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First Time Party Girl

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It was Julie?s first weekend at college. A guy in her class, Jay, had invited her to go to a party with him. He was a junior, so she was a little nervous about the date. It was a casual dorm party, so she just wore jeans. She picked out a polo to go with it. She looked pretty good. Her roommate advised her to drink a glass of milk to coat her stomach. Julie didn?t plan on drinking much, but she drank the milk anyway, just in case.

Jay picked her up and took her back to his dorm. He lived in the fancier dorms because of his class status. The rooms were bigger and more modern. Jay explained that the party was in four rooms, his, his neighbor?s and the two rooms across the hall. He asked if she?d been to a dorm party before. She said that since it was her first weekend to stay at college, it was her first college party ever. Jay explained that this party might be a little different.

They got to the dorm. Jay took her up to the party and introduced her to everyone. As usual, the guys gathered and talked sports and the girls gathered and sized each other up. Julie was the youngest girl. They did admire her outfit and her hair cut. It took only a few minutes for her to fit in. The guys came back in the room and asked if they wanted something to drink. The girls went over to Jay?s room. Jay handed her a drink. It tasted like punch from the baby showers she went to with her mom. She drank it rather fast. Jay filled up her cup. It didn?t take long before she felt light headed.

Jay took her next door where there were couches and comfortable chairs. They sat in a love seat type chair. He pulled Julie onto his lap. Everything he said made her giggle. He was funny anyway, but especially after a couple cups of punch. Jay began kissing her. She kissed him back. Soon, they were kissing deeply, and Jay?s kisses were going to her neck and her ear. When he kissed her earlobe a strange, tingly sensation went through her. Julie turned so she was facing Jay. He continued to kiss down her neck, unbuttoning her polo as he went. Soon, her shirt was open and Jay was kissing the tops of her breasts. His hands stroking her nipples through the cups of her lacy bra. Julie knew they should stop, but she wanted him to keep going. Jay slid her polo off and his hands were hunting for the clasp of her bra. Julie helped him by unfastening the bra. It was one that fastened in the front. She shook it off her shoulders. Jay sat and looked in awe. Her breasts were 36C. They were round and full. Her nipples were quarter size and pink. She wiggled closer to Jay, her breasts in his face. He stroked her nipples with his thumbs and she felt them get stiff instantly. Jay laughed when she shivered at his touch. He knew what effect he was having on her. Jay began to lick her hard nipples. Julie was getting hot and wet. Julie took her hand and began to rub Jay?s crotch where a bulge had grown obvious. He was so hard. It wasn?t long before Julie had his pants unbuttoned and was stroking his cock as he sucked her nipples. Jay?s cock wasn?t terribly long but it was thick.

Julie turned her head when she heard other voices in the room. On the couch beside them were two of the girls. They were watching Jay and Julie in earnest, each of them had their jeans unzipped and were playing with their pussies. Julie turned her surprised look to Jay. He said he told her this party was different. Her attention returned to Jay?s cock. As Jay sucked her nipples harder, she stroked his cock with more energy and vigor. The girls were moaning next to them. When she turned her head, the girls were kissing as the guys had their faces in the girls? pussies. Julie and Jay stopped and removed their jeans and underwear. It took mere seconds for them to return to the chair. This time Jay let Julie sit in the chair. He stood in front of her. He continued to stroke her hard nipples. She stroked his hard cock sticking out in front of her. As she stroked, she licked the tip. Jay moaned as her tongue flicked all over the head of Jays cock. She took the head in, and sucked on it. Her pussy was growing so wet. Julie began sucking Jay?s cock harder, her mouth sliding up and down the length. Soon Jay moaned. She felt his cock growing hot, and throbbing. She slid to about mid way and let him explode. His cum squirted a second time into her mouth. She swallowed it quick. Jay pulled out and smiled at her.

He said it was her turn. Jay kneeled in front of her. He took her nipples into his mouth again. This time as he stroked her nipples with his tongue, he was sliding his fingers up and down the slit of her pussy. He noticed how wet she was. He slid her back in the chair and he parted her legs. He then moved from her. He told her to show him with her fingers where she wanted his fingers and his mouth. She looked at him puzzled. He stood back. Julie turned her head to see what was going on around her. The two other guys were still licking the girls pussies, but they?d switched girls. The girls were kissing each other. Julie was growing hotter. Her fingers went to her naked pussy and she began to rub as she watched them. She rubbed her clit. Jay was in front of her stroking his thick cock. He was hard and thick again. Julie played with her pussy as Jay watched. Soon everyone was watching. Mike looked at Jay and Jay nodded. Mike kneeled in front of Julie and began touching her pussy. He moved Julie?s fingers and his took over. He worked her clit with his thumb as his fingers entered her. He fucked her manually. Shawn, the remaining guy was pleasing Angie with his hand and Cindy with his mouth. Soon, Julie felt a tongue on her clit. She looked and Jay was at her pussy with his tongue pleasing her clit while his fingers fucked her. Mike was near Cindy now as she sucked his cock. Shawn had Angie on the couch as his cocked thrusted in and out of her pussy. It wasn?t long before There was a collective groan and moan. Everyone had cum at almost the same time. Each couple retired to a bed and slept. Early the next morning, Jay took her back to her own dorm.

Julie had been initiated into the world of college parties. She had a ball. The next afternoon, when her roommate returned, she asked Julie how the party had been. Julie thanked her for the tip about the milk and told her the party was fun. She didn?t go into detail. Maybe she?d invite her sometime.

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