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Flashing trucks turns into my first time sucking and getting sucked by a man

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Sometimes when I have to drive on the freeway I get very horny. Lately Ive been undoing my pants and and pulling them and my underwear down around my knees. This is very liberating, and makes me as hard as a rock. I like to pull along truckers and go very slow and see if they me stroking my cock. If they do they usually speed up or give me a toot on the horn. If they pull alongside, I just start stroking long and hard, and usually cum very quickly because it is so exicting then I just drive off. Things got a little weird last wednesday driving up to the place that stores my boat. I had to go there and look over some repairs with the mechanic and tell them to go ahead or not. Anyway I get on the freeway, pull my pants and underwear down and start massaging my cock and balls. There was very light truck traffic so for the most part it was very until about 25 miles from my destination where I passed a local short box truck, I went slowly by as usual and got no response. I pulled over into the right lane and as soon as I did the truck pulled next to me on the left side. I looked over and it was a younger guy about 32 smiling and making a stroking motion with his hand and waving at me too, it was obvious he enjoyed my show. So he pulled over in front of me and I saw my chance and pulled out into the left lane,,got my cock hard and started up by the truck. We were the only vehicles that I could see on the road so it was cool. I put on my shades, opened my passenger window got along side and started jacking my cock which was rock hard just thinking about it,,I was surprised to see the truck driver had pulled his pants down and was lifting his hips so I could see his cock and he was jacking off too!! I couldnt believe it, I had never seen another man jack off and he had a pretty sizable cock too. I stroked it and got the warm feeling in only a few minutes and came all over my stomach and in a few more seconds I saw him come too.I smiled and he did too and waved and off I went to go talk to the marina about my boat repairs. I was inside with the mechanic in the back of the warehouse with the overhead doors opened up and as the mechanic and I finished up and I was getting off the boat I saw it! The same truck was backing up to warehouse!!. I thought I was going to die,,think quick,,then I thought fuck it! He enjoyed the show Ill just see him, laugh and be done with it,, He got out of his truck, walked over by me and recognized me,, and said " I thought I recognized your truck outside" and grinned,, I said yes ,,"did u like the show?" yes he said did you? Yeah,, and we both laughed, he asked what I was doing there and I told him I had to have some repairs done to my boat. which boat is yours he asked I told him and he said nice,,,,how big is it, I said 42 foot,,you want to go aboard and see it? I thought fuck it we had both seen each others cocks theres no harm,, Yes he said and we climbed aboard,,. I showed him the engines then we went downstairs to see the cabin, I was showing him the front V Berth,, turned around and he had his cock out rubbing it,,you really turned me on , he said,,..I said yeah you turned me on too,,but theres people out in the shop and ive never done anything with a guy,and I didnt even get the words out of my mouth and he was on his knees in front of me grabbing at my zipper and freeing my cock. I couldnt believe it but didnt want to stop it,, I got so turned on...then he sucked my cock and balls like theyve never been sucked,, while he was sucking he was inserting the tip of his index finger into my ass and I came like a cannon shooting my wad of hot cum deep into his mouth....I was concerned that we would get caught or someone would come aboard so I said hey weve gotta get out of here and we walked out into the parking lot. He said come over to my truck when I park in the parking lot after I unload. I waited about five minutes until he was done and he had moved his truck. I couldnt belive I had waited,,!! We were out in the parking lot, no one around and he opened the truck and we climbed over the seats into the back and it was basically a big wood box. We each pulled our pants off instantly and started rubbing each others cocks,. We went down into a 69 position and sucked each other, I was amazed that I could do it, I had never sucked a cock before but was able to take his 7" all the way in when he was pumping my mouth. We each go tight and I could feel his ass stiffen and I knew we were both gonna Cum and I pushed my index into his asshole and moved it around and he shot his hot load into the back of my throat,, I swallowed,, coughed and swallowed again.. I couldnt believe how hard I had cum,, I was exausted, we both sat there staring at each others cocks kissing and licking them for about another ten minutes and we both came again,. what a day,, ive never cum so hard in my life,,we traded phone numbers and Im gonna call him next week and hopefully suck him off again!!

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