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Friendship with a Twist

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Friendship with a Twist Going through high school I didn't have a lot of friends that were girls, unless they took graphic arts or shop, the friends I did have were guys. I was your typical tomboy, wearing torn jeans and rock shirts, usually looking like I just crawled out of an ink press, so I hung around the guys from my classes, four actually, that I got along with the best and became close friends with. We did a lot together, hung out in one garage or another working on someone's car, playing football, drinking, half the time I think they would forget I was a girl, unless of course they were talking shit and wanted the girls point of view on something or if they wanted a chick at a bar to leave them alone, they would use me as a fictitious girlfriend to put them off, kissing or feeling me up in front of them and it usually worked. Hell, it worked so good that I even used one or another of them to do the same a time or two. They were the greatest friends I could have, protecting me from the other wolves that was out looking for prey, teaching me other things that you didn't get from girlfriends. And they didn't harass me into blind dates and understood that I didn't want anything to do with dating due to past experiences that were bad. We always joked about me dating the four of them instead, since they knew me so well, they knew what I liked and disliked about everything, including sexual preferences, as I knew there's in return.

I worried like all friends do, about what would happen after we graduated, would we still be like we were then or drift apart in different directions like some do. I couldn't picture not having them around and being the only one with my own place, they were around alot. One or more was always crashing on my couch or in the spare room, or passing out in my room after partying too much, all innocent fun, they usually met at my place for breakfast and came back for dinner, I think I was the only one that could cook too. The parties were plentiful, we always had a reason to throw a bash, if not, we would make up a reason, and they were usually at my place, ending with everyone passing out and me cleaning up after them. And then graduation came and the five of us had a real reason to throw a party, of course at my place, and it was a huge bash, the most people we ever had at once. Throughout the evening we reminisced about old times, toasting our friendship, wondering how we survived high school and joking about the crazy things we had done over the years, and a few times, I even got used as the fictitious girlfriend, getting felt up or kissed if they were trying to get a girl off them, but Dave seemed to be putting a lot of girls off that night for we ended up lip locking a few times and of course, he got razzed a lot for it, we all joked with him about starting a service and charging him to use me as he was, and me not having to worry about working much due to the fact that he didn't spent much money on girls, they usually spent theirs on him. Dave was the cutest out of them all and did have a flock of chicks wanting him but he never seemed interested in them. The guys joked him about not being straight and he would tell them that they were just jealous. I believe at times they may have been.

Overall we were having a blast, all of us together, and finally had graduated. We celebrated that whole night and then the people started to thin out and some were passing out so we started to shut the party down with the thought that we could continue the following night. The guys were showing people out the door and helping me clean up some, but one by one they would disappear and I would find them passed out throughout the house so I gave up and decided to finish the next day. I sat on the couch and was talking with the few that were still coherent and we could hear Dave outside yelling for me to come there but I said I wasn't moving, but he came running into the living room and grabbed my hand pulling me up from the couch, pleading with me to help him out one last time for the night. We laughed and told him to give it up and go with the dam girl for once but he insisted so I followed him outside and when we reached the porch he spun me around and started kissing me, I giggled and asked if she was getting the hint and turned to look but no one was there, I looked back at him to ask where she went but before I could speak he kissed me again, but never as he had before, not jokingly or playful but passionately, I kept giggling, as if he was just drunk but he hadn't drank that much during the evening, and he continued to kiss me until I pushed him away. I backed up a few steps and looked at him startled, he just stood there, not saying a word, just staring back at me. Then he stepped to me, reached up and took my face in his hands and tried to kiss me again, I leaned my head back and asked what he was doing but he covered my mouth with his again, with more passion than the first time, then he let go, stepped back and stood there looking into my eyes as though he was seeing right into me, I just stood there staring back trying to think of something to say but was left speechless and feeling confused or shocked, well, I don't know what I was feeling, I don't even know how long we stood there looking at each other before the silence was broken by him saying he had never known me to be at a loss for words, to go ahead and say what I was thinking, that he was prepared for it. I told him I didn't understand what I was thinking right then and he asked if I was pissed at him, I didn't answer and he took my hand and asked again as he gently squeezed it in his and I said I wasn't pissed off but wanted to know what he was doing and he told me it was what he should have done a long time ago.

He didn't want to piss me off or the other guys, adding that for over a year he has felt like this but never knew how to approach it or if it would ruin every thing between us if he had. And since then he has done all that he could to get close to me without being over suspicious and took whatever attention I gave, and me thinking it was just us being closer than the others, but he went on to name some times that he almost blew it, the back rubs, a few times he got carried away and had to stop before he lost control and said how he would have to go jerk off in the bathroom, the times we would skinny dip at night in the lake, pulling me into the deeper parts so I would hang onto him and he could feel my body against his, and a few of the times he slept in my room with me, how we would cuddle close and just fall asleep talking, holding each other, but when I would wake up, he was gone and I remembered those times and laughed because I knew he usually waited for food first. He explained that it was killing him not to touch me while we laid there. The others had slept in there with me before but we never cuddled like that, Dave and I were closer than the rest, but he found it harder to control himself, wanting to touch me, wanting to be with me, wanting inside me, and he would get so dam hard that it would hurt so he would leave instead of taking the chance of me catching on. Then he asked if I remembered the night we were really messed up after the pool party our junior year and he crashed in my room with me. I said barely and he told me I was pretty wasted and we were laying there cuddling, on our sides with him behind me and while I was sleeping I kept pushing backwards against him and his cock was rubbing against my ass because of the moving. He said that's the first time he started to feel differently, look at me differently and he felt as though he couldn't control himself so he got up and left in the middle of the night, and continued to do that when it got to be too much to handle. I thought about what he was saying I realized he was right, there were so many times between us that could have led to something else if it had been anyone else, I looked away from him but he turned my face back to his and said that after the first time he had did the fictitious girlfriend routine earlier that evening, he couldn't stop wanting to repeat it and would keep doing it as much as possible, until I either got mad or questioned him about it and decided that if I did, then he would tell me the truth, but the second time he did it, he said he couldn't wait any longer and that's why when it started to clear out, he brought me outside, to try and kiss me without the bullshit games and take his chances on how I would react.

He stepped closer and I stepped back but the wall was there and I backed against it as he followed with his body until he rested flat against me and before I could think of something to say, I felt his bulge pressing against my crotch and it was rock hard. I couldn't think straight from that moment on, his body heat was soaking into my clothing and when he kissed me, I melted into him and willingly gave in to his lips. Then when I placed my hands to his chest, he thought I was going to push him away and backed up, asking if I wanted him to quit, but before I could answer, he said he should leave, that there was no way for him to stay there after what he had done and knowing I didn't want him in the same way that he wanted me, but before he could move I reached over and pulled the door shut and told him I did want him in the same way, pulling him close to me. We stood there for the longest time, kissing, rubbing each others body as though we were getting to know every part of the others never known before. Then we stopped and walked to the bench at the dark end of the porch and he sat down, pulled me close and as I stood in front of him, he kissed my stomach and sides while rubbing his hands around my back, caressing my ass and legs, stopping long enough to pull me down to him for a kiss, then returning to my belly, moving his hands to my breasts, sliding my shirt up with them pinching gently on my nipple or pulling me until he could touch one with his tongue, at times sucking one into his mouth. Then rubbing his hands down my belly until he reached my pubic mound and using his thumbs, he would gently rub my pussy through the material of my shorts, I closed my eyes and tilted my head back and he knew I was enjoying it, as he could feel the moisture collecting onto the material. He reached and pulled a chair up behind me and I sat down. He pulled it close to him and asked me if I really wanted to take this where it was heading for if not, we needed to stop now because he didn't want anything to ruin our friendship or come between us. I said I wanted to continue, that I wanted this as much as he did. He pulled me to the edge of the chair and started rubbing his hands up my thighs and under my shorts, this time catching my panties with his thumbs and sliding them underneath until I could feel them rubbing into my pubic hair, using his knees, he pushed my legs apart as his thumbs rubbed around on my wet pussy which was open to them now.

Just then, someone opened the door and Dave pulled one hand back but kept one inside my shorts, his thumb rubbing on my clit as he spoke to whoever was at the door. I was trying to adjust my shorts and remove his hand but he kept putting it back and continued to rub my clit, I was only hoping the shadows hid was he was doing to me. They asked if we were coming back in and we said we would be in when we were done talking, hoping they wouldn't approach us as he slid a finger inside and as I tried to move his hand, he shoved it as deep as he could and slowly back out, then in again in slow motion as to not make a lot of movement. I couldn't believe he was finger fucking me while we talked to the guy in the doorway, wishing he would go back in. I think Dave was enjoying the risk as much as I was enjoying his finger in my pussy. Finally the guy closed the door and we laughed at what had just happened but I quit laughing when he inserted another finger into my hole and started to fuck me fast and hard with them. I leaned back in the chair and put one foot up on the bench next to him and grasped tightly onto the arms of the chair giving him full access to my hole. He pulled at my shorts and undies until they were shifted to the side and my pussy was exposed to him and slid his fingers inside me again and as he fucked me with them, he leaned down and started to lick and suck on my clit until it was hard and throbbing and I was shifting in the chair.

He stopped and scooting the bench back some, got on his knees and started to lick my pussy, sticking his tongue in and out while sucking gently, rubbing my clit with his thumb, making me shift in the chair until my ass was off the edge, then he started to rub his tongue over my asshole as he rubbed fast on my clit and that set me off right there, making me come and come hard. He went back to sucking my pussy until I was almost dry and then leaned back, slid his fingers into my pussy again and fingered me until I was wet, then switched hands and slid two fingers back inside me, using one of the other wet fingers to gently push against my ass until the tip slid inside me and I moaned loud, pushing my feet against the bench almost tipping it and he asked if I wanted him to stop and I answered no about three times in a row which made him laugh. He continued to fuck my pussy as he slid his finger deeper into my ass and started to fuck both holes at the same time sending waves of heat through me, making me moan louder until I came again, then pulled his soaked fingers from my pussy and replaced them with his mouth and started to suck my dry, while replacing the one in my ass with a wetter one again and continued to fuck my ass until he finished off my pussy juices.

A cab pulled up out front and I jumped up to straighten my shorts and someone came rushing out the door and said bye as they ran to the car and got in. I suggested that we go in and finish getting everyone settled, then take this private party to my room so we could be more relaxed and not be interrupted When we went in, everyone left was sleeping so we continued through the house and into my room. We sat on the bed and started to talk a bit about what we were doing and how things would be different after this night. He said he knew what I didn't want and would never cross the line, expecting more than I was willing to give. He said he just wants to please me, let me have what he knows I want but wasn't willing to give others the chance to give me for fear of getting hurt again. We both agreed that we could please each other sexually and stay as friends, it would be a closer friendship, like a friendship with a twist, and talked about keeping it from the others as much as we could and what we would do if they did find out.

He got up and turned the radio on, then picked up the candle holder on the table and asked where my candles were, I reached down and pulled- open the night stand next to my bed, opened a new box and handed him one but as I looked up to see why he wasn't taking it from my hand, he was staring past me into the open drawer, and was smiling. I looked down and realized my vibrator was laying in the drawer, embarrassed now, I shut it quickly. He said he never knew I had one and wanted to see it but I said no and got up and walked towards the bathroom and I closed the door behind me, leaning against it, trying to figure out what I was doing, what we were doing and suddenly felt as I had never felt with Dave before, nervous. He knocked at the door and asked if I was okay and I said I would be out in a minute. He asked if he could come in and I opened the door, he was standing there with his shirt off and I found myself staring, looking at him as I never had before. He stepped inside and pulled me to him, then wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight, asked if I was having second thoughts about what we were doing and I said I wasn't but was just feeling nervous suddenly. He backed up and pulled me by the hand, leading me to the bed and we sat down. The lights were off but the candle burning across the room was just enough light to see his face, his eyes, the way he stared into me was a way that he had never looked at me before. He said he was feeling the same thing and leaned closer to kiss me. I rubbed my hands over his shoulders and down his back as we kissed a few times but then he started to kiss my neck and sucking gently on my skin which set me on fire.

He pulled my shirt over my head and removed it, then started to rub my nipples as we kissed until they were rock hard, getting onto his knees between my feet, he told me to stand up and started pulling my shorts down, kissing my inner thigh as he lifted each foot to remove them, then sitting me back down at the edge of the bed. He parted my legs and started to lick my clit as he slid a finger inside my pussy which was soaked again, wiggling it as he slid in and out. He told me to lay back and as I did he held the back of my knees and raised my legs up and apart, then started to suck on my clit and pussy. I reached down and held my knees, with hands freed up he began to thumb my clit as he sucked my pussy, pushing his tongue inside me and then licking me from clit to hole and at times down over my ass which would make me gasp for air, then he paused at my asshole and started to flick his tongue across it rubbing hard at times almost opening me until I was squirming all over. He stopped and returned to sucking my pussy hard when I felt him press a finger against my asshole, adding pressure as he messaged the opening until he pressed the tip inside and slowly slid in to fill my ass, withdrawing almost out and filling me again. He started to slide in faster as he sucked my pussy harder, stopping only long enough to slide a finger inside my pussy to get wet and switching fingers in my ass to continue fucking it so not to hurt me from drying too much, keeping this up until I came again.

I let go of my knees and scooted into the middle of the bed, he stood up and slowly removed his jeans, letting me see for the first time how large and thick he was. I had seen him naked before in the dark when we would go skinny dipping but he wouldn't be erect and when in the water, he usually kept space between us enough for me to never feel him to know. I mentioned that to him and he asked if I was disappointed I laughed and asked how could I be. He walked over and sat next to me, we sat there kissing and hugging while I was messaging his shoulders some, he then reminded me that it was my turn to message his back and rolled over onto his stomach and stretched out next to me. I straddled his ass as we always have but it was so different this time. I started to rub his shoulders when he told me he used to get hard as a rock when we would take turns doing this, he would think about us being naked and how his cock would feel laying against my ass as he rubbed my back or my pussy rubbing on his ass when I would reach further up his back and that's why he went to the bathroom a lot, for he would get so hard that it would hurt and would relieve the pressure before coming back out or would want to fall asleep right away so he wouldn't have to get up in front of me. I reached up to his shoulders and pushed my pussy against his ass cheeks, asking if it felt as he thought it might and he said it was better than he imagined.

I reached into the drawer of the night stand and got a bottle of baby oil, he said to leave it out for he may want it later and I asked what for but he only laughed and put his head back down. He seemed to enjoy it as I would rub hard down his back and occasionally onto his ass cheeks, then back to his shoulders and as I kept that up, his ass was getting coated with oil and my pussy was sliding back and forth against the crevice of his ass. I pressed my pussy harder against him as I rubbed up to his shoulders and my breasts would rub against his skin. He was shifting some what to the side as though he was uncomfortable so I reached underneath him and told him to raise a bit, then adjusted his cock to a better position, after thanking me, he stretched back out straight. I poured some more oil into my hand and a little spilled onto his ass so I rubbed it around and he started to moan a bit and squirm around underneath me. I then started to rub his ass harder, down his thighs and back over his ass, at times parting his cheeks as I pressed firm while messaging, making his moans louder, I asked if I could touch him the way he touched me and he said I could touch him anyway I wanted. I shifted myself to slide one knee between his legs and straddled one thigh as I messaged his ass and his legs parted with my nudges, I reached under with a hand and caressed his balls while leaning in to let my tongue caress his asshole, causing him to scoot and squirm on the bed, saying he thought I wanted to touch his ass, I told him I never said with what and asked if he wanted me to stop and he said no, to please keep going, that he loved it. Then I rolled him over and laid across one bent knee and bent down to take his cock into my mouth and began sucking him, while playing with his balls, sliding my finger down to his oiled hole and messaged it, pressing gently against it but not too hard and he was saying he was ready to cum but I stopped and looked up at his face, flushed and covered with sweat, and asked if I could make love to his ass while sucking his cock and he hesitated before answering. I said he didn't have to let me, and I would do nothing without his permission. He looked down at me and smiled, saying that he trusted me more than anyone in the world and knew I wouldn't hurt him, telling me to do it and he would stop me if he wasn't enjoying it, then rested his head against the pillow and closed his eyes. I used a little more oil and rubbed it onto his hole and sucked him back into my mouth as he shifted to part his legs further, I gently pressed the tip of my pinkie against his hole and it slid inside easily and he moaned but never said a word so I pressed softly and slid inside a little and back, pausing to enjoy the soft groans I received from him and when he spread his legs further apart, I slid inside him again, a little further this time and back out then in again and started to fuck his ass with my pinkie finger as I sucked his cock,- his moans became louder, his breathing harder, then tensed and said he was going to come and I sucked him faster and harder as I fucked his ass until he came hard, filling the back of my throat with his load. I removed my finger and messaged his balls while I sucked every last drop from him, then he sat up and pulled me close to him and hugged me, we sat there holding each other for a moment and waited until he caught his breath. I asked if he was okay and he said he was fantastic, that he never let anyone do that but always wondered about it and knew I would do it the right way, telling me he loved having me inside him, then rubbed down to my pussy and felt that I was soaked and looked at me questioningly, and I said I got off just doing that to him and he smiled.

He said he wanted to be inside me so bad but had so many other things he wanted to do first and when I asked what things, he smiled and said he would rather show me than to tell me, so I smiled back and told him to show me then. He told me to face him and as I placed one foot on each side of him, he pulled me closer and told me to raise my ass a bit, then pulled a pillow underneath my lower back and told me to lay back and get comfortable. He then parted my legs and put his over mine to hold me like that, wide open to him, I had never laid like this, with my legs spread so far apart in front of a guy, but quickly found out why he positioned me this way as he reached down and removed my vibe from the drawer and started rubbing my clit with it, and then sliding it partly inside me and back out again. I started to move my legs but realized they were trapped under his and he wasn't going to let them move any. As he started to thrust the vibe inside my pussy again and again he was rubbing my clit and told me he had never used a vibe on a girl and loved seeing it slide in and out, with him having the control of how much and how fast he gave it as he would tease me with it, rubbing it at times over my already swollen clit gently letting the vibration drive me crazy, then slide it inside my pussy again. It was a thin small one but he used it on me in a way I had never felt from using it myself. I was trying to move around with the rhythm of the thrusts but couldn't move much and that was adding to the excitement then he reached over and grabbed the baby oil, pouring some on my ass crevice and the cold shocked me as it ran down across my hole. He rubbed the vibe across my asshole and I almost sat up but he said to lay still and enjoy what I was feeling and to tell him if I needed him to stop but to lay as still as I could. I clutched the blankets next to me and laid my head back, closed my eyes and he started to message my asshole with the vibe until I was squirming again, making him giggle as he told me that he knew I couldn't lay still and I kept shifting as he pressed it against the opening a bit, rubbing it in tiny circles as he pressed harder until I felt my ass being opened by the vibrating tool. He asked if I was okay and I said yes, to go in slow and he did exactly that, he slid it inside my ass very slow until I felt pressure inside from it being all the way inside, he paused and asked if I was still okay and I said to continue. He pulled back out and poured more oil onto the vibe, then began to finger my pussy with two fingers hard and fast as he slid the vibe into my ass again, this time a bit faster and the oil let it slide smooth inside until I was filled again, I was moaning and telling him that I loved it as he continued to slide it in and out, again and again faster and faster as he fucked my pussy as fast and hard with his fingers until I was about to come, but then stopped and told me to slowly slide back some and roll over onto my belly, he held the vibe inside my ass as I did and the feeling was not describable as I moved. He moved the pillow and scooted between my legs, pulling me to my knees and then I felt him pull the vibe almost out and added a bit more oil until it slid in very easy. My ass was soaked with oil and he slid in and out a few times and I felt myself pushing back to meet the vibe with each thrust, then felt his cock press against my pussy until the head slid in and as he pulled the vibe back he slid his cock inside until he pressed against my cervix and I moaned loud, and said to not stop as he pulled back out of my pussy, he then slid the vibe back into my ass and repeated the switch again, emptying my ass as he filled my pussy then reversed until he picked up speed and was pounding both holes in unison, I was shoving back harder against him as he stopped the vibe, holding it still, deep inside my ass, continued to pound my pussy hard and fast. The feeling of both holes filled like that sent me over the edge and I came, just then he also came and filled me full of his juice.

He kept thrusting inside me until he went soft and told me to lay flat, laying on top of my back and held me tight. He apologized for releasing too soon before he could play more but couldn't stop it once he started, that I felt to good wrapped tight around his cock. I said I was glad he couldn't wait any longer for I couldn't wait to have him inside me any longer. He said he only needed a minute to rest and could go on and I turned my head and looked back at him as he laughed and said that he had only just started to please me. He sucked on the back of my neck and I started to get aroused again, feeling he was also as his cock was rubbing against my leg and ass. He got back onto his knees and pulled me with him as I felt him rubbing more oil onto my ass, then the the tip of his cock pressed against my hole, I placed my hands against the bed and felt him push until the head of his cock stretched me open and slide in with a little discomfort from the size even though he was partially soft, then when it felt okay I told him to keep going and he did, gentle and slow, he slid his cock into my ass and filled me full as much as I could take and then began to fuck my ass as his cock got harder I could feel my ass stretch to fit him, my body movements and moaning was letting him know how much I enjoyed it and I did, more than I ever thought I could and when he was ready to explode, he paused and asked if he should pull out or if he could fill my ass with his cum and I said to fill me full and he did just that, he fucked my ass and got off inside me which was a great feeling. When he was spent, he slowly pulled out and got up, helping me up with him and we headed into the bathroom where he started the shower and we both got in to clean off. I was never so thankful to have a private bathroom of my own for we could never explain why we were together in the other bathroom.

We dried off and went back into the bedroom, laid on the bed and he pulled the cover over us. We curled up tight and talked talked about all that happened that night and how much we wanted to continue but it was already morning and he said he didn't want to make me too sore, so we should sleep some, adding that there were always other times to be had. I hugged him tighter as he pulled me as close as he could and we fell asleep. As we slept, we never separated, when one moved the other followed almost as if fearing that we may never have that again. When we woke later that day, we dressed and he asked if I was ready to go out there, knowing there was a chance they already knew something just from the noise in the room that night, I kissed him and said yes. As we walked out, we realized that everyone else was just waking too and no one knew a thing, we grinned at each other and started to clean up the mess, somewhat avoiding eye contact for fear we would be giving our secret away if we were seen looking at each other with the obvious lust in our stares.

Over the years, some of they guys moved to away, some settling down and getting married, but all remain close friends, keeping in touch continuously, of course Dave and I stayed the closest, getting together from time to time and reliving graduation night, finding new ways to please each other and keeping it a secret still from the others. It seems just enough to keep each other happy and not too much to make us unhappy and with that, our friendship with a twist has grown stronger and more trusting than I knew possible.

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