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For Lesa - Friday Night

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Yea, Friday Night has finally arrived, TGIF. Dan get?s home from work and begins to think about what to do on this Friday Night. After some deliberate thought, he discovers it?s been a long week and he?s actually beat. But doing nothing on a Friday night is just not acceptable. While standing in the Kitchen looking over the Deck and seeing the Hot Tub, he?s thinks to himself, that would feel good.

But if I get in, I may not get out for the night. A sudden ring in his head is heard, call Lesa and invite her over for some Ice Cold Drinks and some Hot Tub Relaxation. After speaking with Lesa, she?s game as she?s been on her feet all day. Lesa packs up a few things, including her Red Robe and purposefully decides to leave the bathing suite at home.

While Dan is checking the Hot Tub temperature and pre-making a Picture of Margaritas he here?s the door bell. He realizes Lesa couldn?t have arrived this early and he heads for the door and to his surprise he discovers it?s his close friend Tom. Tom explains he?s board and thought he?d just check out what Dan was doing. Dan exclaims he was just making a picture of Margaritas and Lesa was on her way over to hit the Hot Tub.

Tom says that sounds better than hitting a Sportsbar. Dan decides to invite Tom providing he doesn?t stay all night. Tom exclaims that he has one problem and does not have a swimming suit. Dan says that?s ok, I rarely wear one anyway. Dan heads back to the kitchen to make more pictures of Margaritas and Tom heads straight for the Hot Tub.

Soon Lesa arrives and after walking out on the deck, she sees Tom in the Hot Tub who she hadn?t expected to see. Lesa walks back into the kitchen and tells Dan that she hadn?t planned on wearing a bathing suit and didn?t bring one along. Dan suggests just wearing the robe and slipping into the tub and Tom won?t notice a thing.

Lesa moved back out onto the deck and slipped into the Hot Tub while Dan was speaking to Tom who did not notice a thing. Dan followed shortly after with his Robe and 2 pictures of margaritas and 3 glasses. After a number of Margaritas the sun was fading in the sky and all three sat back against the same wall to watch the Sunset. As Tom repositioned himself on the right side of Lesa he had bumped into her and felt that she wasn?t wearing a bathing suit.

Sitting next to Lesa he begin thinking about her having nothing on and also realized he didn?t as well. Just the thought of this began to give him a hard on. Now all 3 are relaxing, kicking back and watching the orange glow of the sun setting for the day. Tom still can?t get the idea of Lesa?s nakedness right next to him out of his head. Under the warm bubbling & jet streaming water his cock won?t lay down and he reaches for the shaft and begins to work his cock in his hand up and down.

With the noise, bubbles and whirlpool action Lesa has no idea what Tom is up to right next to her. As Tom get?s more excited, his bravery begins to rise as well. He decides to reach over and slightly place his hand on Lesa?s leg. Lesa is too relaxed to care and makes no commotion. Tom?s bravery peaks and he begins to message her leg on top and on the outside.

Still no objection from Lesa, so he moves his hands inside of her right leg and begins to caress her leg in an up and down fashion. He starts very softly and moves up and down, at first lower and then up higher closer and closer towards Lesa?s Pussy. Lesa who is completely relaxed after being in the hot tub for quite awhile is enjoying the attention her right leg is getting.

Feeling so good, she decides to invite more by sliding a little lower in the tub and slightly opening her legs further. Tom?s reach is improved and his hand slides closer and closer to her pussy where his hand and Lesa?s pussy finally meet. The feeling is so erotic Lesa exhales a slight sigh. Tom?s hand is now working Lesa?s pussy and then moves to her clit. Dan on the left hand side of Lesa notices Lesa?s cheeks are glowing red.

The expression on her face is odd and he is wondering but could not think of what was going on. He then leans his shoulder upon Lesa?s shoulder and decides to begin to prepare Lesa for tonight?s later activities. He moves his right hand slowly to the top of her left leg. Lesa feels the hand on her left leg and opens her left leg slightly inviting Dan to do more. Dan begins messaging Lesa?s left leg up and down and then inside of her leg.

Dan remembers that Lesa slipped into the Hot Tub with nothing on and decides to move his hand to Lesa?s Pussy to tease her. As Dan?s hand reaches her pussy, Lesa moans out in delight just as Dan hits Tom?s hand who is already working Lesa?s Clit. Lesa then cries out a louder moan of enjoyment with two hands at her Pussy. Dan seeing Lesa?s enjoyment decides to just join in. His hand then works up to Lesa?s breast where he first messages her entire left breast.

After he moves his hand to Lesa?s nipples where he squeezes softly to begin and then twists her nipple harder and harder. As Tom continues to work Lesa?s Clit, Lesa?s moans become louder and louder. Tom can?t take it any longer and slides in front of Lesa and grabs both legs from under the water and lifts Lesa?s waist up level to the top of the water exposing Lesa?s breasts and pussy.

While holding Lesa?s legs Tom slides between her legs and moves his lips and tongue into Lesa?s Pussy. Immediately he begins licking her entire pussy, while Lesa moans out in ecstasy. Dan seeing this occur and Lesa?s excitement he leans over to her now exposed breasts and begins licking and sucking on her breasts.

Tom continues to lick Lesa?s entire pussy and as her moans grow louder he moves his tongue to her clit and begins licking harder and harder on Lesa?s Clit. The sensation of Lesa?s pussy and her breasts is now overwhelming and continues until she explodes and squirts straight into the Hot Tub.

Just after Lesa explodes, her breasts still being licked and sucked by Dan, she reaches to his waist and finds his hard cock and begins to stroke it up and down. Tom?s cock is also rock hard after Lesa?s explosion and he stands up, still holding Lesa?s legs and thrusts his hot hard cock deep into Lesa?s Pussy. Lesa then screams out appreciating Tom?s hard cock and with every Thrust of his cock into her pussy, she is stroking Dan?s cock harder and harder.

Tom begins to pound Lesa?s pussy harder and harder until Lesa can?t stand it any longer. She pulls Dan up higher and motions him to stand over her. Dan splits his legs on each side of her breasts while Lesa grabs his cock and pulls it deep into her mouth. She begins sucking Dan?s cock softly at first.

She realizes that every time Tom thrusts his cock deep into her hot hole she is propelled forward and then backwards. Lesa then takes advantage of this movement and goes along with it to suck Dan?s cock. She first is just sucking his head, but then moves her right hand onto his shaft and begins rubbing his cock up and down with the waves of Tom?s cock pounding her pussy.

Lesa begins to moan louder and louder until Tom reaches to Lesa?s clit, still pounding her pussy with his hot hard cock, he messages Lesa?s clit until he feels her cum shoot straight into his stomach. Being in an awkward position, Lesa then moves out from under it all and positions her head in front of Tom while kneeling in the center of the tub.

Dan?s cock is aching and positions himself behind Lesa and then thrusts his cock deeply into her hot wet pussy. Lesa then reaches for Tom?s cock and pulls his cock into her mouth. As Dan begins to pound Lesa from behind, harder and harder, the same motion develops going back and forth for sucking Toms cock.

She grasps his shaft with one hand and continues to inhale his cock deep into her mouth. Her pussy is feeling so good, Lesa begins to rock forward into Toms cock and back into Dan?s cock. Her motion increases harder and harder as she wants a cock deep into her pussy. Dan is sensing Lesa?s delight and reaches around her waste while pounding her hard from behind, he begins messaging Lesa?s clit.

Lesa is moaning louder and louder with her pussy being fucked hard from behind, her clit being messaged and her mouth is sucking and slurping another cock. Her moans grow louder and louder until her pussy just can?t take it any longer and explodes/squirts straight into the bubbling hot water.

Dan sits down on an under water bench and pulls Lesa on top of him and thrusts his cock back deep into Lesa?s pussy. As Lesa begins to ride Dan?s cock under water, Lesa?s ass is up in the air and Tom moves into position behind Lesa. Tom then slides his cock slowly into Lesa?s rear. Lesa screams out at the sensation of having two cocks deep inside her.

She now begins bucking both cocks to many moans and groans. Soon Tom?s cock is throbbing to hard and he then pulls his cock out and shoots his hot load up Lesa?s back. Dan seeing Tom is done, picks Lesa back up and puts her on the side of the Hot Tub. Dan grabs Lesa?s legs and spreads them high and wide and thrusts his cock back into Lesa?s Hot Wet Hole. He begins pounding her on the edge of the hot tub harder and harder until he explodes deep into Lesa?s Hot, Wet Hole.


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