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Friends at the Lake

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“You were such a naughty one, now weren’t you,” Natelie said softly in a low sexy voice as she drew her slender fingers along the length of my cock which was now as hard as a rock. “It makes me so hot thinking about you and this weekend,” she purred out after a few moments, her breath warm against my neck, as she encircled my girth loosely teasing me up and down with one hand and pulling the fabric of my cargo shorts apart and pushing her other hand down to fondle my aching balls.

I could barely concentrate on driving as my wife teased my cock and my mind while we streaked along the dark interstate highway late that summer evening. I knew we shouldn’t be doing this, but it had all started so innocent when she snuggled next to me on the big bench seat of the old pick-up we used to pull our jet skis back and forth from the lake. We had settled into the mind numbing three hour drive back to our home after a long weekend partying with friends and she started to talk dirty to me at first, then fondling herself until she knew I would want her to jack me off. What better way to pass some time and I was blessed with a partner who was more than willing to draw out her attention simply to fill the time……and of course to heighten my sensations.

I have often told Natalie that she was built for sex which always made her smile with a lustful curl of her mouth that I thought for certain she revealed only for me. She was slender and shorter than I by only a few inches, five foot eight, although most thought of her taller as she was often in heels. She had medium blonde hair that was just past her shoulder and she wore in many different ways but mostly up. Her skin was olive tinted and in the summer she seemed to glow from the sun she worshipped whenever her schedule allowed. Her breasts were large and sexy but seemed to fit her frame with a feminine grace. Her tight little rounded ass made you turn your head whenever she walked by and her eyes seemed so revealing and sensual. She looked like she liked to fuck and most guys, who would admit it to me, would often say they would fuck her in a minute. We had just both turned thirty and while we enjoyed an adventurous sex life with each other, we had begun to explore couples and friends to add to our broader enjoyment. This weekend had been a new adventure for us both in that regard, especially for the new things that I had tried and the surprising sense of enjoyment that was impossible for me to hide from Natalie.

“Are you thinking about Marta and Jose,” Natalie said quietly just above the drone of the highway noise. “You are so hard,” she added while grazing her fingernails along my length, teasing them up over the flaring ridges of the head and sending jolts of sexual tension pulsing through my body. “Just like last night, so hard, so turned on,” the lilt of her voice softly leading me along. “You looked so sexy, so big and hard when I was watching you,” she added a after few moments, my boner twitching for attention as it stood erect in the space between my abdomen and the steering wheel of the old truck while Natalie pulled the fabric of the cargo shorts and my briefs down over my thighs.

I could feel the heat of Natalie’s breath as she slithered up close to me, teasing my hardness softly as my mind brushed over her words and images from last night filled my senses. Marta and Jose own a lot next to our modest lake home on an isolated cove that had quiet the reputation for uninhibited fun. Having not yet built out their property, they lived on their cruiser when they were at the lake and ran some sort of building supply business the rest of the time. Last night we had spent on their boat until quite late and the memories of the evening seemed to fill the muggy air of the old truck as Natalie slowly stroked me as she teased my mind about our sensual adventure.

“I loved watching Marta sucking your nice cock,” Natalie said with a little giggle. “She looked like such a sexy tramp trying to take you into her throat,” she added with a sexy snorting guffaw, giggling mischievously and squeezing her fingers tightly around the girth of my cock as her voice began to take on a trance like quality, her descriptions charging the sensations invading my whole body.

Marta and Jose had been part of our sexual activities for the last year or so. Initially, Marta, Natalie and Jose had hooked up one evening last summer when I had had too much to drink. Natalie was such a tiger after the encounter that I didn’t do anything to discourage her and several weeks later she and Marta had spent the evening with me. It wasn’t our first threesome, but was certainly the most satisfying. It was clear that Natalie and Marta were intensely attracted to one another and I was surprised how much it jazzed my senses to see her getting so turned on when we were all together. Initially, the four of us would play together trading off our wives but eventually Jose and I had allowed ourselves to let our bi-curiosity be part of our encounters.

Jose had an athletic build and was in great shape, slightly shorter than me. He is muscular and his cock is thick and straight about my own size, I’d say a good eight inches. Also like me he shoots just gobs of cum, much to the girl’s enjoyment. Marta reminds you of movie star because of her looks. She is just so perfect it is easy to see her in that way. She is thin with long legs and model like curves. She loves to be naked and show off her smallish breasts with knobby dark nipples that are almost always erect. Her dark eyes in a graceful face that is mysterious and sensual and I can see the fire in her soul when she is fucking me. Her beauty is profoundly real and assertive yet she looks so fragile when she is overcome by the pleasure of her own orgasm. She can be famously loud and funny when she is upset or doesn’t feel like she is being heard by the group and she is completely satisfied by either a man or a woman.

My mind was washing over the images from last night as Natalie drew her fingers over her tongue and then wrapped them around my girth, the lubricated sensation sending a wave of sudden pleasure pulsing through me.

“You are getting so hard thinking about her and Jose, aren’t you,” Natalie slithered out with a sexy voice as we speed along the dark highway. “I thought Marta was going to come unglued when you finally put this big cock in her,” her voice was buzzing with allure, “it was like I could feel it too, you fucked her so good,” she continued as she rolled her thumb over the tip of dick, my glands swollen and the sensation sending bursts of intensity with each movement.

“God you are making me so horny”, I said as I tried to concentrate on the road but felt my thoughts racing over the images that Natalie’s words invoked and I shifted my weight to spread my legs slightly.

“I love you like this, all hard,” Natalie cooed out as she stroked me slowly while she let her free hand go down to squeeze my balls. “Just gonna blow for me aren’t you,” I could feel her hot breath on my neck as she nuzzled herself against me. “Sorta like you did last night,” her voice was low and my mind was racing as fast as the wind blew through the truck cab. “You were all sexy last night, getting all nasty with Jose,” her motions became quicker as she could feel the slick pre-cum that was streaming from the tip of my cock. “That’s right,” her words were invading my mind, “you like sucking him, tasting his sexy flavor all over your tongue,” her words made the images from last night inundate my mind and the pleasure of her touch made my senses acute. The memory of the sex was flooding my thoughts and my mind traced over the most intense moments from the night before.

I was on all fours, Jose was sprawled before me laying on the large rug on the floor of the boat cabin, his hard cock in my grasp as I sucked him while Marta knelt beside him teasing his right nipple between her slender fingers. I could feel Natalie behind me, her reach to grip hardness as I bobbed up and down on Jose’s length intensely. Natalie’s fingers were probing my ass and I could feel the jolt of sensations buzzing through my balls as I tasted Jose’s musky emissions on my tongue which only turned me on more. His cock felt so solid in my mouth and I could feel the energy in his body as I sucked up and down on his length wiggling my tongue on the underside of the head, making him push himself back at me. I didn’t want to stop sucking him but Natalie was urging me to fuck him and I had to admit I was turned on by the thought of feeling him inside me. We had played around like this, but we had never done anything anal with each other.

I stroked him slowly, pausing my oral rendition as I looked up over his firm body, his cock sopping with my saliva and I slowly started to move up over him, Natalie moving along side of me, the amber light of the cabin making our sundrenched skin and the setting all the more erotic. I let my hard cock come beside his as I let my weight down on his thighs and I wonder how I would ever take him into me but I ached with the desire to feel him inside me. I reached around to slip my finger over my anus and I felt the need even more deeply as I teased it. I stroked both our cocks together, making Natalie growl as she moved beside Jose opposite of Marta, the two women intensely watching Jose and I preparing to fuck. Jose was silent as I reached to my mouth slathering my fingers with a generous glob of saliva and moved myself slightly forward while applying it to the bulbous head of Jose’s erection.

“You looked so hot sitting on his cock, so, so hard when he was deep inside you,” Natalie seemed to sense my thoughts and my mind raced over the memory.

He felt huge as I positioned him at the crease of my butt hole and I pushed myself against his head, holding him as I tried to flex my hole over him. My long cock looked like a monster out over Jose’s rippled abdominal muscles as I let my weight down a bit letting the tip find it’s spot and I could release my hand’s grip on him. Jose’s hard cock felt warm against me as it strained against my own resistance and I tried to relax for a moment but was clearly feeling the desire to push harder. Jose was still, letting me take the lead and I could feel my clenched muscles slowly releasing and the head of his member slipping just inside me. There was some pain, but also a sense of odd pleasure and then surging heat when I let myself down. The pain slowly faded as he went deeper and deeper until I had taken him completely. His cock felt hot and it twitched against my prostrate, sending buzzing waves of sensations through my balls and cock which stood intensely taunt and erect, bouncing occasionally as it ached from odd sensations. I sat there still for a few moments, impaled on Jose’s engorged cock and the sense of fullness made me just want to shake with pleasure. I moved slightly as Jose pushed himself at me and I felt a quick short burst of an orgasm and thought initially I had cum but it quickly subsided. My muscles flexed around Jose and he grunted with pleasure while a small clear emission streamed out of the end of my cock, making the girls squeal with delight as both were touching themselves as they watched with wide eyes as their guys started to fuck.

After a few moments I began to slowly rock on Jose, slowly lifting myself slightly and letting my weight down again, each time sending an orgasmic burst through my body and a small river of clear fluid dripping from the tip of my cock with a sinuous string that fell over Jose’s skin. Natalie and Marta purred with satisfaction as they watched me taking all of his long cock deep into my ass, his hot muscle twitching with sexual tension while I was experiencing an almost continuous surge of pulsing bursts of mini orgasms, each producing an emission that was now coating the length of my cock and the rippled muscles of Jose stomach. The feeling was like an ever increasing wave of sexual energy each building on the next as I increased my motions as his hard cock sent jolts of energy in strange new ways through my body. I let my hands back on Jose’s thighs just above his knees to better raise and roll myself on him. It was such a strange new pleasure and I could feel my balls and cock bristle each time I let myself down to take Jose completely into me.

“I’ve never seen you cum so much and so hard,” Natalie was stroking me quicker and quicker, “all from his big cock inside you,” her tone now more pleading as she sensed my energy rising with each of her pleadings. “Nobody touching you, made us so hot as we watched Jose fuck you so good and make you cum so hard,” she said after a few moments and I strained to make sure I could stayed focused on the road, the intense memories washing over me, her voice and motions bringing me to the edge and I remembered the intensity.

I remembered the sense of Jose’s pleasure each time I flexed my muscles whether voluntary or not as I rolled and pushed at his penetration inside my body. I knew I couldn’t sustain this intensity as I could feel wave of my own orgasm building and I wanted Jose to cum. The grip of his hands on my thighs and the sounds of his breaths were the first signs of his impending release and it only made me work him more feverishly. He felt so big and hard inside me and I wanted to feel him erupt. As I rolled myself on his cock he gasped and looked at me through a strained expression, pushing back at my downward thrust. My own cock was like solid rock, standing rigid, its nerves shattered by the sensations it felt from a different direction. I desperately tried to hold my own orgasm back, only making my muscles pulse around Jose’s engorged member with more tension. I knew we would both cum when I was to the point where I realized I couldn’t move and holding back physically impossible. It all seemed to be in slow motion, each sensation so vivid when I felt the sudden hot awareness of Jose shooting his load inside me, the stream of his syrupy sperm like a hot burst and then a molten flood that I could feel all around his penetration. My muscles pulsed involuntarily around his girth repeatedly as he released again and again until the lubrication started to send a warm relaxing sensation through my body and my own spasms begun. I could feel the gasps of Natalie and Marta as I looked down at my twitching cock. The whole scene seemed surreal, my body straining as I was impaled by Jose, my hard cock like a snake out over Jose’s tan skin, completely untouched when the surging spasm enveloped me from within, and flexing my entire body I blasted a long heavy white stream of sperm out over Jose’s chest, followed by another strong jet, my muscles flexing around Jose’s cock, milking him as I shot a thick viscous load of my own viscous sperm, and then another, and another, rope after rope of hot thick cum shot out onto his chest, shoulders and neck as I held his hands over his thighs, the girls shrieking at the oddly erotic display.

My mind was nestled around the intensity of the memories when I felt the pleasure of the reality pulsing through body and I gripped the steering wheel firmly, letting the vehicle slow down naturally, Natalie stroking me intensely as I started to cum.

“Oh yes, like that, oh yes,” Natalie’s voice pleaded as I started to release myself, each spasm sending a burst of my fluids out into the darkness of the cab where I could feel some of it hitting the top of my thighs as she stroked my pulsing member. “Keep watching the road,” Natalie giggle with an erotic guffaw as she bent over and took the head of my spewing cock into her warm mouth sucking the last of my emission around her tongue, swallowing it as she moaned pleasure fully at the taste. “MMMmmmm, you are so bad,” she laughed out before leaning back up, still holding my cock and drawing her hand across her lips with the back of her hand. “Just so bad,” she said again with another lighter erotic laugh.

I didn’t have to say another word as I pressed my right foot more firmly on the accelerator and we began to resume speed with the rustle of the rushing air around us as I looked over at Natalie’s sparkling eyes. I wanted to get home fast, I wanted to fuck her bad. I suppose that is what she was up to all along as I turned my focus to the road.

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