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Fun in the Sun

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Fun in the Sun

Sherri and I (Jake) had moved out west and found a great place in a quiet neighborhood. We had a pool and bought a hot tub. The house was the high lot and on a corner with a large side yard. Trees blocked the view to the pool area and a set of fences also kept the whole pool area private. On one end of the pool we had a brick patio to lay in the sun. At the far end and in the corner of the lot we had our hot tub. You got to the pool area from the sun room that tied to the kitchen. The house immediately behind us sat much lower and the only way to see it would be from the roof of the house. A ladder would be needed to see into the pool area from the ground too. The other two houses, one next to us and diagonal also set much lower giving us total privacy for skinny dipping and more!

We got into the swing scene via the internet and had quite a few good friends we played with. Sherri still liked meeting new guys and we had chatted with one guy, Paul, a few times but never were able to hook up. He was divorced and every time he tried to make arrangements his Ex made life difficult by not taking the kids as planned. Finally we had made arrangements for him to come by the house - normally we would meet for drinks but we had chatted and exchanged phone numbers/pics with him so much we felt we already knew him well! I called him and asked him to come by the house on Saturday about 2. I told him we would be in the pool and to just let himself in the front door and come out back when he got there.

Now to make it a bit of surprise for Sherri, I told her he would be by at 3. She and I were floating in the pool naked as usual and about 130 I pulled her floaty next to mine and started playing with her pussy. I asked her what she was looking forward to doing and she said she was looking forward to being DP'ed for one and everything else in between too! I had to control myself to not get off before Paul arrived. About 10 till 2 Paul wandered into the pool area through the house. Sherri was a bit surprised but happy to see our new friend! She was planning on getting dressed before Paul arrived, not meet him naked in the pool. Paul started to take his clothes off and piled them on the table near the pool deck while Sherri and I headed towards the steps by the brick patio. The steps are about 4 feet wide and there are three of them going into the shallow end. Paul got in and had a nice hard cock, about 9 inches cut. Sherri began stroking him while he played with her tits and pussy. I offered to get everyone a drink and headed in. I also took the opportunity to grab the digital camera and take a leak. When I came out Sherri was holding onto the top step and Paul was fucking her while in the pool from behind. I started snapping pics while carrying 3 beers and said this must be a new pool record, Paul has been here about 5 minutes and his cock is already in your pussy. Sherri moaned he has a nice cock and I'm lovin' it! I sat down on the top step and Sherri started to suck my cock as Paul pounded her. He moaned I haven't been with anyone in a while and I'm not going to last. Sherri looked back at him and told him to pump her pussy full of cum and he started to blast off. He came so much that a cum pool started floating out from Sherri's pussy into the pool. Paul moved up to the top stair and I moved behind Sherri to take his place. I didn't last long either as Paul was already hard again as I pumped a nice load into Sherri.

At this time we decided to take a break and moved to the lounge chairs on the brick patio. I threw down some towels on the chairs and on the brick since they were both very hot! We chatted and drank our beer and Sherri was stroking Paul's cock. It didn't take long for him to respond! I suggested that I lie back on a lounge chair and Sherri mount my cock and that Paul slip into her ass. I passed him some oil and soon we were giving Sherri a nice hard DP like she was looking forward too. Sherri was cumming like crazy and Paul couldn't take the intense pressure of Sherri's ass on his cock any longer and he shot a nice load into her again. He held his cock in her ass long enough for me to fill her with another load in her pussy.

Paul pulled his cock out of Sherri and we then all moved back into the pool. We got back on the pool steps with Sherri in the middle and Sherri stroked both of us while we played with her pussy and tits. Paul thanked us for being patient with him since he had to cancel so many times. Sherri told him it was worth the wait! So how about showing me what you can do with your tongue and had him move down to lick her pussy. She was enjoying me rubbing her tits at the same time and soon she was going over the top with another big orgasm. Paul moved up and I moved so Sherri's back was against my stomach as Paul slipped into her pussy. I reached around and played with her clit and tits and Paul got into a nice rhythm fucking Sherri. He kept it up a good 20 minutes and Sherri came like crazy and he finally let loose with another load. Paul moved to the side and Sherri just kept herself pressed against me with her legs spread wide. Paul played with her cunt and pulled his cum out of her and it was awesome seeing his cum float away into the deep end of the pool. We got back out of the pool and now I needed to get off again. I had Sherri get on her hands and knees on a lounge chair and started pounding her pussy. Paul asked to go use the bathroom and came back a few minutes later and I was still having at it. Paul picked up the camera and started shooting away and Sherri and I got in a few other positions, her leaning over the table, her sitting on my cock while I sat in one of the table chairs and finally a few pics of me cumming in her pussy and my cum leaking out of her.

We were getting hungry and we decided to fire up the grill. Now the grill area is not completely private so while Paul and Sherri got stuff ready naked inside I had to put on shorts to grill up some hamburgers. We had dinner and cleaned up then decided to soak in the hot tub some. Sherri was playing with our cocks while we had fun with her pussy and sucked her tits that were floating above the water. Paul wanted Sherri to suck his cock and he floated it up and got in front of her so she could suck him. I wanted to help and asked if he minded and he said not at all. So Sherri and I went back and forth deep throating him and playing with his balls and in no time he was shooting off into Sherri's mouth. She shared a cum kiss with me and I asked if I could get a similar cock sucking. Well it only took a few minutes of Paul and Sherri to get me off. They let me shoot into the hot tub. It was quite erotic to have Paul hold the base of my cock and stroke my cum out. It was starting to get dark and we got out so I could button up the pool. While I did that Paul and Sherri moved back inside to our bedroom. I got back in time to see Sherri slip her pussy over Paul's cock and begin to ride him while facing him. I lubed her up and this time we DP'ed Sherri for good 45 minutes before we both filled her with our final loads. Sherri was completely spent as were we. Paul decided he should leave and Sherri thanked him for a nice day in the pool and told him he was welcome back whenever he wanted. She mentioned that she was totally spoiled by me and didn't work so her pussy was available to him whenever he wanted to stop by. He looked at me and I said it's not a problem! We have been playing with others for nearly 20 years and it's a thrill still because we are totally open to having others join us for sex. Needless to say, Paul became a frequent daytime visitor with Sherri since his Ex couldn't "screw" him over during the week and daytime while the kids were in school like she could on weekends. Paul is a great guy and you wonder how a woman could leave him. He has a great job too and we have met his kids and they are great. You wonder sometimes! Of course when the kids come over to play in the pool it does cramp our style a bit but at our age it's just not a big deal!

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