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First Time

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First time The two ladies stood face to face. Both were anxious, nervous, and excited about what they were about to experience. They had been friends for many years and neither had known of their shared fantasy about having sex with another woman until recently.

So Sharon and Debbie were about to share a special part of themselves for the first time.

Sharon was 32 and Debbie was 34 and they had been friends since high school. Sharon is divorced and Debbie is my wife and so I would be allowed to watch.

My part in this was to encourage Debbie as she had some concern about my feeling about her having sex with Sharon. I had told her that it is most men’s fantasy and was as excited as she was about watching her and Sharon together. Sharon and I were friends as well as we also had known each other for a long time. At some point in the evening I was to be invited to play as well. Debbie had decided and Sharon had agreed that it was only fair. Of course I was willing lol.

So the two ladies stood face to face unsure what to do. They both had brought their favorite toy to share. I had bought a double ended dildo in case they got that far into each other.

Debbie and Sharon started with a long hug and than gave each other a tentative kiss. Than they kissed again. So they stood there kissing each other with each kiss a little longer and the passion between them increased and the kisses more insistent. They were both breathing hard and obviously turned on by the kissing. Their faces were flushed and while kissing they had full body contact and were rubbing against each other. I watched as Debbie’s hand moved to Sharon’s butt and she pulled Sharon in closer and Sharon followed Debbie’s lead and had her hand on Debbie’s butt as well. They continued kissing and their tongues were now involved and playing with each other’ butts.

Debbie than moved behind Sharon and hugged her from behind and moved her hands up to Sharon’s boobs. Sharon leaned back against Debbie and said oh yes feels good. The ladies were both hot and excited by now and Debbie Unbuttoned Sharon’s top and slipped a hand inside Sharon’s bra.

Finally Sharon turned around and unbuttoned Debbie’s top and slowly but surely they undressed each other while continuing to kiss and feel each other all over.

Soon they were both naked and I had my first opportunity to see Sharon naked and she was beautiful. Full breasted with nipples hard and a great looking butt and knew that I would have my hands on that butt sometime during the evening and I was hard thinking about it.

The ladies moved to the floor and laid together with full naked contact and the passionate kissing continued and Sharon’s hand moved down to Debbie’s pussy and she felt her and said you are very wet. Debbie followed Sharon’s lead and soon they were rubbing each others pussies. Debbie took one of Sharon’s boobs in her mouth and sucked on the nipple. Sharon moaned and increased her rubbing of Debbie’s pussy and slipped a finger inside. Debbie said oh yes and pressed against Sharon’s finger and than slipped her finger inside Sharon. So there they were kissing and fingering each other harder and faster and than Debbie began to twist and turn and her breathing increased and she climaxed on Sharon’s finger. Sharon stayed with her fingering her harder until her cum subsided and than Debbie did the same for her until she also had her cum. They laid there together both breathing hard their fingers inside each other’s pussies and stayed that way until they both came down from their high. It was break time for the ladies.

Debbie asked Sharon if she was ok and Sharon said oh yes really enjoyed that and Debbie said me too, and I said me too and we all laughed.

We had a drink and they ladies put robes on and we sat for a while just chatting and relaxing. Both Debbie and Sharon turned to me and said we had a great time and want to do it again. You will have to wait till later.

I said ok. So what is next than? Toy’s was the answer.

The girls were much more relaxed and comfortable with each other, so things moved much faster. They began with the kissing and feeling each other all over and than the toys came out. Sharon had brought a vibrator with multiple setting and Debbie had her favorite an 8 “ dildo. I had stopped being bashful and had also gotten undressed and was sitting in a chair watching the ladies. Sharon glanced over to me looking at my cock and I mouthed silently “for you”. She smiled and nodded a yes.

The ladies began with the passionate kissing and Debbie slipped her 8” dildo inside Sharon. Sharon put her vibrator inside Debbie and they laid there fucking each other with their toys. I had enough as a spectator and had a raging hard on. I moved over to Debbie and while she was fucking Sharon she went down on me. A moment later I moved over to Sharon and for the first time felt her mouth take me inside. I almost exploded in her mouth at that instant, so had to pull out. I reached down and picked up the dildo I had brought to the party and motioned the ladies to face each other and slipped one end of the dildo into each of their pussies and they pressed into each other and the dildo disappeared inside. It was like they both had cocks and now could fuck each other in earnest. They began a fucking motion and were slamming into each like a man would and the passion was building toward a climax and I was jerking on myself and they both were moaning, jerking, and just plain fucking each other. They went into a scissors style so they could go deeper and I heard Debbie say oh yes cumming and their movements increased and Debbie loudly climaxed and soon Sharon said cumming and climaxed with Debbie. I couldn’t hold back and jerked myself off with them. Some of my cum landed on both of them. We all were panting and I kissed them both and they kissed each other. Break time.

The ladies decided they needed s shower took one together. When they returned I took mine. We all sat around and talked and I went outside to have a smoke and Debbie joined me. She said what a wild night. I agreed and asked you haven’t gone down on each other? I asked do you want to? Debbie paused for a moment and said yes I think so. How about Sharon and Debbie said yes I think she wants too as well.

I suggested that I‘ll do her, and invite you to join me. She laughed and said can’t wait and I said no more waiting.

We went back in and my robe was open so Sharon could see my cock was hard and I offered her my hand and she stood up and we kissed. I removed her robe and played with her boobs and felt her wet pussy and motioned for her to move to the couch and she laid down and spread wide for me and I went down on her. Been waiting all evening for this.

I licked and sucked on her pussy and she moaned and moved her hips up and down.

I paused and turned to Debbie and asked want to join me down here. She asked Sharon ok and Sharon nodded a yes and Debbie for the first time in her life licked and sucked on a pussy. Sharon was all over the couch as we both did her, one than the other.

We didn’t let her cum just kept her on the edge. I whispered to Debbie sit next to her and went down on her as well. Eating two pussies is a wonderful thing. I looked at Sharon and asked want to join me and she moved down with me and for her first time began licking and sucking on Debbie. Both their faces were flushed with passion and I moved away and they slide to the floor and soon were in a 69 with me standing watching and jerking on myself. Sharon was on top so I moved behind her and looked down watching my wife licking and slid my cock into Sharon and finally was able to fuck her. Debbie was right there watching my cock move in and out of Sharon and I pulled out and Debbie sucked on me and than back inside Sharon. Sharon had her face buried in Debbie’s pussy while I was fucking her and pushing back against me. I felt Sharon began to quiver and heard her moan oh yes and her pussy clamed down on me and I could feel her cum and Debbie was cumming with her. I felf my cum rising and pulled out of Sharon and Debbie took me in her mouth and I exploded in her mouth and throat. I collapsed on top of Sharon. We all rolled apart and just laid there all breathing hard. All I could say was “wow”.

A month later Sharon moved in with us and became a permanent part of our lives.

We have been together now for 5 years.

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