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Florida Tan Ending

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I was now on all fours, my ass being licked suck and poked by Teds tongue. He pulled my ass cheeks wide apart and began licking my ass hole. Ohhhhhh man Ted that feel so good I can't belive your doing that to me. His tongue worked its way around my hole probing deep inside my ass. He lick my ball sac hanging down from my hard cock. I was moaning in pleasure. I felt teds hands pulling me over so that I was now on my back as Ted continued to suck my cock and balls his fingers squeezing each ball one at a time sucking on them kissing them his finger probing my ass. I lay there moaning in pleasure this man taking me to heights I've never know. My cock was never so well sucked as Ted was doing he was a real pro at sucking cock. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his lips now traveling up my body until we were kissing again. His touge and mine fighting to take control of the others. Teds lips closed over mine his tongue slipping in and out of my mouth, Ohhhh I moaned kiss me hard I said. Ted did as told. We were locked in a lovers embrace his hand rubbing my cock as we kissed. I didn'nt even here the door opening in the next room. My eyes were closed as Ted kissed me his tongue licking my tongue and teeth it was wild. Then I felt more weight on the bed, as Ted moved to one side of me opening my eyes sitting on the edge of the bed was Bill, hello Chris. I could'nt belive it here was Bill in Florida sitting next to me looking over my naked body. I didn't think I could get any harder but I did. Humm Chris I knew you would have a nice cock, his hand moving down my stomach to stroke my cock. Hummm Bill I want to suck your cock I said ues thing Cris Bill quickly undressed unlike Ted Bills cock was rock hard as mine he straddled me and placed his cock right in front of my mouth. Suck me Chris he said. Hummm his cock slid into my warm mouth I quickly began sucking that beatuful cock It taste of pre-cum it was great. Bill was now mouth fucking me and Ted sucking my cock. Hummmm Chris Bill said you suck a nice cock but I want your ass. Bill pulled his cock from my mouth moveing to cover my body with his. Ted began licking my ass and lubing me up. Bill pushed my legs up in the air to almost over my head. He moved down kneeling between my legs rubbing his cock with lube. I felt his cock begin probing my ass hole slow small strokes so as not to rip my virgin ass apart. Then it happened. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bills cock slipped deep in my ass Ohh shit was all I could say it hurt for a split second but then when Bill and I got in rhythm it felt great. Bills cock was sliding in and out of my ass I looked down and saw Ted was now sucking my cock as Bill fucked me. I was watching Bills face as his cock slipped in and out of my ass. Bill I want you to cumm in my mouth, Hummm nice Chris I'll finish fucking you in the mouth. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bills cock pulled out of my ass that it made a poping sound before I knew it Bill was fucking my mouth I eagerly took it in. Hummm it was big and slippery from all the lube his balls were bounching off my chin as I sucked his cock deep in my mouth. Come on Chris suck that cock he was pounding me with his cock I sucked it harder. Its then that I felt the first hint that my cummm was building up in the bottom of my cock I was going to cummmm and Ted was sucking me and playing with my balls Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shit I heard Bill yell out Ohhh shit suck my cock ahhhh I felt the first shot of Bills cummm hit the back of my mouth it just kept shooting until I had to let some of it spill down my chin. Ohhhh Ohhhhh man suck that cock Bill finally came back from the edge and slumpted down on top of me kissing me both of us tasting his huge cummm shot in my mouth. We kept kissing and then I felt it my cock exploded into Teds mouth WOW he said what a load of cummm I shot as much as I ever had it just came shooting out the tip of my cock. Ohhhhhh man it felt so goood. I don't know how many shots of cumm I shot in Teds mouth but alot of it slipped out as did Bill from my mouth. The three of us lay holding each other. Three naked men middle aged who all just had the best sex ever. After a while Bill got up and went to the shower Ted kissed my limp cock and said I got to go you boys have fun. I lay there spent naked tasting of cumm and being covered in cummm I fell asleep. I awoke to Bill sucking on my cock. It began to harden He looked up at me and asked are you ready??? I looked down at him and said suck my cock, you old cock sucker. We made love most of the week end sometimes just us and some times with Ted. My wife was waiting for me when I got off the plane. Walking through the airport she looked at me and said, Honey you don't have a tan. Why not??? Geee er duuuuu Ok, well its this way honey. I met Ted............ The End

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