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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Forced In Front Of You".


Forced In Front of You

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I am visiting a guy I know but not well. I am picking him up to take him somewhere. We are talking about mundane things from different rooms as he is getting ready. He enters the room I am in making an emphatic point about what we are discussing, incredulous about some aspect of it. He is naked. And thick. I do a double take, the second look lingering more than would be normal in the absence of desire. I want to taste his cock so badly my mouth and cock throb. I look away and pretend to focus on what his point was. He goes back into the other room and finishes getting ready...after he masturbates. I can hear faint sounds that are just loud enough for me to know what he is doing. Almost every ounce of me wants to go and drink him dry but I am afraid I am imaging things and misreading what is going on. We leave. Soon after we arrive at our destination and you are there. I kiss you. Hard. Your eyes get almost as big as my cock just did, questions mixed with passion. I take you somewhere private and whisper in your ear as you squeeze my cock repeatedly and strokes my balls. As I tell you about how much you would love his cock and how badly I want to share it with you the door opens. My name is called. Its him. I cum all over your clothes.

Hearing the door and not wanting to be seen with cum all over your clothes you quickly hide, but stay within eyesight. I manage to get my cock back in my pants and zip up before he sees me. I turn around to weakly greet him, still reeling from the orgasm, my hidden cock twitching. He laughs and asks what I am doing back here alone. I stammer. He has covered the distance between me and the ddoor and he now stands uncomfortably close to me. In order to pass him I would have to push him out of the way. If we were naked our cocks would be touching. I consider this, lost in a quick reverie. He snaps me out of it. "I saw you looking at my cock earlier when I was changing." So matter of factly; he takes me completelyy off guard and I am not only at a loss for words, I am a bit scared, feeling exposed and embarassed. He seems to enjoy that. "What were you staring at my cock for?" I can't believe how direct he is considering that he wasn't when we were alone without the chance of being walked in on earlier. I try to respond but can't commit to any words. He steps even closer, his swollen cock pressures mine, separated by less than a quarter inch of cloth. I swallow any words I might have said. "

Noticing that my cock is engorged he thinks its because I am turned on by this, by him. He's right and wrong. I am uncomfortable and terrified of being him knowing what I want, and especially of being caught. Even fearful, my cock is still thick with the desire I shared with you. I remember that you are there, hiding, and I wonder if you can see what's going on. I think if you could see it you would also see my discomfort and come out to scare him off. But then I remember your clothes and the state you're in. And I know you're not coming out. And he continues to press me, more with his presence than his cock, but certainly with that. "You liked my cock, didn't you? Even women don't stare as hard as you did!" I wanted it earlier, but the chance that someone could walk in kept me from wanting him now. He backs up. I feel relief thinking he has had his fun and now he will leave. I am wrong. He unzips his pants and pulls pulls out his cock. Its about six inches and quite plump. I don't even realize I look down and stare. Its gorgeous. Instantly I think about what it would feel like filling my mouth. And I drip precum thinking about how incredible it would be to suck the taste of your pussy off of his thickness. I regret cumming on your clothes knowing you won't come out because of it.

"Just suck it already!" He drops his pants now, bold despite the party going on on the other side of the doors less than 15 feet away. My mouth wants to badly but i am so scared of being seen I shake my head, which he grabs with both hands, pulling hard on my neck. He is stronger than me and despite pushing against his hips, my neck tires and I crop to my knees to relieve the pressure. I can smell his balls. My cock jumps. He is rubbing his own cock on my cheeks and lips, still pulling hard on my neck. "Open your mouth and suck my cock!" He slams me back against the wall when he says this and it hurts. I don't think about fighting though, I just obey. He surprises me by moving his hips slowly. His cock glides into my mouth easily. I relax for a moment and enjoy the feel of his thickness filling my mouth. Ignoring the nearby partiers, I let out a moan, which you hear. You are fingering your pussy and its dripping, the liquid hidden among my own. He takes one hand off of my neck and pulls out long enough to slap me and smile at my surprise. He is back in my mouth in a flash, this times he fucks my face violently.

As I am gaging my eyes quint involuntarily and tears roll down my cheeks. It feel like I am drowning. My hands try to push him away but his hips are too close and too strong. I try to talk. "Oh, NOW you want to say something?! Fuck, that, take this dick and shut the fuck up!" He continues to fuck my face and I continue to choke. I am afraid I will pass out if I don't a breath. I have forgotten that you are there and that someone can walk in any moment; I am only thinking about surviving now. I reach up and grabs his balls and pulls down hard. He moans out of excitement. "That's just the way I like it, bitch, do that again." I squeeze this time and his movement stops. "OK, OK, I get it, its a little too intense for you." He moves his hips back slowly and his cock is now right at my lips. "I just don't want anyone to walk in and see it is all." With every word my lips caress the tip of his cock. Even in pain I am turned on by this. I take in the scent of his balls again and get rock hard.

Let's move then!" he pulls me up and out of the door's line of sight, right toward you! We are less than five feet from you but you are well hidden in the dark while we are exposed to a bit of light coming in through the wondow. You see clearly as he holds his cock out and offers it to me without making contact. I know where you are and I turn to ensure you can see me suck his cock. You are fingering yourself but he can't hear you because he and I are both moaning. My cock is dripping. I am more turned on than I have been in months. I wish you would step out and share his thickness with me and then let me suck his cum out of your pussy. Just as I think about motioning you over he moans more loudly and cums down my throat. I don't even taste it. Then I hear the door open

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