem.

Sally true to her word told Gary to find an out of the way place to park. As Gary was looking for a parking place Sally took off her shirt and placed Gary’s arm around her shoulder and set it on her right tit. She told Gary he could play with her tit until he found a good place to park. He found a good spot and parked right away. He said Sally then reached over, unzipped his pants, and took a hold of his cock. She began to softly stroke it until he was about to cum. Then leaning over she took the head of his cock into her mouth and began to lick it as she continued stroking.

When Sally had sucked him dry he said they got it together and left. On their way back to Sally’s work she flashed two more truckers. She had a big laugh when she saw the last trucker was probably seventy years old. Sally thought he was going to have a heart failure, but instead honked his horn in appreciation!

Gary said he doped Sally off at her work ten phoned me. He told me Sally would be home shortly, but she told him to hang onto the new green night gown; wrap it up and bring it by the house later that evening and give it to her as a birthday present.

Sally’s birthday wasn’t for another three days but it sounded good to me. Maybe it would start something I could photo. You never know what might happen, especially if Gary brought over some real good crank. I decided to clean the spa real good just in case things worked out in a positive way. When Sally went in the spa after doing some crank she usually got real loose and worked up sexually.

I had just finished cleaning the spa when Sally got home. I asked her what took so long driving home. She told me she stopped off for cigarettes and the line was at least 15 people long at the grocery store. She went into the bedroom, took a shower and changed into something “more comfortable.” When she came out from the bedroom she had changed into her white see thru tank top and a pair of jeans I asked Sally if she was going to be warm enough. She said if she got cold she would turn up the heat. I figured that made sense. I began to wonder when Gary was going to arrive. Sally hadn’t mentioned anything about seeing him today or the “birthday present” he was to bring.

Since Sally hadn’t said anything about Gary yet, I figured I better say something about being tired and going to bed early. At least that way I could find a way to be away from the front of the house when Gary did show up.

Pretty soon it was close to 9:00 PM and I told Sally I was going to hit the rack and try to get some sleep. I said good night, went to the bedroom, changed into a pair of clean boxer shorts and climbed under the covers. I didn’t know how long it would be until Gary showed up, but I felt my cock twitch in anticipation of possible events.

I heard Sally talking to someone. I got up from bed and snuck down the hall to see who was here. I thought maybe Gary had showed up. Not so, to my surprise Sally was on the phone to Gary asking when he was going to come by. She had removed her top and jeans and was telling him she was going to put on a white negligee.

I liked that particular negligee because it showed off Sally’s best assets, her tits. I knew once Gary saw it he would like it too. I started to rub my cock wondering what was going to happen. I had to be careful; I was so excited I almost shot my load right then and there.

Earlier I had placed the camera in the bedroom so I would have it close by incase anything might happen. By what Gary had told me today on the phone, it was a certainty. A little while later I heard a knock on the door and Gary’s voice as he entered.

Gary took one look at Sally in her white outfit and commented on it right away. He told her she looked great in it and he wondered why she hadn’t worn it before. She told him up until now she had been shy when he came by, but now things were different and she was more comfortable.

Sally asked Gary to sit down on the couch next to her. Gary asked where I was and she told him I had gone to bed early stating that I was tired. He sat on the couch next to Sally and put his arm around her.

I decided no one would be checking on me now that Gary was here. I opened the bedroom window and climbed out, taking the camera with me. I walked around to the kitchen window where I knew I had an unobstructed of the entire living room. There they were sitting on the couch.

Gary was undoing the buttons on the front of Sally’s outfit as she took a drink of beer from her mug.

I set the camera on video mode and placed it in such a position as to be able to capture the entire couch area. It didn’t take Gary long to slip Sally’s shirt off her shoulders and throw it on the ground. I was getting a great video of Sally doing something she wouldn’t do with me in the room. I had her standing there almost naked with Gary wearing only her panties.

The next thing I saw was Gary handing Sally a palm full of crank. She took one look at the crank and brought he palm to her mouth and tossed in the crank. Sally immediately washed it down with what was left of her beer.

Now that Sally had some beer and especially the crank in her I knew things were going to heat up. Sally turned toward Gary who by now had removed his shirt, and she reached down and began to unbuckle his pants No sooner had she slipped Gary’s pants down to the floor then he reached out and pulled her tightly against his chest where he was able to press his mouth against her tit and suck on her nipple.

I couldn’t believe what I was able to record on my video camera. Sally was just sitting there almost totally naked with Gary sucking and playing with her tits. I checked the camera to make sure it was still aimed at the couch and working as it should.

When I looked back at the couch they had not moved. Sally however had now arched her back giving Gary full access to her tits and nipples and she appeared to enjoying his mouthing her the more he did it. I could almost hear her moaning as he ran her nipples through his teeth and gently bit down.

With one quick motion I saw him sit her back down on the couch and place her feet on his lap. She began to stroke his cock with her feet, something she had never done with me.

I could tell by the look on Gary’s face that he was thoroughly enjoying the foot action Sally was giving him. I saw Gary’s cock start to quiver and a small amount of pre cum slide down his cock shaft. Sally shifted her position and Gary went up on his knees. I saw Sally bend down and engulf Gary’s entire shaft in her mouth. Gary reached behind Sally’s head and brought her toward him as her cheeks start to cave in s she was sucking so hard.

They then both laid down on the couch with Sally on her back and Gary on top with his legs between hers. I could see his cock as he began to rub it against her pussy lips and Sally trying to push against his cock head in an effort to take it in. Then with one mighty shove Gary entered her and forced his cock in as far as it would go.

I was glad I had the entire thing on video. The next time I want to show Sally off to some friends or go to a bar and show her off she won’t be able to say she can’t do something like that with me around. Now I have it on tape for everyone to see if she’s not a good girl for me.

I should try to think of some way to thank Gary for his efforts, but then I guess Sally already did.

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