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First night of Vacation

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So my wife and I after 3 years of marriage and 2 kids take our first real vacation together, a trip to Hawaii. Well actually we are attending a good friends wedding but it was a great excuse and we were able to leave the kids with the grandparents. Anyways our trip to Hawaii was ok lots of flirting on the plane but no real chance to have any fun. And then when we get to Hawaii our afternoon is spent with trying to find the rental car and find the hotel and a store to buy some stuff, so by the time we are settled in neither one of us feels like cooking and we decide to go out. When we get ready to go I look at you and smile as my wife are wearing your short skirt and a top with no bra. So we go to this ok bar, not to crowded and are able to get a booth and sit back and relax. As we sit back and a cute waitress comes up to take our order and as she walks away you notice what a cute ass she has, and as my wife notices this she puts her hand in my lap and start to rub me thru my pants knowing no one can see what is going on. When the waitress comes back we both notice that she flirts a little with both of us not that we mind as my is bi and as she leaves the last thing she say is “good thing you have a drink that you can use one hand with it seems your other one is busy” to my wife, who starts to blush and smile. Not to mention as she walks away we swear she is shaking her ass a bit more and my cock get a bit harder to my wife’s happiness. So then after a while and my hand rubbing my wife’s knee she decides to just unzip me and take it out and start rubbing me under the table. At this point the waitress comes back over and brings us some food and flirts more as my wife play with the precum coming out of me making me take a long sip of my drink to hide my face. My wife is just loving the fact she is torturing me. Later when the waitress comes back to take the plate away she asks is there anything else and since my wife has had a few drinks she pull my cock into view and saw you already have all you need. Her reply is well if you need any help I get off in an hour and with that we get her number and find out her name is Katrina. Since we are excited and a little drunk we decide to walk around a bit to waste the hour and get excited for what is gong to happen. As we walk around we are flirting and rubbing as we walk past stores then she grabs me and pull me in to an alley and pulls me out and just sucks me until I cum right there into her mouth. When we are done with that we notice the hour is up and we call her to find she is waiting in her car for us and we walk to her car and she just walks up to my wife and kisses her tasting my cum still in her mouth she pouts and asks if all the fun is over. We say no and she should follow us back to our room and then my wife volunteers to ride with her and the whole way there my wife’s hand is rubbing her boobs and tight jeans and they are kissing and getting lots of honks from other cars of people cheering them on. Once we arrive in our room she just attacks my wife taking off her clothes and kissing her all over. Then she moves down and sticks her tongue right into her pussy and she just start moaning as Katrina licks her all over. Then as my wife cums Katrina does not let up until she are done and then as my wife sits up you look at me and ask what I am waiting for help me undress Katrina. So I move forward and start to slider her shirt over her head and my wife start to unbutton her pants and pulling her pants down and is pleased to find she is wearing a small thong with a heart shape right on the front and you look up to see no bra but two very nice boobies with her nipples nice and hard and sticking out. My wife then stands up and start sucking on her nipples and rubbing her ass as my hands roam over the both of them feeling everything I can. Then my watches me move down and see that I grab the sides of her thong and slowly pull them down and she kisses her way down her stomach and when she gets down there she smiles to the fact the only hair she has is shaped in a heart in the same place the heart was on her undies. Then we sit her down on the couch and she put one of her legs over my wife’s shoulder and my wife starts to lick her all over and sticking your tongue deep inside of her and Katrina starts to moan and get very wet and then my wife feels my hands rubbing her ass and the out side of her lips making you start to drip again and then in a matter of minutes Katrina start to cum and as she wets my wife’s face you don’t let up and when she is done she looks up and smiles at her and then just dive back in and quickly make her cum again nearly driving Katrina crazy and making her moan so loud I am sure the whole island knows what is going on in our room. When my wife is finished the second time you notice I am no longer touching her and she looks for me to see standing back a little taking pictures of the whole thing. She then looks at Katrina and say don’t you think he is a little over dressed since I still have all my clothes on. Yes she agrees and then surprising both of us she jumps up and jumps on me knocking me to the ground and tells my wife too get my pants off while she holds me down. Now even though I look like I am trying to fight her, my wife knows I am really enjoying her tits in my face and she takes off my pants and my cock jumps right out since I have no underwear on at all. Then Katrina takes my belt and ties my hands together over my head and asks do you mind? To which my wife replies NO. Then asks may I? Pointing at my cock and she tells her go ahead and Katrina takes my whole cock in her mouth as my wife moves up and with a smile at me she gives me a nice deep kiss. Then I see my wife reach over and start to finger Katrina’s pussy as she is blowing me. After a while she stops and say lets go to the bed so we can tie him up right. We move to the bed and the two of you make me lie on my back and tie my hands to the head board so I am now trapped and then Katrina climbs up and lowers her pussy to my mouth and sits on my face and grinds her pussy hard on my moan and saying stuff like lick me good and stick it deep, at this point my wife climbs on the bed and starts to suck me some more, my cock being the hardest you have ever seen it. After a while Katrina asks to trade with my wife and of course she does not mind and jumps on my face and rides me and Katrina start to lick my cock in a nice slow manner. Then Katrina tells my wife to turn around and after she does Katrina tells her to guide it in for her as she sits on my cock and as she rides it up and down the two of you kiss and rub each others nipples. After 5 minutes of this the girls switch again and Katrina sits back on my face and guides my cock into your pussy and as you both ride me again my wife can tell I am getting close and she tells Katrina and she says let him cum and so you ride me harder and as I cum in you it sets off your orgasm and then you hear her start cumming from my tongue and we all take a minute to calm down.......then Katrina pushes my wife onto her back and starts to lick all my cum out of her pussy which makes her start to cum again and this time she squirts all over her face as she cum the hardest yet and then after she is done the two of them cuddle up and pass out leaving me still tied to the bed.

Now when we wake up the next morning the girls untie me and to apologize…. well that is a whole other story......

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